Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday gowns and Sunday crowns :)

Cute pictures of the girls this morning before Church.

-So during our Sacrament Meeting today Viana and I had an interesting conversation. I was trying to remind her that we need to think of Jesus when we take the sacrament:

Viana: Daddy, where is Jesus?
Me: He's in heaven with . . .
Viana: Are you Jesus?
Me: No. . .
Viana: No, you're Eric Carter!!
-It was a farewell today so it was packed and plenty of people heard it.

Then we drove out to a different ward where two former students of mine from last year were having their farewells together. There's a town park right next to the church, so she saw it as we were leaving and wanted to go play on the playground, which was most of our conversation on the drive home.

Viana: Daddy, I want to play at the toy park!! (little whine to the tone of her voice)
Me: Maybe a different day, but not today. It's Sunday.
Viana: No. Today!!
Me: Viana, it's cold and rainy and the toy park is all wet. We'll go when it's not so cold.
Viana: I want to go to the toy park. We can wear our coats.
Me: But sweetheart, it's Sunday and we want to show Jesus that we love Him, by not going to the toy park today.
Viana: But, Jesus will come too!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sorry to everyone for the lack of posts....We've been running around a lot, and are out of breath. But our boys basketball team is 13-0...Yeah! Go Rams!!