Saturday, January 20, 2018

Epic Sledding Adventure

So, it's January 20th and we finally got our first substantial snowfall to go play and party in. Check it out!!

Penguin sledding--plus amazement at Emery's independence on the sled hills.
Ram the man!!
Time lapse :)
Intro to mine and CharlyAnn's speedy descent!
The Result!!  :)
So, the videos didn't quite work out, but they were my favorite part--so I posted them on YouTube. I was thinking they would all upload into one video but they uploaded separately. So here is the link to the channel where I posted them and you can just select the videos there: 
More Pics!!!

The Greatest SNowman! :)  Emery= "How about we name him Snowgie?"

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Ruby's Inn! (Go Tarheels!!)

Last year, in March of 2017, a magic little event happened. March Madness and bracketology is something we look forward to every year, especially since our local radio station does a contest with the brackets. Our family fills out brackets, and Eric and I submit ours to the radio. Last year, both Eric and I stayed true to our Tarheels...and Eric had some pretty good guesses in between and he won the whole contest! Well, he actually won the contest, and the guy he tied with won the WHOLE contest because his final game score was closer than Eric's. So that guy got a boring old TV...and we got a two night stay plus $100 gift card to Ruby's Inn by Bryce Canyon!! We were so glad the other guy guessed a better final score! We had never been to Bryce Canyon, so we were pumped!  

We weren't sure if we would take the kids or go just the two of us, and last Monday it dawned on us that Whitney and Andy Johnson are just nice newlyweds (I coached them both and Eric taught them both) that should test parenthood out with our 5 kiddos. And they agreed to the idea! So a romantic getaway it was! Ruby's Inn was awesome! The giftcard let us have awesome food and fun souvenirs for the kids. Not to mention the $3 ice skating! And Bryce Canyon...there's going to be a lot of pictures because that place was beautiful! Plus, since we were sans kids we could do the long hard hikes! SOOOOO fun and so wonderful!! And the kids had a blast too!

"Two Bridges"

The ice skating was so fun! And literally only $3. For skates, to skate, for aid bar thingy...$3 total. And, when we got there there was a YM group...then they left and we were the only ones for a bit. It was awesome.

We lucked out with some gorgeous weather. One hiker we passed commented that he couldn't complain with weather like this in January!

We hiked up those switchbacks! Booyah!

We thought this guy looked like the turtle Master Oogway from KungFu Panda

We had a unique Bryce Canyon experience going in the winter. The snow changed the beauty dynamic so much! (Well, I assume...I've never been any other time :)

We were basically professional ice skaters when it was all said and done.

So we had our $100 gift special drink, duh! And, they gave us two straws and two cherries. Not to mention on our way down we stopped at Carls Jr and they gave us two cookies! We must just be lovebirds!
Also, coconut shrimp!
Ice fun!
We had the best trip and would recommend Ruby's Inn to anyone!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Family home evening!

 Emery has been so excited for FHE today, because today was her first time to be the “boss” and she did AMAZING!! Thanks Emery for being so excited for good things!

She didn't want to leave her spot, even during the video we watched :)

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Elder Carter: The next generation!

Our oldest nephew is going on a mission! Tyler Carter was assigned to the Riverside California mission and it is so awesome to have a missionary in the family! His family lives in Maryland, so they all flew out to Utah for the weekend to spend on last Hoo-rah together before he goes to the MTC Wednesday. Grandma and Granddad Carter came down and Tyler's other grandparents, Aunt and cousin also came down. It's a pretty big deal to go on a mission! We left Friday night to spend the weekend with them too! We stopped at an Indian restaurant in Payson we had a groupon for on the way up and then spent the night at the Lindes and picked the Carters up from the airport Friday night. Saturday we went to the SLC cemetery where a majority of the prophets are buried. We went to DI for Tyler to get awesome ties (and Brooke found rollerblades that she's been saving up for!) and Tyler wanted burgers and shakes for lunch so we had JCW's (Brooke pulled out her tooth while we were there!), then we went to their rental house and played games and Ram was in heaven with 3 boy cousins who would wrestle with him! Right when we got to the house it started snowing like we haven't seen yet this year! We sorta hoped we would get snowed in...but it let up and we made it home last night so we could be ready for 9am church today! At church I got switched to the nursery. It's my lot in life :) But my fitbit gave me 56 active minutes for nursery, and my arms are sore from holding babies too! It's reverent excercise. But it was so great to see our Maryland cousins!! It was the second time in CharlyAnn and Emery's life they had seen Aunt Jen and McKayla, so it was a needed visit! And now the kids are super excited about going to their house on our roadtrip this summer, and Tyler is going to be an awesome missionary!

we almost squished 9 cousins on one couch!

