Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Freezer Food

Many moons ago when we lived at DT with our best friends the Rasmussens, we had countless nights of shared popsicles out on the basketball court in between R Hall where we lived and S Hall where they lived. It was the kind of summer memory you hold onto in the winter and will never forget, even in the summer of your 90th year in life.

Last summer was our last "Summer of the Popsicles" with the Rasmussens since Scott started his MPP program at the University of Michigan this past fall.

In the very last minutes of Brooke cleaning out the S Hall apartment I was loaded up with all of her leftover food. I got some Xango, home made syrup, homemade raspberry jam, and all the leftover popsicles.

We gobbled everything up. Until we came to the last popsicle. Do you know that it has been almost 9 months and I still have it in my freezer? I can't throw it out. And I can't eat it. That one little popsicle holds too much memory, meaning, and magic in it's crystallized and frozen state. Last night was another good tear-jerker night when I said farewell to our dear friends the Croppers. Anne, Taylor, Blaine, and even little "Raja" have been wonderful neighbors, friends, home-teachees, co-workers, and potential future spouses for our children. And on a working note, Anne definitely helped me pull through my mostly miserable start at Wyview. They are off to Oregon and they will be wonderful and great there. But I'll still miss them. Don't worry though. While I was saying good-bye at their apartment last night I was loaded up with all their left-overs too.
Who knows, maybe when I get to the bottom of their delicious frozen fruit stand peach bag, I might just have to store one more crystallized freezer item in my shrinking ice box.

So this brings me to wonder: When can I pass on my freezer food? I have decided that it is a rite of passage to be able to leave this wonderful, but mostly fake life, and enter into the real world, and most importantly leave your freezer food behind with someone you really love.

Who will I leave my freezer food to? Will they eat it all up until the very last bite, then hold onto that forever? (I'm pretty nerdy and sentimental, so whoever I pass my food onto, please, don't do that). But mostly, will I be able to stay in touch with such dear friends? I sure hope so. Thank you Brooke for still being my best friend. And Anne, seeing as how we did not want to say good-bye last night, I did not get to tell you how much I love you and how wonderful you are and what a great example you are and that I think you are an amazing mother and I'm so thankful you did not like living in a boy hall, so that you could move to a girl hall, so that we could be associates. What a blessing.

Oh, and thanks for the peaches.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Life in the sooper dooper fast lane

Not much has been going on except for EVERYTHING that has been going on. For those still perusing our blog, I just thought I would update by saying WE MADE IT. BYU finished and now all the freshman living in my buildings are G-O-N-E!!! (Very happy except for my sister Charina who was living in my building and now lives far, far away on the other side of campus). Check-out week was the most physically strenuous thing I've done since having Brooke. It was EXHAUSTING. But I did it.

Single motherhood continues to be tough...THANK HEAVENS FOR MOTHERS!! My mom has saved me too many times these past few weeks.

We are still clueless as to where Eric will end up teaching next fall, so we are still clueless as to how long we will be apart or if we will move.

Viana keeps getting cuter.

So does Brooke (and with no more neighbors she's starting to sleep more!).

And my sister Jamie is having a baby in July, and it thrills my soul to see her adorable pregnant belly!!!!!! (And I can touch it every time I see her!)

So there ya have it. We are happy. We miss our Daddy a ridiculous amount during the week, but we think we will see a light at the end of this tunnel soon!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Gingerbread house

Friday, April 18, 2008

I love real life!
Speaking of real life, my seperation from Eric (geographically not emotionally) has taken a toll on me this week. I would just like to testify of the strength and power of the Book of Mormon and the comfort that can come from the words on its pages. It has gotten me through the hardest of hard times!! I love this book and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an amazing read.

Monday, April 14, 2008

"My have pun"

Today, Viana had F-U-N! I loved the two hours she spent in here...her forgotten and wet panties did not :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Divine Comedy

Everyone loves a good, cheery Mormonad--the wallpaper of our youth:And yet this picture seems to be worth 1,001 words

For more pee-your-pants parodys: http://www.divinecomedy.net/?p=mormonadz

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April=Easter, right?

So, for all of those of you out there wondering whether or not being a "single" mother puts you a little behind the power curve and definitely out of the loop...here is your answer:

These pictures are not from over 2 weeks ago when Easter actually was. They are from this morning. I can assure you I had boiled the eggs on Easter...but the dying didn't happen until today. And we had just as much fun today coloring our eggs--but mostly just our fingers--as we would have had I been a little more on the ball.

We sure had fun though...thanks Tori for the AMAZING princess egg coloring kit!

Friday, April 4, 2008

What's your favorite scripture?

We love ours so much it makes us sing.

(Jacob 6:12 for the reference)