Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Viana is 11!

Viana had pretty much the most magical birthday imaginable. She had her birthday announced on the radio, then won the radio birthday contest, so she got a free carrotcake from walmart. I checked her out of school to take her to lunch with her best friend Reina, who surprised her by coming over from Cove Fort, then her friend Saige came over and we went to her favorite Costa Vida for dinner, then we had cake and presents-where she got everything she ever dreamed of! Such a great fun day for our great fun daughter!!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Fall Break!!

I will write about this later...but until then--

2 years down...

Well, Bishop life is just pretty normal now-a-days. We haven't freaked out about Eric being a bishop for a while now. The newness has worn off. The blessings continue to pour down on our family and the great Monroe 4th ward though!!

Nov. 23, 2014: Sunday before Thanksgiving

Nov. 20, 2016- 102 Sundays later!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


So, for many reasons, our family was dabbling in the idea of saving up for a new vehicle. We're talking in a year or two maybe we would get one. But once Eric and I started talking about what we liked or didn't like and what we needed and why we needed to upgrade I started getting excited. Plus, for realz, I babysit a million kids and needed to drive them all over a little more safely. So I started researching vehicles and we both fell in love with the Ford Transit. I have a BYU friend that had recently purchased one, so I talked to her about pros and cons and what I should look for and made a nice little list for myself of must haves (sliding door, ecoboost, >25,000 miles, back-up camera, right price, etc.) There's this car dealership on the way to mom and dads that always had Ford Transits on the lot, so one day Eric and I went and test drove one, and I was IN LOVE! It was literally my dream car! So, then it was serious. We went to talk to our friend who manages the Ford dealership in town, and I thought we would go in, I would tell him the exact specs I needed and that he would scour the country over the next year to find me the perfect match. Well. We went in, I told him everything, he sort of looked at me funny and said, "Um, that vehicle is on my lot." And straight up-my car was sitting in Richfield waiting for me!! So, we just stopped in on a Friday on our way up to mom and dads to pick-up CharlyAnn, and 3 hours later we drove up in Suva! (Named because  of the big white vans Eric had in his mission). We got a great deal and perfect car and I love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It has been perfect for my babysitting, it was awesome for cross country and it is so fun to "road trip" with the fam in! And it is legit such a smooth awesome drive. 

 Haha, Emery slept through it all!!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Couple Cute Pics

Just because Emery is a super cute Zurg!! :)
 And I can't believe I missed putting this picture up with my Broadway Review post, but this is cute Brooke with our friend VaNia Grant--she also sang a song from Les Mis, so they matched :)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Broadway Review

Such a joyous 24th of July (Pioneer Day) tradition! We love the Broadway Review. This year marked the 4th time that Carters have participated in it! First year I sang Luck Be a Lady (Viana danced with me). 2nd year I did "Agony" with Jared Holmes (who was actually our waiter at Winger's tonight--All You Can Eat Sticky Fingers and Wings, oh my, so good!!) and Viana did "I Know Things Now", and Viana and Brooke were in "Favorite Things" with Kristen Ellsworth. The 3rd year Viana sang "I Know It's Today" with Alexi Epling and Malerie Thompson. But this year was the year to top it all. Are you ready for this lineup?? Brooke sang "Castle on a Cloud" from Les Miserable, Viana sang "Truly Scrumptious" with Joscelyne Larsen from Chitty, Chitty Bang, Bang, Halcyon and I sang "Suddenly Seymour" from Little Shop of Horrors, and then I sang "Beyond the Sea" and all the rest of the Carter family did background dancing and had something a little fishy going on too ;)
To advertise on Facebook I had CJ take these first couple of pics for me:

And then Scott Bagley watched the first night and took the rest of the pics for us! He is the man!
Here's Audrey! CJ was so good at the accent, too!

Should I be offended that it was so easy for me to pull off the "nerd" look?
"Seymour's your man!!!" Our whole family--including Emery--can sing this song!
The next ones are Viana in truly scrumptious and she is truly adorable!
She was amazing and her voice was incredible--we had so many comments on how great she sounded! Where did she get such talent??!??
This was Brooke's first time singing a solo! We didn't know she was going to actually get to do it until just a couple of days before. But, she learned her song and had it all ready to go! It was awesome. Opening night, there were a couple of sound issues and right into Brooke's song the sound just went out completely!! Is she gonna freeze? Is she gonna run off the stage crying??? Nope, she's just gonna keep on singing. And she did AMAZING! Her composure to keep going was incredible, plus I don't think we had even prepped her for such a situation and she totally nailed it!
And she looks so legit that I'm thinking we should send some footage to Broadway :)
 I told you there was something fishy out there, beyond the sea...
Oh my!! It was soooo great! We had talked, and schemed, and dreamed for years about doing a number at Broadway Review with the whole fam and I'm so glad it got to be this one!!
 Did I mention that I did this song on Rollerblades?
These costumes were perfect.
Like five years ago one of my students came to do a Seminary film in this Nemo costume. So I asked her mom about it. She got really excited and said that she had been wanting to make more and I told her my idea and she said she would make some fish costumes that we could borrow anytime. So cool!
Do I need to mention that this number kind of stole the show?
This night, I had just played a basketball game-- 3-on-3 with my brothers-in-law Jimmy and LaDon, and my friend Matt Jenkins; let it be known that we dominated our first game and then kinda got squashed in the second one... too soon??--and then hustled back to the high school to put on a tux and rollerblade across a stage whilst attempting to sing. The second night, I had a hard time because I was Batman in the Pioneer Day Parade that morning and using my Batman voice made it a little harder to sing. Point being, it would not have mattered if I had sung every not off key or messed up every lyric, because the audience was swept away by the magic of the dancing fish :) It was so much fun and such a great thing to get to be a part of. "So long...Farewell!"

Friday, October 21, 2016

The Stuff Carter Legends Are Made Of

If I admitted that I had forgotten this other stop before we went to Sacramento I might have to disown myself from my own family. But there was a very legit reason as to why our visit to Pier 39 had to be so short. There was a place across the Bay that we wanted to go to with the whole family that we needed to arrive at before it got dark. A little place in Emeryville. A little place called...

And we didn't tell the kids about this one either, so it was a pretty great surprise. As you can tell from this picture it was already getting dark by the time we got there. Pixar doesn't do tours of their studios unless you have a sweet hookup or something. Since we did not, we just walked around its perimeter with our five children, heeheehee!!!
 So we got these pictures first by the main gate here and then we actually went to a Wingstop which is right around the corner from there. We ordered a WHOLE bunch of Delicious wings. Then after we walked around it all the wings were ready to be picked up!
 They have these other entrances and exits around. This one is for delivery and totally has a "Kronos A113" sign so we had to get a pic there. But at another one just down from here we saw two employees exiting. I got so hyper pumped and probably scared them with all of my Pixar enthusiasm. I asked if we could get a picture with them and they said, "No. We're not famous!" And that was that. So picture with the sign and the hedge is all you get :)
 Mine, mine!!
 Luxo Jr!
 I know it does not need to be said, but I'll say it anyways, "We LOVE Pixar!!!"