Sunday, October 29, 2017

We went on a cruise

I don't know if I can say that a cruise is the best thing ever. But I can say a FREE cruise IS the Best Thing Ever!!!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Halloween Cookies!!

Who knew that I married a professional cookie decorator!!! It has been so much fun doing this with our kids! They love it!

 I called this next one: "Full moon over the cemetery!"

 And see what I was saying about my wife being professional! Check these next ones out! Way to go CJ!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Ram's Birthday and Baptism

 We took Ally and Daniel with us to the Classic Fun Center in Orem. We did this awesome bounce house, and the kids had an intense 3-on-3 laser tag battle, and we played at the arcade there! It was so much fun. Momma even beat Daddy at the laser button pressing speed race game (how is that for a description).
 Awesome Lego ships that Ram got from his birthday and built all by himself. He is awesome at Legos.
 Because Ram turned 8 he got to start Cub Scouts. He has LOVED it so far! Great work Ram!
 Ram's baptism was such a wonderful experience! It was awesome having so much family come (group picture to come later ;) ). Each baptism has been unique for that child, but still so powerful and so spiritual. With Ram, it hit me as we entered the font. It was like walking through a wall of the Spirit as stepped down into the water. It was amazing! I asked him how he felt about it afterwards, and he said he felt good. I asked him when he felt it the most. He said, "When I got dunked." :) When we walked into the font he said he almost slipped (he wanted to wear his socks). When I asked him how he didn't fall he said, "You held me up." In my closing remarks I told him that he would always have people around him to hold him up if he ever started to slip.
 And how 'bout we got to have Viana get an eye exam in my seminary classroom!?! That's pretty cool! Thanks Granddad! Also we had a delicious sweet pork lunch that CJ made for us!
Thanks to everyone who made it a great experience! And thanks to Ram for being such a wonderful kid!!