Sunday, June 29, 2008

I love love

Russ and Adri asked me to take their engagement photos. I wasn't sure why, I've never claimed to be a photographer. But, when you're as in love as they are, your pictures will look great!! Shout out to me and Eric for being awesome photogs and shoppers! And shout out to the happy couple for appeasing my love of kissing evidenced by these favs...

(Oh and for those wondering we sure enough signed on our house we're real live debt having house owners who are currently living out of two suitcases in a sea of boxes awaiting our moving truck which fingers crossed comes tomorrow and then peace out Provo its been nice knowin ya)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Goodbye Res Life, Helllloooooo Motherhood

Today is my last day of work in Residence Life. Here's what I say to that: WAAHOOOOOOO!!!!

Yesterday was my very last day of check-ins ever. Here's what Viana and Brooke, my accompanying work pals, had to say about that behind my back: And here's what the numbers have to say about all of it:

1 year living in Chipman Hall as a freshman
2 years in Chipman Hall as an RA*
1 summer in Chipman as a CA*
1 year at the Cannon Center as a DA*
3 years at DT* as an HA*
1 year at WP* as an HA (sorta)
Yes, that's 8 years I had to plump up on cafeteria food.

*RA being resident assistant, CA being conference assistant, DA being desk attendant, DT, Deseret Towers, may she rest in peace, WP Wyview park and HA the infamous Hall Advisor

Speaking of the infamous Hall Advisor, so many people have asked over the years what exactly a Hall Advisor does. Well, after my very last check-ins ever yesterday, I felt like a lot of what we do has to deal with keys:As I prepare for motherhood, I took comfort in these numbers (hang tight, correlation to come):

7 student check-ins and 7 student check-outs, 3 of which dealing with 50 residents, the other 4 working with 264.

5 summers of conferences, to include:

13 weeks of conferences per summer

1 summer working with 120 campers each week

4 summers of working with 250 campers each week

1 summer working with only 4 weeks of conferences (that would be this summer, BOOYAH!) of 60 campers each week

1 summer of doing the key inventory for all of Helaman Halls, which is 1800+ keys...not to mention the door checks we did with that.

1 year at front desk coming to the aid of toweled and slippered locked out residents.

Each event listed above to include checking the key before individual is served, recording key before giving to individual, giving to the individual, collecting back from the individual, and double checking once individual is gone.

So, trust me on the math, but with roughly 5 contacts with a key per service, and with all of those situations of service, I have handled keys some 23,250 times over the years. (And yes, I even accounted for the help my RAs and CAs gave me through the keys I oversaw?? That numbers up in the 70,000's!)

That's a lot of keys.

And now you patient readers, here is how that relates to motherhood:

Pull out your clothes to get dressed.
Take them off.
Put them in the hamper.
Sort the clothes.
Put them in the washer.
Take them out and put them in the dryer.
Take them out of the dryer.
Fold them.
Put them away.

Repeat for your family every week for the next, oh, 60 years? Dealing only with laundry and eliminating the getting dressed step...The same shirts go through my fingers 21,840 times.

So thank you Residence Life for teaching me I can totally handle such a routine task (for example, one that I have done 23,350 times) as I set out to go do even more routine tasks (one shirt may happen 21,840 times, so imagine the dishes!!)

Friday, June 20, 2008

It has begun...

(Don't get too excited Kris and Sum, they'll still be plenty left for you to pack :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Friend-that-is-a-principal-at-a-middle-school-that-took-kids-to-Lagoon-at-the-end-of-the-year-with-leftover-tickets-that-expired-yesterday = FREE TRIP

That is right, what could have cost our family $120 in tickets cost only $8 for parking!! Waahoo!
Um, it was basically A BLAST!!

Eric and Viana on Ladybug Bop. Viana LOVED it.

Viana on "Dumbo"

Eric and Viana on the roller coaster. We have l'il thrill seeker on our hands.

Brooke and Eric on the Carousel.

Our trip did not go without certain tragedy though...

There we were loading onto the Ferris Wheel, one of our last rides of the day. Momma and Brooke were excited.

Viana was just about spent though.

So there we were at the very most tippity top point on the Ferris Wheel, enjoying the beautiful view from the top. Viana had her pacifier, since she was so tired and the day was almost least she did, until...

