Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Day!

Our 7 year old nephew declared Oct. 1st as Happy Day! We invite all who would like to join in the celebration to do so!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Ode to the Cannon Center

One wonderful blessing of being a Hall Advisor is the 20 meal allotment a week at the cafeteria. When we lived at DT the first year, we were so accustomed to the Cannon Center, we drove there everyday. Then we realized that the Morris Center was 20 paces from our front door and stuck with it for the next two years. Now that DT is closed the Cannon Center is our only cafeteria option. The Morris Center will always hold centimental value in our heart, but as far as cafeterias go, well, here are the pros and cons of the Cannon'll see for yourself why we are glad to be back at the "CANC"
First of all, what a great time to gather as a family--no cooking, no dishes. And there's ever present "ice cream treat." (as seen in Viana's hand.)

The presentation of the food is lovely! I love how they display both entree options under a covered glass (plastic, but I pretend it's crystal)!!

And if neither of those options look good, the Cannon Center has football game quality NACHOS available 24/7!

And in previous cafeterias (I won't name names) you could have waffles. That is, you could get some crusted over batter that had been sitting out all day in dixie paper cups. But not at the CANC! Check out this waffle batter dispenser.
Another great thing about the CANC is the programming that they do! Check out this awesome wall they had up during Homecoming, representing all the different Y logos throughout the years.
The CANC had expert civil engineers on their side. Unlike other cafeterias in the past that had constant line congestion (the food line was so long, that the tray return couldn't be accessed, that the entry line couldn't move) the CANC has smooth flow into the cafeteria. The entree line never runs out of room, and people can always freely access the tray return.
And my favorite perk...previous cafeterias, a*hem, never even had blenders. But at least the CANC offered those. But now, woa, they have premade smoothie drinks. It's divinity!!!

Obviously as you can see, with all these pros there just isn't room for a con. In fact so many people have recognized the pros of the Cannon Center, that the only true con is popularity!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Secret to Success

I've figured it out...just get your friends to do a post on their blog about something you did, then you can just link to work for me, still fun viewing for you!! (And hopefully Briana doesn't mind...) Go ahead, try it out to see what we really do on weekends at the Carter's...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The results are in...

So, my friend Lindsay had this link posted on her blog, and it's kinda fun, I don't think it's too accurate, but hey, it's still fun. So take a look and see if you agree with what this look-a-like meter has said about the Carter children and their parents, then post what you think on the comments!! (If you click anywhere on the meter it will take you to the website I created this at)

I always knew Viana looked more like Eric, even if it is by only 4%! Brooke, on the other hand, I'll claim her!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Football Victory

We'd like to thank our friends the Metcalfes for my early birthday present--tickets to the Homecoming football game!

The web forecasted rain and a win for this game against Air Force, and they were right on both accounts!! Viana loved the game, and especially liked doing the Darth Vader march song where you pump your arms up and down. Little Brooke enjoyed her momma holding her for 3 straight hours! Yes, although I spent 7 years of my life living on the doorstep of the Academy, I am Cougar Blue, true and through, so the 31-6 victory pleased us all :) Viana also loved the 'rainin'.' Baby Brooke stayed nice and dry snuggled up to me, under the diaper changing pad (courtesy of Janna and Brooke circa baby shower Nov. '05), but Viana enjoyed the rain and playing with (but never managing to be covered by) our bright yellow poncho! The warm shower and soup felt lovely after our time in the rain at the game.
THANKS METCALFES-we had a blast!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


BYU's homecoming is this week, and it brings back such oh-so-fond memories...

My freshman year (2000) I went to our awesome Homecoming football game against the SDSU Aztecs. We were having a confident Homecoming win, I think we may have even begun to sing "Popcprn Popping" as is tradition...that is up until the last shocking 13 seconds of the game when SDSU pulled some magic out of their hat and beat us. AH!, how we all felt so dejected and humiliated. It is for that very reason I have never been a friend of SDSU. (Occassionally you can hear the words "hate" and "SDSU" in the same sentence...I'm working on overcoming that weakness)

My sophmore year (2001) I had a much more fun expereince with the Homecoming festivites that BYU holds. I played "True Blue Football" on the Helaman fields. As you can see, my good friend Kathryn was thrilled about my recent transformation. I can remember sitting in English the day after being so embarrassed that the people sitting behind me could probably see the blue that would not come out of my elbow creases or off my dry heels (why I wasn't smart enough to wear shoes instead of flip-flops to cover at least that much up, I'll never know).

My Junior year (2002) brought a fulfillment of one of my BYU goals--be asked on a date to see the Homecomng Spectacular (of course my lucky freshman sister fulfilled that goal first try this year...I had to wait until my 3rd year at BYU!) I went with Ben Pope and we had a wonderful time!!

Then, Oct. 11, 2003, my senior year at BYU, was my very most favorite and very most memorable Homecoming. And it is the real reason why Homecoming holds such a dear place in my heart. Homecoming that year was our first date. Eric and I, along with my roommates, and the dates he had arranged for each of them (he knew I wouldn't go alone with him) went to the Homecoming dance at the Spanish Fork Chillion reception Hall. We finished the night with a stop at 7-11 for slurpees, and well, the rest is history. He even made a 12 hour drive home from WA that day just so he could get back in time to take me to homecoming. I would also like to point out, as you'll notice, that his tie matched my dress. He had called me from WA that weekend to ask me what color my dress was so he could buy a matching tie.

