Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dear world, here's some inspiration

So, yesterday I left my family at 5:30 AM to ride on a school bus for 3 hours to get to Moab for a track meet.

It was a wonderful day with great happenings and much fun had by all. Especially me, the crazy pregnant coach who runs around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to see every person do every event. I love it.

And especially Wyatt.

The track coach is also the wrestling coach (an AMAZING wrestling coach) so most of the wrestlers also do track out of love for Coach and training for next year's wrestling season. Wyatt is this wonderful freshman who is a wrestler.Wyatt is on the baseball team, but when he can, comes to compete at track meets. As such, he kind of just does whatever event we tell him to. Last week was the two mile. That's 8 laps of the track. He loved the first two laps of that race. But that was all. So yesterday he decided to try the 800meter (2 laps).

Seeing as how he is on the baseball team he doesn't get to practice "running" at all. So basically he's a young kid with a great heart and courage to try anything but not so much one who is prepared or trained to run track. As we were all kind of joking around with him about his upcoming 800 I said, "Just win it!" Everyone laughed. And I said, "No really, you can win it!" More 'yeah rights' and 'no ways'. Wyatt said, "I can't win it" And I said, "Why not?? Give me one reason why you can't be the winner. You might as well be, so go out there and win it!"

Well, the gun sounded and off went Wyatt. Third place around the first lap, and as he passed me I'm screaming my head off, "YOU CAN WIN IT!! YOU CAN WIN IT!!" Sure enough, about 200m from the finish line Wyatt kicks it into high gear...passes one guy, and then the next. He's tearing down the straightway in first place. I am screaming, "YOU CAN WIN IT! YOU CAN WIN IT!!" He crosses the finish line, wins, and I run onto the track (not totally allowed, oh well) with arms raised in the air, high-fiving the heck out of him, still screaming, "YOU DID WIN IT!! YOU WON! YOU WON!"

It was AMAZING. Not to mention right after that another wrestler/baseball player qualified for state in the long jump (my baby) (the event, not the person). I told Coach I could die happy right there, right then.

So world, be inspired by Wyatt. Whatever daunting race you are facing in your life, be it an old challenge or a new one, "YOU CAN WIN IT!" I mean really, who's gonna stop you, but you??

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So our little Brooke is growing up so quick! She is such a joy. We've been having fun with nicknames for her. I love when Viana calls her "Brookie", it's adorable! Because she's so cute, she's even dubbed the name, Cuteness, which has now morphed into "Super Duper Cuteness!" Her middle name Talei means "precious" and so that is also used as a nickname. But the one that's hardest to figure out how to spell is ....well that's just the thing, I don't know how to spell it and have you read it with the same pronunciation. Basically, the etymology of this nickname is just from Brookers. But now, you maintain the "B", drop the "R", and (here's the hard part) maintain the vowel sound, then change the "K" to a "D", and keep the "ers". So it's Booders. Nah, that'd be Boo-ders. Then maybe Booters, no that's more like "Boot-ers". Buders...Budders...How about Bouders?...I don't know. It's intense. Any way you spell it, she's still Super Duper Cute!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tennis anyone?

Spring time brings to the Carters a couple of passions: High School Track and Men's tennis seasons.

And that is wonderful because we live in Monroe. As such, we have a humble 2A high school where everybody knows your name. And so, when the weather threatens to turn warm, Eric can say, "I would like to help out with the tennis team" and CJ can say "I would like to be the assisstant coach for the track team" and they will open their arms with warm welcome and say "YES! Please, we would love it if you could share your passions with us."

Now, mind you, these are not jobs, we are not paid, and it is just FUN FUN FUN. (Will I be in a bad mood for even a millisecond in the next two months?? HECK NO!) (For anyone who didn't know me in HS, Track was my LIFE, and now Eric patiently sits through my three-hour recount of a one-hour practice. But he knows all the kids I talk about, so he likes it). SO, Eric and I still carry on in our full time jobs of seminary teacher and mother, respectively.

And here is proof.

After an exhilarating day of track practice I headed home, proud of my newly-donned coaches stop-watch (they treat me nice around here). Driving out of the parking lot I see that tennis practice is still going. I notice my suit-clad husband (seminary teacher, duh) rocketing serves over the nearest net. I pull over, give smooches to my adorble daughters, and parade onto the court to show Eric my awesome new stop-watch. (The little things always thrill me). Eric's in the middle of teaching serving techniques. He goes through the slo-mo labeling all his moves. When he gets to the wrist flick at the end of a serve, the conversation went as so:

Eric: You want to make sure you have good prostration here. See this, that's prostration. (as he flicks his wrist).

