Monday, December 15, 2008

Cute daughters!

Hello, Eric here. Just wanted to share an update on how cute my two daughters are (nice juxtaposition from the last post, eh?).

Brooke, is cute as can be. She's developing a helpful personality. She loves to close things (doors, cupboards, drawers, the fridge), even when you're not done using them. :) She has an obsession with shoes. She loves them. She always wants to have them. And if you're getting dressed she will make sure to bring you out a pair, even if they in no way match what you're wearing. Last night as I was getting ready to go home teaching in my black slacks, she brought me over my white basketball shoes. I have, on at least one occasion, worn certain shoes with an outfit I wouldn't normally just because too-cute-Brooke got them for me. She's adorable.

Viana also has an obsession.It's with High School Musical. My name is Troy at least 80% of the time she addresses me. She, of course, is Gabriella. CJ is Sharpay. Brooke somehow became Ryan. And a babysitter was once assigned the role of Kelsi. (Reminiscent of Peter Pan in the Morris Center--Thanks Lucas!)

It's exciting to see the Spirit of Christmas thriving in our household. A couple of students came over to borrow a movie after school today. And Viana, who we have had a tricky time with getting her to share, wanted to, in the true giving-spirit of Christmas, give one of them all of these toys. She said, "You can bring these to your house."

Two beautiful girls. I love their developing personalities. And I'm so excited for Christmas!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

I think Santa's face says it all

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Birthday my beautiful 3 year old Viana!

My beautiful princess is 3 today!! What an absolute joy she is. We love her so much, and we tried to spoil her this weekend as a result!It started out Saturday with Viana making her own pizza for lunch (I think we found a new family tradition, yum!)Then we had a little Tinkerbell party. Only Ebony (and Brooke) could come, but it was SO fun! The girls got their own fairy wings (thanks Grandma) and painted Tinkerbell pictures, Then we played a Tinkerbell matching game (big hit!),

Then of course has Tinkerbell cake. I'm an amazing cake artist, I know.
Today included PRESENTS!! Check out this sweet castle that we got for FREE! It is REALLY cool. Viana got a lot of new winter dresses! She opened this one and said, "It's MODEST!" (via the white shirt it came with:))
And of course a Tinkerbell doll (don't you love Grandmas!!!)
Her birthday included waking up her daddy with her sister from his Sunday nap,
And a movie and game with our very most favorite neighbors!

We sure love you Viana!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008


And so my house guest story continues...

Don't be deterred by the title of this post. Though that number will play a part in this story later, there were not 100 people at my house this weekend. But there was still TWELVE!

4 Carters+2grandparents+2 parents+3 sisters+1 mission buddy+1 Turkey=13...but the turkey didn't fare too well, so he doesn't count...
Boy was dinner good! Thank you Mr. Turkey for being delicious. And did I mention that this was my very first Thanksgiving dinner?? And I did it for 12, and I was successful!

My sisters were even mostly tolerant of their seats at the kids table!Which all leads my back to 100! Ever since I started cooking (which you will recall came late in my life, as we moved into this house) Eric has kept a tally of how many of my meals are good. You know, 20 for 20, 57 for 57, etc. Well guess what?? Good fortune, at my Thanksgiving feast Eric awarded me my One-Hundredth good meal, out of 100! Yeah me!

Yes, I was in hog-hostin' heaven. We had people all over the place.

And at night all 4 bedrooms were full, as well as the living room couch.

I executed with excellency...And I think I did it all without becoming too much of a basket-case!Hooray for a wonderful baptism by fire into the Thangivings of my life!! And now our house is clear again, so come one, come all, to good ol' Monroe!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Giddy? Yes, that would be me.

One hidden talent I've discovered about myself since I've started my real life is that I love to host house guests.

For example:
In August our dear friends the Truman's came for a night. Our little girls were thrilled to be reunited,and to have their very own sleep-over,while we parents celebrated Harry Potter's belated birthday, butter-beer style,and then journeyed the 23 minutes to Cove Fort for, well, Cove Fort Days. Then in September our dear friends the Croppers came for an afternoon visit. This of course included me sweatin' out a meal for one of the finest cooks I know (Mr. Feed Your Family) (though see down in the lower left of this pic...housewarming gift from these Croppers...and what a JOY it is!)

and more joyful reunitation of childhood pals.

October brought us the Lees. A wonderful General Conference with these newlyweds and their root-beer,
but mostly we just put Russ to work trimming our trees.

The Lees have even been back since then for a repeat performance.
Not to mention daytrips from my sister Jamie and the world's cutest baby...Ally, and a surprise visit from my mom and Charina.
So what is the meaning behind the sharing of this goodness??
Well, it's purpose is two-fold:
1. To leave you hanging in suspense 'til my next post to see if it may have been a foreshadowing of what is to come this Thanksgiving week. What will the Carter's do this first Thanksgiving holiday in their nice new house? Why am I giddy? Stay tuned my friends...
2. To entice you and convince you that you too should come and become a legacy of the Carter house guest list. It must be an enjoyable experience, because if the Lees and my mom have been more than once, then it must be magical.
And anyway, I love to share the piece of Heaven that is Monroe with those I love.

Happy Thanksgiving...and remember, I could be extending this house guest story in the near future...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Vaca report

Hi bloggin' world. Sorry I've been totally snubbin' you lately. Vacation relaxed me to the point of the shirking of all cares. And here is how relaxing it was...

(Brooke survived on grapes and cheetos at Meemaw's house)

But now I am back. And glad to be (I mean really, who can beat Monroe??)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not this year Halloween

I love surprises. And SURPRISE! Me and the girls are going on vaca for a week! To include a night with my niece Ally, a few days in Florida with my grandpa--quick side trip to Busch Gardens while we're there, and then to Colorado to hang with the fam.

