Sunday, November 23, 2008

Giddy? Yes, that would be me.

One hidden talent I've discovered about myself since I've started my real life is that I love to host house guests.

For example:
In August our dear friends the Truman's came for a night. Our little girls were thrilled to be reunited,and to have their very own sleep-over,while we parents celebrated Harry Potter's belated birthday, butter-beer style,and then journeyed the 23 minutes to Cove Fort for, well, Cove Fort Days. Then in September our dear friends the Croppers came for an afternoon visit. This of course included me sweatin' out a meal for one of the finest cooks I know (Mr. Feed Your Family) (though see down in the lower left of this pic...housewarming gift from these Croppers...and what a JOY it is!)

and more joyful reunitation of childhood pals.

October brought us the Lees. A wonderful General Conference with these newlyweds and their root-beer,
but mostly we just put Russ to work trimming our trees.

The Lees have even been back since then for a repeat performance.
Not to mention daytrips from my sister Jamie and the world's cutest baby...Ally, and a surprise visit from my mom and Charina.
So what is the meaning behind the sharing of this goodness??
Well, it's purpose is two-fold:
1. To leave you hanging in suspense 'til my next post to see if it may have been a foreshadowing of what is to come this Thanksgiving week. What will the Carter's do this first Thanksgiving holiday in their nice new house? Why am I giddy? Stay tuned my friends...
2. To entice you and convince you that you too should come and become a legacy of the Carter house guest list. It must be an enjoyable experience, because if the Lees and my mom have been more than once, then it must be magical.
And anyway, I love to share the piece of Heaven that is Monroe with those I love.

Happy Thanksgiving...and remember, I could be extending this house guest story in the near future...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Vaca report

Hi bloggin' world. Sorry I've been totally snubbin' you lately. Vacation relaxed me to the point of the shirking of all cares. And here is how relaxing it was...

(Brooke survived on grapes and cheetos at Meemaw's house)

But now I am back. And glad to be (I mean really, who can beat Monroe??)