Thursday, February 28, 2008

On Kissing...

*Names of individuals have been changed to protect the innocent (or guilty)

The other day when Eric came home from work Viana jumped into his arms and started to kiss him. "How sweet!" you might think. Not so sweet when the kissing continued like this:

Eric tried to pull away, but she kept trying to smother him with her love. Eventually, when Eric could not convince her to stop kissing him Viana explained, "Like Sally! Like Sally!" Then she pointed to Eric and said, "That's Billy! That's Billy!" Eric and I looked at each other, upon hearing these names and said..."Ohhhhhhhhhh, I seeeeeeeee." Now we know why Sally and Billy were so anxious to babysit for us the other night...time to themselves. We confronted Sally and Billy about aforementioned "bad example" they may have been setting for Viana, and this was their defense, "We stopped kissing every time she turned around and looked at us!" Well that's good.

Have no fear, we have re-trained Viana to give simple pecks on the cheek (though it took some effort), and we have already had Sally and Billy back to babysit--knowing now that they really are on their best behavior...because if not, we'll find out!

Dear Sally and Billy, should you read this, know that we still love you and trust you, and we even support you kissing. Just remember our dear SNL friend Brian Fellows and "Keep it clean please!"

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Playful Banter

It has been brought to my attention that one of the more important portions of my previous blog entitled "1 family, 234 years, 5 generations" was overlooked by many, if not all. Though well publicized by my well-meaning friend Anne, I must continue my own campaign.

This important of importants was the gem known as PASTORERO: Taco Grill

This 8-week old restaurant is located in Brigham's Landing here in Provo, Utah. Christened by our Valentine's Date, I quickly named Pastorero my new favorite restaurant. Here is why:

1)First of all, if you are clueless as to what a Pastorero is, you can check out this eateries hip website:
2)It is a CLEAN restaurant. I love clean restaurants. And the bathrooms...whew! Gorgeous!
3)It is very well decorated. (#2&#3 deal with aesthetics, but I'm a whole experience eater--things like this can not be discounted).
4)Simple menu. I love it when you can go in and make an order and it doesn't take years deciphering the bajillion menu items.
5)Beautiful display of the food. The food actually looks like the pictures. That's always satisfying!
6)Real Mexican beverages! I had watermelon juice on my last visit, and am anxious to try the Limon!
7)Obviously, the food is DEE-LISH-US!!!! SO, so, so, so, so yummy.
8)As a mother of a toddler, their child's dish is incredible. It's a yummy quesadilla (you pick the meat) rice, amazing bean soup and a dessert taco--for $3.50! So mostly that means Viana gets a few bites of quesadilla, and I devour the rest.
9)All of the above very reasonably priced.
10) The owner is WONDERFUL. I am always swayed by congeniality. We go in for our first visit and he takes his time with us, gets to know us, explains things to us. And that was BEFORE we found out that I teach his nephew in primary and BEFORE we found out his sister is in our ward, not to mention his sister-in-law, not to mention his best friend growing up. Then of course once those connections were made our friendship was sealed. Dan Snow--5-star business owner!!!!
11)I know, you thought the list would stop at 10...but it doesn't, that's how good it is. One time when we went one of the employee's families was sitting at one of the tables eating, and it was just so cute, because she would come out when there was a down moment and talk to them! Cute! Family support--big fan.
12)Avocado lime sauce. Enough said there.
13) Though doing good business, it's not one of those places you go and wait FOREVER. I'm all about efficient when it comes to my dinner.
14)Benefit for me, maybe not all of you, but it is within walking distance of my home :)

OK, so nowhere are some tantalizing photos to back me up that were a bit too small to really appreciate in my previous post:
Apologies that we cut out part of the Pastorero sign: self portraits are never perfect, right?

In this picture you can see the meat and pineapple on the spit. Were we in Mexico this would be on an open flame. But with American health codes it's in a really cool machine that Dan told us all about that still makes for some awesome meat. You can also see one of the employees preparing the next spit on the right. And the authentic Mexican colas in the foreground. Yum!

Here's the torta, it's amazing.

And here are the Tacos al pastor. Beautiful, huh?

So there you have it. Pastorero gets two thumbs way, WAY up from the Carters. Now go: Eat, drink and be merry (in the most righteous possible way)!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Proud Parents

One fact you need to know about Carters (and hopefully you already know)--we love Buzz Lightyear! Without him, we wouldn't be Carters, we would be Eric Carter and CJ Roy...and no babies. If the details of that story elude you, ask us, we love to share it.

