Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dreams Came True!

Well, let me just say one thing, or better yet, I'll show you: That's right, Eric got to be Buzz Lightyear for Halloween. The real deal--nothin' fake about it. Talk about the happiest little boy on the planet!! If any of you know the Carters, you'll know that there would be no more perfect realization of a life dream. And if you don't know how important Buzz Lightyear is to us, you should come over to our house, we'll chat for awhile and get to know one another.
Now don't get confused. Viana has red hair and a blue face on purpose. She is Buzz Lightyear of Star Command's partner: Mira Nova (the gal on the far right)
Brooke and I also got to have "together-ee" costumes. I am this little black widow's web.
Don't worry, the two of us won the grand prize at the Wyview costume contest (it was a $10 gift card to the BYU bookstore--that makes me 1% as cool as Eric and his $1000 gift card!) Here's our whole fam at the Wyview Boo Bash. We also got to go trick-or-treating in Helaman Halls. Viana was a pro! She knew just what to do. We also ran into some fun people at the Boo Bash! Aunt Charina was the cutest nurse I've ever seen, and was kind enough to do a little check-up on Buzz.And Viana found Jesse! She was in heaven--yet another dream come true. Viana tagged after her for quite some time, it was pretty cute.
Best of all, there was another cake walk. This dream "topped the cake" (har, har, har). I am in no way exaggerating when I say that Viana ran around in this circle singing her ABC's for 30 minutes. I tried to keep up with her, but got way to dizzy! It was hilarious!!
All in all, Viana made out like a bandit with some sweet candy (watch out Momma here come those holiday pounds!)
And luckily, all the red hair dye and blue face paint came off nicely in the bath!
We hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! Now, on to Thanksgiving!

Barnes and Nobles

Today our friends Anne and Blaine invited us to go read Halloween books at Barnes and Nobles! It was so fun, especially since Lori and Lucy got invited too!! The girls loved reading books!Blaine loved climbing up this tower! It was a great start to our Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2007

New Blog!

Eric has started a spiritual thoughts blog! It's awesome, and it's called Dig and Disocver. It's listed in our Lovely Links. Check it out!

If I was famous, I'd most likely be a man...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

We're domestic!

Saturday night after the girls went to bed, Eric, Charina and I made and decorated Halloween cookies! Our initial plans were to use some Halloween cookie cutters that we had, but we just couldn't find a jive with them. So, it turned into cookie play-dough! We concocted our own Halloween treats.
Eric and Charina were so proud.
Look at that prepared dough!
But CJ was a little scared to see... they actually turned out.
But once we started frosting, the baked blobs turned into real nice Halloween cookies.
Our favorites were...
Charina's eyeball
Charina's Mickey Mouse pirate
CJ's "BOO"
CJ's Picasso pirate (more for the comedic relief and abstract creativity than art or beauty!)
And Eric' Madame Leota in her crystal ball
It sure was "eye-popping" fun!
In other news...
I've reached ultimate happiness and I'm only 25!
This week we bought a mini-van. Now I am a mobile Mormon mother in a mini-van.
It is a 2006 Dodge Caravan. It only had 9000 miles on it and it even has a DVD player and a sweet spoiler! (Who knew mini-vans had spoilers??) We got a sweet deal. Mostly because we got it at "Firehouse Autosales" whose mottos include "Hot deals" and "You won't get hosed." They were actually the greatest people to work with. I told them I wish they sold bread so that I could come back weekly to do business with them. Here are some shots of our new wheels!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

Talk about a great day off!! Today Viana, Baby Brooke, Daddy, Momma, Aunt Charina, Aunt Jamie and Uncle LaDon went to...
aka The Vineyard, but of course lovingly called Pumpkinland during Halloween! We saw so many pumpkins, and Viana was in "Aw-ween Pu'kin" heaven!

Not only were there tons of pumpkins, but fun friends that Viana also loved!
After looking at the inside, we went OUTSIDE! We had fun in the corn maze. Look how tall the stocks were! You can barely see LaDon's face sticking through those few stalks.
Have you ever seen a cuter baby?? Look at that smile. Just give this kid a pumpkin and a corn maze and she's good!
In the middle of the corn maze were these fun cut-outs!
When we made it through the maze we found all of this! (Including a little barnyard, fun outdoor toys, and cute little halloween houses--one with fun mirrors!)

Brooke also found this pumpkin totem pole!

Then there was Pumpkin Mountain. A super fast slide ran through the middle of this orange pyramid--I didn't know who enjoyed it more, LaDon, or Viana!
It was the perfect family outing to the perfect pumpkin patch!But wait! There's more!
One definitely can not end one's day off at 6pm. So, the party continued. Our good friend, and my ex-RA Russ Lee and his residents were volunteering at the Provo community center Halloween carnival. So we dropped in! They had an awesome Harry Potter room! Viana was sorted into Gryffindor!Viana loved playing all the little carnival games, especially trying to throw the "eyeball" into one of the fishbowls.But, her ULTIMATE FAVORITE, and new found passion: the CAKEWALK
(And introducing for the very first time, a video on our blog.
Our camera is old, so there is no sound, but only for one more week until I get my new camera!!)

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

And so goes the $1000...

We've been having so much fun with our BYU gift card!! So far we've spent $600. We've spent more than half of it on other people! (Seriously, I wasn't kidding when I offered, you just tell us what you want!) We sent the Fiji boys in the picture all sorts of BYU goodies, and we got my sister Jamie a BYU sweatshirt, and one of Eric's mission buddies some BYU sweatpants! As for ourselves, lots of BYU apparel, lots of books, some CDs and chocolate everytime we go!!

Here is the link to the Daily Universe article that ran this Monday. The article is on the top of pg. 9.
Here is the webpage that the bookstore has for the contest.
And here is a pic of the display that the bookstore has up at it's front entrance.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Copy Cat

Today the Relief Society lesson was from chtr. 19 in the Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball manual. The title of the lesson was "Strengthening our Families." It is an awesome chapter! A quote from President Kimball from this chapter that impressed me said, "Nothing is more powerful than the example of their own parents and the influence of their home life. Our children’s lives will be much the same as they see in their own homes as they are growing to manhood and womanhood." This is not only true in doctrine, but in trivial things as well! Tonight Viana and I took these pics as we were looking at our reflection. Aunt Charina taught us this game, and true to the principle, Viana mimicked everyting that I did!

In other news, check out this chubba-bubba!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Thursday's are my "day-off." But since I work from my home, I really have to escape in order to make it feel like a true day off. So today, Viana, Brooke and I ventured out into the wide open world toward's Cabela's. We had THE BEST time!!

Viana loved looking at the fish, but not as much as Baby Brooke (her pic didn't turn out though...) She was just glued to the tank with her wide open eyes!

Viana and I really liked this big grizzly bear behind us!

Viana Loved the Zebra,

as did Baby Brooke!

Viana was just a little intimidated by this "bear! white!"

All the counters have birds in them, which Viana especially liked becasue they were right at her eye level, these ducks were no exception!

Of course Cabel's had plenty of "dee-ears!"It's a little dark, but this is Viana at the shooting gallery. She tore it up!
THis is Viana at lunch. She had the best pizza of her life, mainly becasue she got to dine with a mountain of rams in the background!
Viana had such as fun time (as did Brooke and I) that she utterly wore herself out!!