Thursday, May 28, 2009

5 years

Remember how it's already been 5 years since Eric and I got married? Who does that? Who lets us do that? We were BABIES!!

And it's even easier to see what babies we were when I see what babies my sisters were!

Regardless of how young were (hey, I had graduated from college) I am so glad we did get married!
I mean, when we had our General Authority interview with Elder Lund I stuck my finger up in the air and with emphatic sincerity declared, "I have the perfect husband," when Elder Lund asked if my husband treated me the way he should. And you can't lie to a general authority. It's very true. Eric is a PERFECT husband.

5 best years of my life? DUH.

And am I so happy when students call me from the seminary building to ask me if Eric and I ever fight and I can say NOPE? Yes. (They didn't believe me and so they tried to trick me, and they said, but what about last night? hoping I would think Eric had said we had a fight the night before, and I still say, um, nope, no fights in our house.)

So, here is a picture of us from our Cinco de Mayo celebration that we had at 11pm in our bed 23 days ago (close enough to our anniversary, right?) And I feel much older and fatter and wiser, but I bet in 5 more years I will see this picture and I will say, "Who let these BABIES be married for 5 years??"

Happy Anniversary Eric, I love you!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Thank you for being the best momma anyone could ever ask for. You are the best. And as Viana put it, "You're our dream come true!!"

Love; Viana, Brooke and baby brother

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Orphan child

I'm sure most of you parents out there can relate to this: You start out the day with a nicely dressed, combed, clean child.

Then the day happens.

And you end the day with a filthy, disheveled pile of hair for a child. Am I right?

When I was younger, my sisters had the BEST imaginations in the world, so coupled with childhood and our mounds of dress-up clothes we would often go out in public and they would be living the life of Russian immigrants or Bluebeard pirates or whatever the story of the day was, and my parents would say, "I'm glad we brought the orphans with us today."

Lately I've found that my daughter does not fall too far from the tree of her aunts...I consider this important to her development of her autonomy, right? Though sometimes I should probably whip out the comb and a washcloth and control her outfit choices a little more closely.

That's one cute orphan!!!

And if you want a delightful morning, then spend the night with the world's cutest neice while her parents are out anniversary-ing, and you can wake up to this:
Happy Cinco de Mayo friends!