Today at Church people were bearing their testimony about Pres. Monson. We had talked to the kids at the cemetery about Pres. Monson and other prophets, so this is how it worked out in Emery's brain when she heard people talking about Pres. Monson: "Pres. Monson is dead. We saw him at the place with the sidewalk pieces!"

New Year!

I remember being a kid and feeling like it took FOREVER to go from one Christmas to the next. These days, I'm tired of Christmas before it starts because I just finished it. Same goes with the New Year. I just got used to writing 2017 and now I have to switch again? Yikes! But, I do like a good new year for the fresh start that it gives. So, how about in 2018 we post more blogs! We only did nine in 2017...and I'm cryin' over here about that! And when I say 'we' I mean Eric. Thanks Eric for at least posting 9 to my 0! 

So here we go 2018!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Wednesday= Drive from Meemaw's house to Richland Washington! Drive was nice; no traffic issues, no real big construction issues, and no weather issues!! Sweet. We had one major detour, which proved to be very beneficial. We went to see the Meridian Idaho Temple. And wow! It was impressive.

Thursday= Carters traditionally go to a movie on Thanksgiving Day (I STILL remember going to see Muppet's Christmas Carol when I was 10!!) and this year was no different. Lucky for us, Disney/Pixar's Coco had just come out. And it did not disappoint! Wow! Super fun movie! And the Frozen short before was great, too! CJ loved it! Kids all liked the whole shebang.
And Thanksgiving dinner was awesome!! It was just us 7 Eric Carters, plus my mom and dad. So a table of nine :)

Grandma worked super hard to make us a delicious meal. AND so many pies! Wow!! So many pies and they were sooo good! I think Coconut Cream emerged as the winner. But our CharlyAnn worked soooo hard to set the table. She did a super good job and we were so proud of her. :)
Friday= Of course CJ and I had to do some Black Friday shopping! We love that!! That actually started Thursday night. But it was sweet! Then we did some more on Friday, which also included Nathan Pacheco's Christmas album, "O, Holy Night" and yes you all should buy it! Friday was also the day that Jared's family got to join us! We had so much fun with them and were happy that Molly was back from college so we could spend Thanksgiving with her, too. And holy cow, little Natalie is growing so much and her and Emery had lots of fun. And when Emery was gone, CharlyAnn had so much with Natalie. Cousin time is great time!! We took a drive to Sunnyside to my dad's work, where Viana got an eye exam and a prescription for glasses. 
During one part of the exam Viana was struggling to see all the letters completely. Emery, the lone sibling to go with, could see the letters just fine. When Viana called out the last letter as an "O", Emery quickly and in no small voice exclaimed, "Viana it's a 'C'!", in what was actually kind of a whispered yell like the goofy kid in Biology trying to yell out an answer to a test question! Viana, in fact, did not even hear it. CJ and I died of laughter with tears pouring out of our eyes and rolling down our cheeks. :)
Saturday= We drove to Othello (Viana, Brooke and Emery accompanied the parentals while Ram and Char stayed at Grandma's) to my friend Mark Mollotte's house where a group of old high school buddies all gathered together and visited for awhile. Pretty sure we took ZERO pictures. Haha! We are winners for sure! Later that day we all went to the trampoline park, "Get Air!" It was so much fun for everyone. We loved it and the cousins had a great time and I got some sweet slow-mo videos too!

Sunday= We had breakfast at Grandma's and dinner at Meemaw's with Church in Baker City, Oregon in the middle. It turned into a 14 and a half hour travel day and was great. But man, did we pay for it trying to wake up for school/work the next morning.
>All in all we had so much fun at Grandma's house playing games and hanging out. Ram and the boys played video games and watched tv; Viana/Brooke and Molly/Emily went on a shopping excursion. And we just got to hang out, eat pie, play board games and card games, and the best of all was watching Wheel of Fortune!! Good times for sure. It was hard to leave!