A few days ago Baby Brooke unearthed this toy in the mounds and mounds of toys in the toy room. She hasn't let it out of her sight since. I even tried to trick her (or test her, rather) and hide it in the bottom of her living room toy basket. It took her 2.4 seconds before she had made her happy reunion with her new favorite toy.
Among all the light-up, singing, rattling, sparkly, crunchy, chewy, girly toys that we try to pile all around her, we are proud she has so easily latched on to this top-notch space ranger!
(And yes, he is missing a leg. What a compassionate girl, to make best friends with someone less fortunate than her bi-pedal self!)

Friday, February 22, 2008

I love Eric

Does it get any better looking than this?

(I said to Eric, "You look HOT!" Viana got a concerned look on her face and walked up to Eric, put her hands on his face and said, "Daddy, hot?")
Thank you Eric for the wonderful suprise date to The Roof! A girl needs to be spoiled every now and again!

If you're in need of a good chuckle, check here...and if you're in need of a good spiritual uplift, check here.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

1 Family, 234 years, 5 generations

These last 5 days were the very best of this cold and never ending winter! Let me take you back to Valentine's Day to begin...

It was basically the greatest series of dates in the world. We went rock climbing (SO FUN!) then went to dinner at Pasterero's (SO favorite restaurant for sure!) Then went to see "Definitely, Maybe" (HORRIBLE...had to walk out...DO NOT SEE!!!!!!) but becasue we walked out, got to go to the arcade at the mall (won awesome tickets!) then we went to Pudding on the Rice (a classic favorite). All the while, my wonderful mom watched the girls and even put them to bed!
We (me, Eric, Viana, Brooke and my Mom) woke up Friday morning, got in the car, and headed to Cottonwood, AZ--land of the WARM!!!
Why did we head down south to this little paradise you may ask? Well here is a clue:
And here is another clue:
This is where my grandmother and great-grandmother live, making that the girls' great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother (all matrileneal). Or, as Viana called them all weekend "grape-grape-grape-gramma." We hit up the awesome Wal-mart portrait studio and had professional pictures done. It was wonderful. (Our cute photographer did not understand the neat expereince it was to have 5 generations together. Mom said, "This is 5 generations, it's pretty special!" She said, "Oh, I've done lots with 5, I've even done 6 before. One time, I did was a squeeze, but I fit everyone in the picture." Bless her heart).
With the improtant stuff out of the way, we focused on the fun stuff!
We went 4-wheeling with Grandpa. The view at the top was AMAZING.
Viana tried it too.
Here's what she thought:

Brooke agreed:

(transcription on the video was "All Done")

On Sunday we went to my Great Uncle Henry and Aunt Marilee's house.

The rest of the trip was filled with relaxing and being absolutely spoiled by grandma, who knows how to cook ALL of my favorite foods.
On our drive home we stopped at Glen Canyon Dam. It was so awesome. Did you know it took Lake Powell 17 years to fill up! It wasn't full until 1980!
So now we are back in this Winter Wasteland anxious for spring. We had a wonderful break, and the girls were ANGELS. 20 hours roundtrip in a car and 3 grandmas, a grandpa, a mom and a dad all at once is no easy task for a 2 year old or a 7 month old, but they did great. And who's surprised? Look at those sisters eye each other! Cold and snow covered Utah is just great if it means spending my days with these dolls!

Thank you Mom and Nortons and Lenharts for a weekend in paradise!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I basically love Valentine's Day, becasue I love love and think it justly deserves it's own day. And for anyone who dares proclaim it single's awareness day--boo to you! Although primarily based on the idea of romance (for a little history lesson check this out), I'd like to extend it and apply it to anything and everything worth loving!
Naturally I have a million and one reasons why I love my life (those major reasons being Eric, Viana and Brooke). But here are 10 more things that you probably did not know I love:
1. I love to open DVD's and CD's. Mmm, just love it.
2. I love the smell of Wyoming--yes, the state.
3. I love to count my swallows as I drink. I'm a standard 7-8 swallower per drink.
4. I love the sound our PS2 makes right after you put in a new movie, and you toggle back and forth between the DVD and the memory card. Love it!
5. I love to doodle, and more specifically I love to doodle my name.
6. I love logic puzzles. This actually borders obsession. But we'll stick with the verb love for now.
7. I love hospital food and airplane food. That probably boils down to the fact that I love surprises though.
8. I love what I've dubbed "creative organization." Love to find new ways to organize and scheme up ways to make life better. You should see our DVD system!
9. I love to teach, especially my primary class. And just a stab in the dark, but when you have boy+10yrs old+primary+5 of them, you normally don't get love. But with me ya do!
10. I love my sister Jamie's recipe for water. She makes the best ice water in the world. (get cup, put in ice, add water from the tap). No matter how hard I try, my water never tastes like hers. It's so delish.
And there you have it. So whether you have grand plans with the one you love today, or if you'll just be cuddled up with a good book and some ice cream, I say today is the day to celebrate love of all kinds...after all, love knows no bounds!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Welcome Week of Love!