Well, when one turns around and bumps ones pacifier on the seat, one will get to watch with horror as it plummets down, down, down to the very bottom of the woodland beneath...

Don't worry though, it was nothing that couldn't be cheered by a good splash! (And a quick trip to Wal-mart for a new pacifier)

We had so much fun and are now even more excited for our Disneyland trip in July!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ya just never know

Luckily I had the camera out to catch this unexplained statement...

a) I never knew my mom was a silly girl (My mom is Meemaw)

b)I didn't know to be silly one had to gruffen up one's voice

c)And apparently wave around an elastic band

d)And scrunch up your nose

Who knew?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer is here!

What's your definition of summer?

Mine is: Parks and MOVING!

We are all set with dates and all now.
June 24th: last day of work for me!
June 25th: Close on our home (bar no disasters between now and then)
June 26th-27th: Eric and I are in Price, UT for meetings...girls stay at home with Meemaw, Grandbill, Krista and Summer--whilst these 4 wonderful family members pack up our house :)
June 28th: Fisnish any packing and cleaning
June 29th: Last Sunday in Oak Hills 2nd ward
June 30th: Moving truck comes!
July 1st or 2nd: Moving truck delivers to our new house!
July 3rd: Fly to Washington
July 4th-6th: Party like there's no tomorrow for 4th of July, my mom's birthday, and Brooke's first that order
July 7th: Drive all of Eric's stuff and other stuff provided by the Carters to Monroe
July 8th: Be real live people in our real live house!!!

Admisdst all of that, plenty of time at the park!! Brooke is a huge fan of parks, following closely in her sisters footsteps.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Can't help sharing this...

SO, with our impending move I have been removed from teaching the 10 year olds (sad day..I miss those lil' buggens) and am now helping out in the 4/5 year old class. Here is the story from Sunday (fair warning that it involves bathroom language):

Upon entering class I asked if any members were going to start kindergarten next year. 'Johny' said "Yes because I am FIVE!" Another member in the class tried to also say they would start kindergarten, but Johny shot them down with a "Nu-uh, you are only four. You have to be five like me." So began the wisdom of our resident 5-year old. Following came other pearls that grace you when you are 5.

Mid-way through class Johny needed a bathroom break, so we packed up the class and headed to the restroom. The girls all did their thing and were waiting by the drinking fountain. We waited a long time for the two boys in the class. I finally went down to the men's restroom, where a 4-year old member of the class, 'Billy', was holding the door open. Here follows their conversation:

Billy: Come on Johny!
Johny: It's stuck!
Billy: Is that because you're 5?
Johny: Yeah, when you're 5, your poop gets stuck.

So there you go. When needing that extra glass of grape juice in your future, just remember, you can blame it all on turning 5.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Happiness documented:

Eric dressed Viana and himself the other day to match. Best friends forever!
Brooke and I didn't match, but we wanted to take our pic too.

And here's what happens if you leave Viana unattended for too long: shirt off, deodorant on!! (Not that we take our shirts off to do this...I guess she just wanted to prove she was old enough to need deodorant by proving she could undress herself.)
The happy on-looker to this a good shot of her toofers!! (Don't think her mouth is on crooked, her teeth are just coming in left to right, so we're off centered for now)

And, here is my aspiring cinematographer...this is her first documentary:

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm growing up!

Remember when I wrote this?

It detailed my phone-phobia and lack of being able to call people, even though I'm supposedly a grown-up.

Well guess what? Buying a house has really matured me!!

In the past 24 hours I have called:

  1. Our realtor several times and dialouged with her on numerous subjects
  2. Our lender, and even used this new mortgage language with her that I'm slowly picking up
  3. Our insurance company to both update our auto policy and buy homeowner's insurance
  4. Our pediatricians office to schedule follow-up appointments, missed appointments, and find out how to get our records when we move
  5. Our movers to work out details and dates (which are still not really finalized, oh well)
  6. My mom

Not to mention I've done fax or email interchanges with:

  1. Our bank on multiple items, some not even related to house buying
  2. Our realtor...there are LOTS of things to sign when buying a house
  3. Our lender, again, hand-in-hand with the realtor
  4. Our HR rep to help us through two new hire processes
  5. My mom--really, she knows EVERYTHING
All of this done without the usual 5-10minute pep talk I usually give myself (including practiced conversation) before I call important people like this.

Hooray for me!! I deserve something delicious...