Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh how 4 days fly

Viana has been referring to anything in the future with the time scale of 4 days.

For example: "It's my birthday in 4 days (Dec. 7)" "When I wake up I can go to the football game in 4 days" "I can get married in the temple in 4 days" "I can have big [female anatomy term edited for blogging purposes] in 4 days".

And, as a 2 year old would know best, there are a lot of things that a mother promises her she can do when she is older or taller or bigger. So, my favorite, after I explain that she will have opportunities when she is bigger she looks up at me with her beautiful blue eyes and says, "When I am bigger in 4 days, but." (She throws 'but' on to the end of all her imploring statements.) I always reply, "Yes Viana, in 4 days."

And this morning as I was laying in bed I heard Viana get up, open Brooke's door, and exclaim to Brooke, "I am bigger today!" Normally Viana runs into my room first thing. But not today. She is bigger afterall. And what does a momma find a self-proclaimed big girl doing?
Sister bonding. So, for Viana, 4 days has passed, and she is bigger. And as I look at her I get a little teary and remember, that wasn't this only 4 days ago too?

(Notice Viana is wearing the shirt Brooke has on in the above pics)

Sometimes I think Motherhood is cruel, to speed up time on you like that. But I know that I can always remember this little girl

As I learn all about this big girl

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We are the RAMS (yeah!) from South Sevier (yeah!)

It's Fall outside. Which means only one thing. I am falling in love with Monroe even more. Here is the view from my deck--LOVE those golden aspens up there:Oh, but wait, I also love fall because if I turn my head just a bit I get this view too.
Hmm, that 'SS' on our mountain usually stands for South Sevier High School...but what is that faint trace to the left?? Well, in the bottom corner it says '08, from last years graduating class. But above that a letter 'A'?? It was much clearer this morning before all the seniors were excused from 6th and 7th periods to clean it up.

Yes my friends. Fall means Football. Football means rivalries. BYU and Utah? BEST FRIENDS compared to South Sevier High and Richfield High. And this Friday we meet up at home. (I already have my red shirt do all the kids at the high school).

A couple years ago I was watching the news and saw this image (don't look too close)along with the news story of teens hanging a sheep from their rivals football goal post. Grotesque! At the time I figured it was some Salt Lake school not recognizing the name...but nope, the 'A' in front of our 'SS' done by Richfield this year pales in comparison to THAT barbaric rivalry intimidation act (by the way, we beat them that year). Who knew that I was witnessing my very own future in that news story??

Basically I love football and I love my Rams. But I don't love that we are red yet. DHS and BYU I was TRUE BLUE. That's 11 years of cheering for blue. So our first SSH football game we threw for an awesome 40yd. TD. But I was only screaming in frustration that our ball had been picked was only after I realized that everyone around me was cheering that I remembered I like the red team!! (AKA, I am SOOOOO used to cheering for blue and AGAINST red that if the red guy caught it, it must have been bad.)

So as the awaited Richfield vs. South Sevier game draws closer, all I can say is: GO RAMS!
P.S. I have cute daughters.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why I'm having a great day

And I got asked out on a date! It's the new seminary teacher in town...he's so dreamy...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Living Christ

After a great Stake Conference and an unspoken challenge from our visiting General Authority Elder Moon, Eric and I memorized "The Living Christ" tonight.

(click to read document)
What a powerful testimony of our Savior. Spending the 4 hours memorizing this tonight really brought the Spirit into our home. I remember when my mom memorized this a few years ago, I thought she was amazing (and she is). But tonight I did it, and so did Eric, and we now's do-able!! We will have to repeat it all week to make sure it's nice and sunk in, but we are so thankful for the words of our prophets!
Elder Moon shared many stories of individuals who had memorized this document that were so inspiring, we think all of you could feel the blessings of memorizing this as well. If nothing else go read will strengthen your testimony of and relationship with the Savior.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Here's some ideas for dinner!

So, I think the hardest part about cooking is deciding what to make and just making the same things again and again. In an effort to give back to the cooking world, here's a list of everything I've made (for the most part). Hopefully it will spark some ideas for dinner for you! Maybe you have your own recipe that you've forgotten about, or, if you want to try mine just comment on a dish and I'll leave it under you comment!
Chicken Parmesana
Sloppy Joes & Onion rings
Sante Fe Chicken
Quiche Lorraine
Hoagie Sandwiches
Pea Casserole
Egg Drop Soup
Parmesan Chicken (diff. than chix parmesana)
Hawaiin Haystacks
Meatballs and Noodles
Layered Enchalada Pie
Tatertot casserole
Grape chicken salad
Chicken Squares
Hamburger Helper
Steak and rice
Sausage and fried potatoes
Chicken and rice
Saghetti Squash
Chicken wings...mmm
Chicken Alfredo
L'il cheddar meat loaves

Yum! Cooking is so fun!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm accepted!

It's officially been 2 months since I started the cooking chapter of my life. According to Eric I've made 56 out of 56 good meals. But I was still anxious that I wasn't a true member of the cooking world. But look!! My kitchen loves me!
Yep, my cookie sheet branded me. I'm official and my kitchen is proud to call me it's own.

(Next time I'm going to request that my cookie sheet get a cool brander like one of these. A strait line is so boring...)

And Viana wanted to show off her owwie's from our hike last weekend.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Heaven on Labor Day

A little bit of labor...

A little bit of day...
A lotta bit of Heaven...

(Our house is the last house on the left that you can't see, but it's behind that big big big green tree.)