Sunday, June 28, 2009


Disney and Pixar have had some great side characters in their movies. Characters that fill a comic relief, add diversity and complexity to the story, and just make the movie better. One voice actor in particular has done some great stuff for Pixar movies. His name is Bob Peterson. He comes from within Pixar as a story writer and even a co-director, so his role as voice actor is actually a side role. He has given voice to some memorable characters, including Mr. Ray, the fast-talking science explorer from Finding Nemo and Roz the seemingly grouchy, disgruntled paper filer for Monster's Inc. My favorite line from Mr. Ray is when Nemo and his dad are having a bit of a disagreement and he says: "THERE'S--> nothing to see." And Roz, a favorite of mine to attempt to impersonate, "Wazowski, you didn't file your paper work."

Pixar's newest is no exception, Bob Peterson brings to life a great side character, which hopefully you've already met (if not in the theaters, at least in a preview): Dug!

An obvious favorite (although not my ultimate favorite of his) is: Squirrel!

I don't want to say too much of this wonderful character so as not to spoil anything for those who haven't seen it. But, if you have not seen this delightful, meaningful adventure that is UP, it's not too late. Get out and see it. Let this beautiful film take you to new heights.

And be happy about it! :)

I was purposefully limited in the number of characters I listed, but who are some of your favorite side characters??