Saturday, March 29, 2008

Junior Prom

When I went to Monroe on Thursday I found this waiting for me: (Will you "treat" me to...PROM)
That is right, Eric asked me to prom! Not just any prom though, this was Junior prom. And for those who aren't form a small town, let me describe this dreamy, straight-from-a-movie, perfect night.

My date was grand. I got all dressed up in my dream dress made by my mom. Then I drove down to Monroe, and when I got there I found a romantic Chinese dinner! (And a dashing date, obviously). Then we went to the High School gym of course. Where else would you hold prom?
Now, every junior is required to go, and if you can't find a date, the school will find one for you.
Crazy, huh?
To begin the evening the WHOLE TOWN (ages 2 months to 92 years) shows up and fills the bleachers. We sit there and admire the AMAZING decorations (and yes, they did make me cry).

Then they begin with the introductions of the juniors. For example, "Chrissy Adams, daughter of John and Linda Adams, escorted by Frank Higgins, son of Brian and Juney Higgins" The couple then parades down the prom floor to claps and cheers (mostly from their boisterous seminary teacher). Repeat for all 83 juniors (this totaled for about 60 couples). Once all introductions had been made the juniors performed the promenade. Twice. Once with the mood lighting, and then once with all the lights on so everyone could take pictures. Eric was very proud of his student who choreographed this dance number.
It was great because everyone did the dance, goth and jock and nerd alike--and they all LOVED it. Oh, and I was thrilled with all of the modesty. I could count on two hands the immodest dresses.

Then came time for the announcing of the royalty. That was very special, and one of Eric's sweet wonderful students was named Prom queen. She reacted with every bit of surprise and shock and joy and sincerity one could expect. After that they had the royalty dance with the 4 couples, and then half way through the song the deejay announced, "Juniors, it is now time for the parents dance." All the juniors then went and found their parents, and soon the dance (gym) floor was filled with nearly every member of Monroe, UT dancing away. It was GREAT. When that was finished the 'dance' part of prom began.

My favorite was the joke the refreshment people played on everyone. Blue slushies?? All the glamorous girls and dashing guys looked great with blue mouths :)

It was such a great night!!! I kept saying to Eric, "This is our real life! This is our real life!" Especially small-town charmed when a woman two bleachers down from us said, "Are you the new seminary teacher? You just have the look." Oh wow, it was just a dream-come-true kinda night. I'd never heard of Junior Prom going anything like this, but I found myself charmed and in love with the whole affair!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


For those who missed it, we had a pretty awesome experience when Eric was hired as a seminary teacher. The Hiring Story is now up on Dig and Discover!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

He is Risen!!
And He continues to reign supreme in each of our daily lives.

The Carters testify of this here.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Monday, March 17, 2008

26 Letters, 26 Years

Sure today may be St. Patrick's Day...but the really important holiday is ERIC'S BIRTHDAY!!

He gets to start his career on his 26th birthday, pretty neat. However, that means none of us will see him on his birthday. Will you help me send him birthday cheer? I'm going to list a quality for each letter of the alphabet that I love about Eric...he is 26 after all: a quality for each year! Then, in the comments, will you pick a letter or two and list qualities that you love about Eric too?
A-Amiable, ridiculously amiable
B-Brooke's favorite Daddy
C-Cheesy, in the very best and most fun way possible
D-Dreamer, Eric aims high, no doubt (it worked! PS3 here we come!)
E-Eric-iffic!! Can you imagine if his name was Lance or something?
G-Guided, cool descriptive word--true though, huh?
H-Happy (does that word perma-smile mean anything to you?)
I-Irresistible (from the wife p.o.v., and every other p.o.v too!)
J-Jokester! (Like only a seminary teacher can be!)
M-Manly, if you can unclog a drain and kill a spider, you qualify as manly
N-Naive--he's still such a sweet little boy at heart
P-Perfect: I claim that he is the perfect husband
Q-Quality, he's the real deal
S-Sensitive (how lucky am I??)
T-Thoughtful, my happiness never ends
U-Unmatched in patience
V-Viana's favorite person!!
X-eXample (I hate coppin' out on X, but really, he is a great example!)
Y-Young at heart

Friday, March 14, 2008


Sorry everyone--we never really did explain the situation:
Eric is replacing a teacher who is taking medical leave through the rest of the semester. They told us this assignment is most likely temporary (hoping the other teacher recovers). We will get our fall location May-ish. Since it could be back in this area, I am keeping this job/house until we find out our permanent spot. As soon as we know, I'll either move down with Eric, then we'll all move again to the new spot...or I'll just stick it out here!! Hope that helps!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Monroe, UT

Well, we made the two hour trek down to Monroe today, and... (Sorry it's crooked and cut-off, we took this whilst driving)
It was perfect. Check out it's quaintness:
This is the view coming into the town.
This is the view from above the town.
Here's all of Main Street:

Here's the Seminary building: (huge and beautiful for such a small town, I know!)
And here's where Eric will be staying: It is darling and adorable, and enchanting, and perfect. We are THRILLED and we were blessed every second today (hence Eric's nice abode)!! The only con we found was the number of deers hit by motorists. We counted 18 dead deer on the side of the road in the little stretch of highway out yonder. Little nervous about that...but in every other way Monroe is PERFECT!! We got to meet Bro. Maines today, the area director, and he thought best for Eric to start Monday. Hooray! (Um, Eric has been working all these days, never fear, but he starts teaching his new kids Monday--fyi).

