Saturday, May 31, 2008

Buzz Lightyear to Star Command, Come in Star Command

If you know the Carters you know Buzz Lightyear plays no small part in our relationship, marriage, family, etc. So here's the good news...

In celebration of the soon-to-be-open attraction at Disneyland, "Toy Story Mania," Buzz Lightyear is being launched into space on the Discovery's STS-124 misison TODAY!! TODAY!!

You can read more about it here.

Friday, May 30, 2008

In response to Meemaw's cry for HELP!

So with our life being consumed by buying a house, we have neglected keeping the grandparents updated with the cutest grandbabies in the world. So, thank you Meemaw for reminding us about the two most important things in our life. Hopefully this will HELP! with your grandkid craving!

To the rest of you...these are boring everyday videos. But for grandparents, they'll be worth more than their weight in gold!

Sorry, the fourth video was a smidge too big of a file to upload with blogger, so, it comes via onetruemedia: (If anyone out there call tell me how they get they're videos longer than 50 seconds to post using blogger, I'd be much obliged)

We Win!!

Our offer was accepted!! They didn't even counter offer or anything!! We got the house and we love it and we're so excited and I'm gonna be a real person! And we are so excited!! HOOORAYYYYY!!!!!!

And for those sneaky people out there with Google Reader--you found our videos of the house which were supposed to be sneaky and hidden...but isn't it wonderful?? And for those who don't have google reader and didn't find the videos...well, you can snoop if you want, or you can wait till I do nice videos when it's OUR house. :)

As a reminder, look at my cute house!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28th

4 years ago today Eric and I tied the knot.

Now if you ask me, 4 years is basically 5. And once you hit 5, you're good for 10. And If you consider this nearly 10 years, that mean's we're almost to 15, and if we've gotten that far, we might as well round up to 25. And once you've been married 25 years...well, you might as well be married 50. And once you've hit 50, I think it's safe to say, we've been married for eternity.

At least that's what I'm thankful for. That we really have been married for eternity. And not just eternity, but time and ALL eternity.

Yes, it's true, in this one eternal round of life, Eric and I have now been together forever. And I love it.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Offer

We did it. We placed on offer on the greatest house in the whole world. I hope the whole thing works out!! (Ironically enough, this house got on offer on it last week and I was heart broken becasue it was my favorite, but it didn't go through! SO, hopefully we have better luck :)

I don't need to say much about this wonderful place. 4 bed, 2 bath, garage, and, of course, the favs...

See how cute it is? It's lovingly called The Gingerbread house. Cute hearts, fun brick work--LOVE IT!

And for all those who voted for the white house with the pitched roof: That house was built in 1930. So although it did have MAGNIFICENT personality, it needed a MAGNIFICENT amount of work.

Stay tuned to find out if our offer is accepted and if we get to really buy this house!! (YIKES! I'm almost a REAL real person!)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's OFFICIAL!!!!!!

There I was, sitting in Eric's office waiting for the lunch bell to ring. When instead, the phone rang! Who could it be?? Bro. Maynes. What could he want? To tell Eric it is here by official and on the records that we will be teaching in Monroe next year!! HOORAY!!!

So, it's real now. We really are moving. Crazy. Weird. Exciting.

We went house hunting like mad today. Here's the results:

The only problem is that all of them are near perfection and we have to chose just one!! (Though I was a little turned off when I walked in to one of the houses and was scared out of my socks by the most ginormous elk head ever staring right at me.)
We can't go by just looks alone, but if we did, which house would you have us move into?

For Eric

Growing up is fun to do!

Conversation Viana had with me this morning:

"Ee-ana gonna get married go on a honeymoon! Like Josh and Jess! And Daddy come too! And the whole pamily!"

I'm sure her opinion wil change between now and then :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This outfit screamed "summer playdate at the park" from the pig-tail braids, to the capris, to the shoes made for running. This weather did not.
Wasn't it April showers that brought May flowers? Always enjoy a good thunderstorm, but sure are lookin' forward to the perma-sun of summer!