Originally my two sisses at home had term break, so the 4 at-home bodies were going. But they surprised me into the trip too! (OK, so maybe I begged a little. Hey, I'm a stay at home mom, I don't have to take work off, I can just take it with me! And boy is work excited to go!)

So, sorry Halloween, but I'll be loop-de-loopin' it with some serious thrill rides while you are carrying on without us. Phew. I was nearly in major "I have no costumes for my kids!!" mode.

But don't worry Halloween. We still painted pumpkins. We even had some cameo ghost appearances whilst painting. That sure was fun. And semi-costumizing. And Grandma already sent us plenty of candy. So watch-out airports. Here we come!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


My amazing friend Shayla sent us this.

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

And what of the new movie released on Friday that we drove all the way to Provo to see TWICE in the real theater?

Best. Movie. Ever. Period.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Midway-to-'midlife-crisis'-crisis

Luckily High School Musical 3 is opening in theaters on Friday. Otherwise I would have had no good news to pull me out of my annual day after my birthday let down. I'm just such a birthday snob (aka someone infatuated with her own birthday) that the day after is always so boring. 364 days til my next b-day?? How sad.
Traditionally Oct. 14th is a no-good day for me. When I turned 21 I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. So with the early dating days of Eric, he offered me a night to experience the world to over come my down-troddenness. A hockey game for Canada, dinner at Tucanos for Brazil, cute huh?
Then there was the year I skipped my History class with Rachel Sharp on my b-day and got grounded for that weekend. Let's see, that was my 16th birthday. Big time drag.
And that brings me to my midway-to-midlife-crisis-crisis.


Eric and I are very concerned, surrounded and in love with the youth of the church. Did you know that they are surrounded by temptations from all angles? And awkwardness, and developing autonomy, and parents (heaven forbid), and hormones, etc. etc. etc. As we talk about certain youth during the day I will often say "It is so hard to be a teenager!"

And then as a mother, I realized that being a teenager is like having a baby. I know labor was hard, and that it was painful, but I can't really remember the details or how much it really did hurt. I can better remember the joy and the reward of the experience. And so it is with my teenage experience. I mean I was at the peak of my teenage-hood 10 years ago!! I'm already in shock when I hear about what these darling teenagers have to deal with everyday.

Weird. I'm out of touch with the teenager in me. When you forget labor pains, that can mean you're ready to try it again. But when you forget the pains of being a can't do that again.

So there you have it. In review: My midway-to-midlife-crisis-crisis simply constitutes my realization that I'm not a teenager anymore. I'm a mother. And give me 10 more years on top of this, and I'll be into Viana's teenage years. Hopefully I'll be in touch with hers so that it won't matter if I'm out of touch with my own.

OK, that feels better. Crisis officially over.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I don't know about you, but my husband went to prison today

To teach the institute class there of course. It is UEA this week (I don't know what that means other than no school Thur. or Fri.) so Eric had the unique opportunity of going to the correctional facility to teach. He had a wonderful and spiritually enhancing experience. I love being a seminary's teacher's wife ("Ohhhhh, you're the seminary teacher's wife." "Yep. That's me." -conversation had nearly weekly by me and Monorovians) It affords for such different and life changing opportunities. But mainly it means I get to be married to Eric.

Now, if any of you know Cameron Anderson or Paul Duersch, you'll know what the Ultimate Male is. And if you don't know those guys, well, let me introduce you to MY Ultimate Male. Because not only does he teach about God's love for each of us to 122 inmates, but he also...

Is a great schnike. See what he was involved with for my birthday here.

Knows how to get down and dirty. Here he is with an axe under our porch pushing out the firewood to put in a tarp so we don't get termites. Manly, I know.
Praises me (and has taught Viana to do the same) on my home cooked meals daily. This meal he was so proud of he made me take a picture of the spread.Serves with his seminary students. Here he is in the freezing cold unloading this truck with Orion and Logan (love these 2 boys).

Builds amazing fires in our wood stove. Dad, aren't you proud of your son-in-law? Displays aggressive eating habits at Man Night. Imagine 10 seminary teachers all getting together, each eating this. That's a hoagie roll with two 1/2 lb. hamburger patties, 2 polish dogs, 5 slices of THICK bacon, a can of chili, cheese and thousand island dressing. GROSS.

OK, so true Man-dom would require finishing all of it, but he did pretty good!! More manly to me that he didn't finish it...he'll live longer that way.Shop-vacs black widows and toads out of our turn-off-the-sprinklers-tube, so that he can turn off the sprinklers for winter. Thank you wonderful neighbor for the help...and yes, it's snowing in this pic.COOKS!! He and Viana made cookies. They were great!Keeps up a rigorous schedule...with a smile. I don't know how he does it. Did you know he teaches early morning seminary too? He teaches 4 classes straight...then 2 more throughout the day. That's exhausting. But he keeps smiling...Appears in parades. That's him on the far left next to Bro. Cornelson, the other seminary teacher.Remembers important things, like dating me. Here is our annual first date re-enactment date. 5 year anniversary of our first date to BYU Homecoming with a 7-11 stop on the way home. This year, since 7-11 is 2hours away we had Frazils from The Market instead. :)Is the best Daddy in the world. The words 'Brooke', 'Viana', 'obsessed', and 'you' are often in the same sentence at our house.
So there you have it. The Ultimate Male. And no I didn't forget about Fun Fall Fridays. I suggest you go and think of a few special reasons why you love your sweetheart so much too. Then share it with them. Guarantee it will be your funnest fall Friday. Ever.