Monday, March 10, 2008

Momma/Brookiex2 weekend

Yes, yes, Daddy/Veezy day was a wonderful success. As was Momma/Brookie/Brookie weekend:

Contrary to what our babies thought, there's just nothing better than surprises! (Can I share that my favorite part, not quite captured on film, was how Brooke kept repeating over and over, "You came to me! You came to me!")

A close second would be three babes in a bathtub:Followed in third place by Motorcycle Man or a little dad-approved-need to be Buzz Lightyear up there:

And to be nicely finished off with laughing so hard we cry, sharing so much our testimonies grew, shopping so much we burned a whole in our...walking shoes, because we found nothing...except easter towels..., eating plenty of homemade cookie dough ice cream, giggling so late into the night, learning and cooking and cleaning together, empathizing so well over sleepless nights, sharing jokes that only one friend in Utah and another in Michigan could share, etc, etc, etc!! Loved my Michigan trip!!!

(Loved landing at the SLC airport and going straight the the Church Office building and sealin' the deal too! It's super-dooper official that Eric is a real full blown full-time seminary teacher!!!!)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Daddy/Veezy day

Well, yesterday was pretty exciting! So, today needed to be a special holiday. So we dubbed it Daddy/Veezy day, since CJ and Brooke went to Michigan it was just the two of us. But before we could start= It was out with the old:

And in with the new:

(Hey if Dad's driving the mini-van for the week it's gotta look right).

First stop of the day...IHOP! Viana loves pancakes. Not to mention all the coloring she got to do. The general manager even brought a toy box over and Viana picked out some sunglasses.

Next we went to the mall. As we approached, Viana looked at me inquisitively and said, "Maybe, see Mickey Mouse? And Pluto, and Goofy! We had a fun trip to the Disney Store . The place is amazing. And I'm pretty sure that they have new stuff everytime I've gone (and we're not that infrequent of visitors). Not only did Viana know that the mall meant the Disney store, she also was super excited for the "horsies." I think she still had fun? We stayed at the arcade and had a blast.Viana's favorite part was swiping the card. Go figure. So, I had to stay close behind her just in case it worked. Once she swiped the claw machine and I pulled this out of it. Couldn't be a proper date if I didn't win the girl a stuffed bear right? The bear got a car ride...
Viana and I played Deal or No Deal as well. It was cool, but the game was shortened by Viana anxiously pushing the flashing red button (can't blame her). She hit "deal" on 127, and then it showed us our case=800 tickets. But that's okay, we still did alright in the prize category.

Oh, that's just the half of it!

We came home for a rest. Then we were off to the MTC where Viana got to say hi to the missionaries in the TRC. She did pretty good with "bula" but that was about it for the Fijian. All the workers loved her. We left around 3:30 pm and went to...CHUCK E. CHEESE!! Viana was pretty excited. It was Saturday and it was so packed=I almost didn't think we'd get a table. Lots of fun [forgot the camera].

After Pizza we went to the Wynnsong and watched "College Road Trip." She did good considering Dad forgot the pacifier. Only two potty breaks and then with like 4 minutes left in the movie she got up and left. So we saw the last scene standing in the hallway.

We came home and 8 minutes into A Bug's Life Viana was out. Thanks Viana for a great day. We loved Daddy/Veezy day!

Friday, March 7, 2008

7:11 AM

Bro. Palmer: Hi CJ, I was hoping I would be able to hear your morning voice.
CJ: This is my morning voice.
Bro. Palmer: Wow, ok, good. Well, I need you to ask Eric a question for me.
Bro. Palmer: Ask him if he would like a full-time contract starting today?
CJ: Eric? (*intensified voice squeal*) Would you like a full-time contract starting today?
Eric: (smile too big for words)
CJ:(more squealing and smiling too big for words)
Bro. Plamer: What do you think?
CJ&Eric: Oh, oh yes! YES! YES YES YES!!!!

It's official, we've joined the CES family!!! He heads to Monroe, UT--South Sevier HS--and starts teaching Monday!!!


Thank you for all the prayers...great spiritual expereince coming soon to Dig and Discover!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Kangaroo Zoo

Had a lot of fun doing this tonight:T'was a hair-raising expereince-

Made us feel like this:and others of us feel like this:
Thanks Kangaroo Zoo for the fun playtime!! With the cold still persisting outside, it sure is nice to have somewhere to run around like a chicken with our head cut off!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hangin' out with dead people

I love my mom for a million reasons, but one reason sounds something like this: "When I was hangin' out with my dead people today..." or like this, "I miss my dead people, I usually hang out with them every morning..." No she's not a funeral director, no she doesn't work in the anatomy lab...she's a FamilySearch Indexer! (And recently they asked her to be an arbitrator!)

I was clueless as to my mom's pursuits, other than I knew that she loved it. Recently Sis. Lisa Arnold, a employee and member of our ward, spoke on indexing during sacrament meeting. Her words, plus my mom's enthusiasm inspired me to try it.

Now, I like hangin' out with dead people too!
This is my great-great-great Uncle Heinrich Lenhart and family
For those unawares, indexing is taking old records--all sorts--and digitizing them. For example, you'll have hand-written census records, and you will type up what is written.
I am here to say, it is easy, (unless you get a really hard-to decipher name...), quick work, allows you to dabble when you have a minute here or there, the training is simple and very clear, and you feel like an important part of the family history world!
I've always struggled with feeling like I was useless and not being obedient when it came to family history, but now I can contribute in an important way. And even though you only deal with a person for 20 secs, it really is neat to think about these people and "hang out" with them.
The website is Click the volunteer button on the right hand side of the website, and you can do it too!! Really, if you're finding yourself with 10 minutes here or there...YOU CAN DO IT!!!