Coach: Ok everyone, did you just hear that word Bro. Carter used? (And yes he says "Brother"--remember, seminary teacher :) Prostra...wait, it's not prostration. It's PRONATION.

Eric then slaps his forehead and everyone gives a loud chuckle. Except for me, I'm giving a hearty ROAR.

Need help from Webster?

Prostration:"stretched out with face on the ground in adoration or submission"
Pronation: "rotation of the hand and forearm so that the palm faces backwards or downwards"

Someone says, "Isn't prostration like prayer?" Another, "No wonder you're the seminary teacher"

Yes my friends, even when acting the part of a savage beast on the tennis court, Eric is still a religion teacher by nature.

And me? Yes, I am still a mom as my pristine stop-watch bounces rhythmically off the bulge in my belly as I walk. Or in other words, yes, I am still a mom as I gestate the little 15-week babe in my womb out on the field. Or in other words, Sept. 6, 2009-ish will find us welcoming the newest track and tennis(a religous one at that) star around.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

1 year ago today!!!

It's been a year since we got the best 7am morning phone call of our lives (Read about it here for a reminder). It has been a year since that beginning of our adventure in Monroe, the town and community that we absolutely love. We hope for many more years to come. More detailed account here of the whole account, in case you forgot that story or never heard it or just wanted to re-read it; it's a pretty good story! Thanks Monroe, Ut. We love you! And I love being a seminary teacher!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Maybe we should move...

"A sports-related curse is the effective action of some power or evil, that is used to explain the failures or misfortunes of specific sports teams, players, or even cities. Teams, players, and cities often cite a "curse" for many negative things, such as their inability to win a sports championship, or unexpected injuries" (Wikipedia).

We seem to have brought a sports curse to our favorite and beloved South Sevier High School. Not real? Well, here's just a couple of examples of pretty famous sports-related curses.

"Curse of the Bambino
Main article:
Curse of the Bambino
Some allege that there was a curse placed on the Boston Red Sox, who failed to win a World Series after 1918, apparently due to the trading of Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees. Before the trade, the Red Sox won 4 titles in 7 years (1912-1918). After the trade, the Yankees have gone on to win 26 World Series Championships"(Wikipedia).

"Madden Curse
Main article:
Madden Curse
Players who appear alone on the covers of the Madden NFL video games have tended to suffer setbacks or injuries immediately after appearing on the cover" (Wikipedia).

A couple of examples of the Madden curse include Michael Vick, who the season in which he appeared on the cover broke his leg, actually during the preseason. Shaun Alexander fractured toe, the same season in which he was Madden's cover boy. Donovan Mcnabb experienced the same fate, tearing his ACL.

Well, if nothing else I've at least convinced you that I believe in these sports-related curses. We were so happy to move to Monroe and to be able to go to school activities to watch the students that we know and love. We have tried really hard to be supportive of our sports teams and been there to cheer them on. Many a night we have returned home without much of a voice left. Yet, since our arrival the South Sevier Rams have been unable to capture a state title.
This season our high school teams have collected 4 second place state trophies. Quite an amazing feat in and of itself. And I applaud them. However, in each case, these teams were that close to bringing home the title, and maybe they would have if we weren't here. It began with volleyball. Our girls were amazing! They came into the championship game matched up with their long-time rival, the Richfield Wildcats. The teams had met in 4 times this season before then. The Lady Rams won the battle at a tournament in St. George. The next matchup came in Richfield in an epic battle to last the ages. It went five games, Richfield coming out on top. Next was home, at South Sevier, where each game was close, but Richfield, I think, won it in 3. Then, the Sevier Valley Center had a tournament, which is in Richfield, and for the championship guess who it came down to...Yeah, you guessed it, Richfield vs. South Sevier. Intense, close crazy game, yet Richfield took that title. So the state tournament bracket was set up and we pretty much knew who that would come down too. The Rivalry...for the State Championship. Now, just in case you aren't convinced of how intense this rivalry is here's an example: I went to the church for a church basketball game. There were some little 6 or 7 year-old boys playing around up on the stage where I was awaiting my game to start. Instead of playing cowboys and Indians, they were playing Rams and Wildcats. "No, you're the Wildcats this time!" It was hilarious. The championship game was packed. Richfield and South Sevier, which High Schools are only separated by about 10 miles, had fans filling in the David O Mckay events center in Orem eager to watch this legendary battle. The game did not disappoint. It certainly was one for the ages. South Sevier started out a tad bit rusty and allowed Richfield a lead that turned out to be too much, even after SS started to get into their groove. 1st game, went to Richfield. But in their groove, the South Sevier lady Rams were. They played as we knew they were capable of and went on to win the next two games and had a good lead in the third. The Richfield players were dejected, even the look on their coach's face was admitting defeat. Our girls' had it. Then, the 2A MVP, Aubrey Lindgren of South Sevier came down on a Richfield player's foot and hurt her ankle. Life and hope sparked in Richfield's eyes. Which gave them enough to come back and win that game as well as the next.