And now, thanks to that wonderful Homecoming of 2003, I can continue to make precious Homecoming memories in 2007. With the lighting of the Y this year, Viana has loved the "Why-you Coocahs, Keen-toe!!" (BYU Cougars, twinkle!!) Homecoming is meant to bring us back to our roots, and I'm so thankful for the opportunity it brings to me to relive such fabulous memories that I have had here at the Y!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Old Age

That is right, I am less than one month from 25 and old age has already struck. How do I know that it is old age knocking at my door? I will tell you...

Exactly one week ago today Eric left the house at 6:30 am to go play tennis. At the indoor tennis courts on the BYU campus you can find plenty of older people. Everyone there that early in the morning is between the age of 65-80. All except for Eric and his tennis buddy Dave. Well, Dave and Eric had finished playing, but looking around at the other players they thought, "We're surely young enough to keep up with these energized sages." So one more game they started. Long story short, Eric came home hunched over at the waist(literally) from a sprained back sustained during the last serve--and stayed that way for 3 days, even having to teach in a chair. He said, "So this is what it feels like to get old." Eric is, afterall, already a quarter of a centruy.

I being his young, feeble, 24 year old wife, was thankful that I still had a month to go until I hit old age. But alas, old age creeps up on you and sometimes arrives early. Tonight I had just survived, neigh, even triumphed, an awesome hour of aerobics and was simply doing some cool down stretches. All of a sudden, my own back felt as though it had stretched just a little too far. I had successfully joined the broken back club! So this is what it feels like to hit old age--a sprained back from stretching?!?! Oh well, at least my partner and I are in the same boat. We don't look THAT old, do we?

So if you see us two old fogies hobbling around in the next couple of days, just remeber, old as we may be, if YOU are ever in need, do believe that 'we gotch yer back!!!' ('Casue we know what it feels like to go without ours!!)

Monday, September 17, 2007

"Bye Bye"

I was sitting at my computer working today, and Viana was playin' her little heart out. In fact, I hadn't heard a peep from her in some time. Eventually she walked out of her bedroom, walked up to me at my desk and said, "Bye Bye!" then headed to the door. Apparently this get-up is what she felt qualified as traveling clothes.

That's right, she had on Baby Brooke's hat, and her two buzz lightyear cell phones draped around her elbow pits. What more could one need when about to say "bye bye" to your mother and embark out into the big, big world? Luckily my prepared traveler stopped and posed for me with her sister before she set out. Brooke clearly was a little dazed by the fact that we own two buzz lightyear cell phones...she is still adapting to the Carter family after all!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ah, the memories

It's been too long since we've been to a Disney Park...a whopping 6 weeks. We are already "homesick" for some good Disney magic. SO, to curb our disney fever, I thought I would post some pictures from our most recent trip that we took with Eric's family Aug 8-11.
Viana LOVED the carousel!
Viana's Very first roller coaster! (Even though she was actually about 2 inches too short for it--Eric held on tight!)
This was the storytelling at the "Princess Faire" It was so fun and magical!
Viana is saying "Weeeeeeeee" on the Casey Jr. Train ride
Viana LOVED meeting the characters, especially Alice!
The most precious picture of Viana on the monorail

Second Row: Jared (Eric's Bro), Emily--our niece is ducked down, Ron (Eric's oldest bro.)
First Row: Molly (our other niece), Eric, CJ
Tower of Terror!!!

The Carters on Heimlich's chew-chew train

The Carters on Mr. Toads car

Brooke pulling out the sword in the stone

Viana is saying "ZURG!"
Hooray for Disney Magic and happiness!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Fair!

Ok, so we went to the Utah State Fair today and we had a blast! I was planning on making the cutest blog entry of all time, but alas, I have not mastered the blogging techniques yet. I got frustrated and decided to just throw all the pictures on here like this. Oh well...I'll figure out how to blog, and then come back and perfect this entry! Until then, enjoy these fabulous pictures from a fabulous day!

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Friday, September 14, 2007

We've succumbed...

Welcome to our little Carter family blog. You're probably only one of 3 people who may ever look at this, but to you 3, welcome. I've sworn off blogging for so long, because I never believed that I wold be able to commit enough (like my friend Lori Truman) to really make it worth any one's time. But, recently as my check book deplete's and the shipments coming in from ebay increase, I realize that I probably do have enough time, even enough "computer" time, to dedicate myself to a blog. So, here it goes...wish us luck, and don't be disappointed with my inexpereince and newness with blogs!!

To start off, a story about Viana (which is what most of our blog will be about, I assume...)

Viana is learning how to sing "Follow the Prophet" in nursery. She even does a fun little clapping pattern while she sings the chorus. Today we were driving in the car singing and clapping along. However, since Eric was driving, he couldn't fully participate or do the clapping. Viana stopped in the middle of the chorus and said very seriously, "Daddy!! Daado Pofit!!" (Daddy!! Follow the Prophet!)
Thank you for keeping us on the right path Viana!