Why celebrate love for only one day? We're making it a week long affair! We had a fabulous party with our Wyview (and FLSR!) buddies this weekend to get in the mood.
We loved being surronded by so many friends!
We loved the fun food! Thanks Lori for the sandwiches and Anne for the squeal-deserving cupcakes! (ps-I made those pink heart shaped pancakes in my new pink frying pan courtesy of Eric's V-day gift to me, which I got early)
We loved our daddy! (new shirts courtesy of Daddy that we also got early. CJ:"Eric, will you get the girls dressed in something red or pink for the party?" Viana running out of her room: "Daddy new special shirt!" CJ: "Eric, you are so sneaky!") We loved playing with all of our pink friends!

We loved playing with friends just our size!
We loved being Queen of the room!
We loved wearing red!
We loved everything about it and are excited for the rest of our week long celebration...any special traditions or plans for you this week?

Friday, February 8, 2008

Emergency Preparedness

Our wonderful friends the Metcalfes came over last night at about 9:30 and gifted us with a wonderful surprise. Initially meant to be fun, we found comfort, safety and preparedness in it. Here is what it was:
That is right, a Cars tent, which also included Cars sleeping bag, Cars water bottle, Cars backpack and Cars compass. You'll notice by the couch in the background that it is a toddler sized tent, not too tall or too wide.
But seeing as how it was 10pm by the time we got it set up ( we couldn't help ourselves) we decided we had better climb on in. Charina was first. Once inside she said, "Woa! This tent is big enough for 3 people!" Uh-huh, sure. But, 3 people later...
...we were in!! You'll notice that our necks are bent at weird angles and our knees are smooshed up against the wall, but we were very warm! While in our tiny tent Charina said, "This is perfect for your 72 hour kit!" I got so jazzed that we would be prepared for the elements with our tent, and we imagined where Viana and Baby Brooke could fit in the tent with us come a time of need. Then we pretended to be in the winds of an earthquake (fully aware winds don't necessarily accompany an earthquake, but by this point it was 10:30 at night), and the tent held up. I was tickled at how this well-thought out gift was preparing us for anything! Until Eric said, "I think our other tent would be good." Oh yeah, we have an adult sized 4-man tent next to our 72 hour kit.
Surely this tent was fun to giggle in until 11 at night, but maybe not so hot in an emergency...especially since the sleeping bag said "Comfortable down to 60 degrees F."
So, as we're all working on our provident living, we would encourage everyone to keep in mind the difference between child's play and the real deal. Don't be fooled by the coolest logo-ized preparedness items, when what you really need may already be in your storage closet!

Monday, February 4, 2008


This cutie has a new bone stickin' out of her mouth! Can she be that old already? I surely didn't approve that one!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Breakfast with...

(listen to this to find out whom breakfast was with today...)

Translation: Center Street Musical Theater hosted a breakfast with the PRINCESSES! It was a little girl's dream come true! Viana's favorite princess was...

And we think Viana was Snow White's favorite as well. In fact, when the princesses were leaving, Snow White came over specifically to Viana to give her a final hug. Adorable.
Here is a plethora of pictures including: Ariel, Mulan, Lumiere, Mushu, the Fairy Godmother, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Pocahontas, Esmerelda, Dopey, Mary Poppins, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine and a few princes to boot.

We had delicious waffles and hot chocolate, and just loved all the attention from the characters.Viana had so much fun, and cried when I told her it was time to go. When we got home Viana said, "Go Di-eylan' more now?" So glad to know she's a Carter!!!