A picture of the all-star volleyball team. Girls from Richfield and South Sevier, with other girls as well. Aubrey is in shorts and t-shirt, not playing b/c of her ankle injury. 12 red=Jadie Parsons, 15 red=Kensi Hunt, 13 red=Kaili King.

Our drill team had won 2 previous state championships. They swept Millard in a competition at UVU winning all three dance routines. These girls, the South Sevier Sensations, took first place in region. It was looking like a 3-peat was in their future. The state competition was at UVU and our girls danced great. They announced the winners of the first routine. Millard--2nd place. 1st place--South Sevier. And then, on the next routine they went through the winners (they start with fifth and go all the way to first) second place--South Sevier. First place--Millard. So at this point we were tied, with the results coming for one more routine. We would need first. We were pretty confident since we'd taken first at that earlier competition, but this was a different set of judges. All we were hoping to hear was second place Millard, however, it was South Sevier. Which meant, Millard had won the State Championship.

Boys' Basketball season ended with only one loss and South Sevier as Region Champs. We entered the state tournament as a number one seed. They played on Friday night against another number one seed (three regions in the 2A state tournament) and had an incredible game. A junior, Dillon Bishoff, [Mckay Blackburn #23 going for a board, and #2 Rhett Anderson looking on in the background]
was on fire, hitting 5 three-pointers and finishing with 26 points, 2 of those were from a fast-break slam. Mckay Blackburn,also a junior, played like a beast down low and also scored 20 points, 4 of which were awesome dunks. But, it was almost as if they'd put it all out there in that game and just didn't have it in the championship. They were pretty cold shooting most of them game. Huge efforts were made to keep us in the game, but not enought to take the lead. And North Summit, the same team that knocked us out of the football tournament on their way to winning that state championship, had won another ring.

Girls' Basketball was also in the hunt for a 3-peat. They had a great season, finishing second in region, behind none other than an undefeated Richfield Lady Wildcats team. Both previous encounters were close and intense, and never have high school gyms been more crowded for girls basketball than in those two games. There was little doubt as two which two teams would be playing for this title. And it played out as predicted, Richfield vs. South Sevier. 3 of our starting five were also starters on the volleyball team and a few of theirs were too. One of those starters from South Sevier [picture=Stephanie Bishoff with ball, Jacee Curtis looking on]made a great defensive play and went down on her knee, a knee that Stephanie Bishoff had injured last season, and was unable to return. However, South Sevier led the entire game. Richfield tied it with a 3 at 16-16 only for our own Jadie Parson's to answer with a three of her own. But Richfield never left. They hung around and they hit their free-throws. It was free-throws that tied the game with only 52 seconds left in regulation. We held for a last shot attempt. We missed, got the miss and missed the put back. Richfield rebounded and called a time out with 2.5 seconds left. We stole their inbounds and Aubrey Lindgren heaved an almost halfcourt shot which missed. Richfield still never led through the first overtime, but they were able to tie it. That overtime lost us our starting wing, Jacee Curtis on what some might call a controversial call, but that would give the ref too much credit. He must not have had a good angle. And Wildcats didn't give up they kept it tied. Their first lead of the game came in the second overtime which lost us Jadie Parsons, our team's leading scorer, to fouls. With now our two leading scorers out and three of our starters, Richfield, was able to hold their lead for the championship.

So, we're thinking, maybe we should move. The Brother Carter curse is strong. Second place is really nothing to be ashamed of. But getting so close and knowing what you could have had is hard. But, that is a part of sports. And apparantley, so are curses. Teams, I'm sorry. :)