Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not much better than a GREAT-grandpa!

My grandpa made a quick 16 hour stop at our house on Monday to drop off my sister Jamie's stuff to be stored in our garage til they can get it on their move to California. The benefit...a day for the girls with their great-grandpa! Viana and Brooke absolutely LOVE their great-grandpa. Viana said, "You have to stay at our house." Grandpa said, "Why?" Viana replied, "Because I love you!" After a through the night drive, and with one looming ahead of him, Grandpa still played all afternoon with Viana and Brooke. We are so glad he was able to play!!

Today was a notable day in Brooke's life: Her first haircut...if that's what you can even call it!! She has such thin stringy hair it needed a little trim. Remember when I cut Viana's hair and it filled the dustpan? Not so much with Brooke. But she was very proud and she sure looks cute! And, I am just waiting for brother to come. I'm dialated to a 2, so nothing that exciting, but my blood pressure is a little high, so I am having a non-stress test tomorrow...maybe we will learn more about when this little guy will make his debut then!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My new favorite family picture

I just think it is fun artistically speaking...and Eric is really cute. This was our FHE to Fish Lake the other evening. It's 'the' recreation spot around these parts. It was the most relaxing and enjoyable evening. It was then I decided I'm ready for baby brother to come. It was so serene and renewing; here are a few more of the 75 pics we took total that evening :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Proud Weekend

I have 3 girls of whom I am ridiculously proud of this weekend...and I am related to all 3. They each completed amazing accomplishments and life-time firsts and I am inspired and impressed by each one!!

First, my sister Jamie. She GRADUATED FROM BYU!!! Now, certainly thousands do this every year, but did they all do it with a one-year old?? No, but my sister DID! I am SOOOOOOO proud of her. We couldn't make it in time to see her walk, but we did make it in time for my brother-in-law LaDon to walk (and say the closing prayer at his colleges commencement, which meant we got VIP seats on the Marriott Center floor...very cool...that also meant Jamie got to sit up on the stand with him, which meant I got to hold the world's cutest niece Ally the whole time...and she was an angel, as were our two girls!) And here is one of the many reasons why I love my sister Jamie: I was congratulating her for the ump-teenth time and she said with every ounce of joy and excitement in her soul, "Now I get to be a full-time stay at home mom!" What a great example of priorities and excitement for motherhood.
Jamie with a cap on...I missed her with a gown, but she really did it! Ally with her cute cap on...I missed her with her gown on too!Jamie and LaDon before it started.Ally and her soon-to-be cousin sleeping through the whole thing. Angel baby!LaDon with some pretty awesome hat hair...for you dad...Jamie and LaDon when all was said and done. Those are some genuine smiles!
Second, my sister Krista. See this huge 14,000 ft mountain? She ran up it on Saturday. That's right, 13.3 miles, with a 7,000 ft increase in elevation, with the last 2,000 ft of elevation rise above the tree line. Basically it's a race for CRAZY people. And AMAZING people. 1600 crazy people ran it; my sister (all 17 years of herself) finished 599th! 120th for women. 4th in her age division. She ran it in a blazing time of 4 hours and 3 minutes. WOW. What an AMAZING life accomplishment. And now she's qualified to run the marathon (up and then back down that huge mountain)! Good job Kris!

Third, my daughter Viana. She gave her very first talk in Primary today. She helped to write it, and we practiced plenty, but I just wasn't sure how her shy side would do when the time came to perform. I was totally prepared for a silent or crying child. But...she did AWESOME!!! She "read" her talk all by herself and it was MARVELOUS. I was so so so proud of her. She was charming and sincere and her message was great.
(Translation: My name is Viana. I love the temple. My family went to see the show at the Manti temple. My favorite part of the show was when Jesus came and when the Angel Moroni was on top of the temple. Temples are important. Temples make families forever. My momma and daddy got married in the Seattle temple. When I grow up I want to get married in the temple. If we are good and choose the right we can go to the temple. This makes Heavenly Father and Jesus happy. This is a picture of Brooke and my daddy holding me at the Manti temple. I love the temple. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.)

Proud I am (and of course when I say proud, I mean the humble kind so as not to be prideful :)). I have some amazing family members.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sevier County Fair

Last year I was really excited to go to our county fair. I figured living in a more rural farming community it would have to be fairly top-notch. I couldn't have been more wrong. It was pretty much the sorriest show for a fair I've ever seen. We still loved the experience, but this year when we heard there had been some improvements made to our fair ground, we were pretty excited to go check it out.

We were not disappointed!! Our fair has stepped up to the next level! (It still has plenty of room for growth we can continue to be excited for the years to come!)

They had a toddler driving school this year...big hit with our girls. It was even hosted by the fair royalty and the more exposure we get to princesses, the better.
They had a "Farmer for a day" activity. The girls got to pick apples, get eggs from (stuffed) hens and dig up potatoes, then sell them at the "market." They enjoyed that.
We got to see your typical livestock. Except all we really saw was bunnies, chickens and sheep. By the time we went they had already auctioned off all the pigs and cows and horses, etc.
And, my favorite part...One of my life goals (the main one in fact) is to see a bear in nature from a safe distance (I added that last part on there fairly recently). Feel free to rub it in that you have seen a bear in nature, because I feel like the only human being alive who hasn't seen a bear in nature. And although this was not nature, we did see The Great Bear Show bears in their touring habitat. It was pretty neat-o.
And of course the girls' favorite part was the bouncy slide. Spent a good 20 minutes going up and down this toy...for a good $5. Whose idea was it to charge $2.50 per kid to go up and down their inflate-a-slide anyway? Oh well, it was money well spent, the girls' LOVED it.
Last but not least, the on-lookers' favorite part was watching our 3 year old ride the Army's free mechanical bull. The shots a little dark, which I'm glad for...I'll let you assume those screams are of pure joy since you can't see the terror in her face. I promise she was SUPER SUPER SUPER excited to do this, right up until she actually got on the crazy contraption.

So, although I can guarantee you your county fair was better than ours...I can also say, my county fair THIS year was a MILLION times better than my county fair LAST year! Thanks Sevier county for the improvement!! We loved it!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

2 more things to celebrate!!

July 31st, what a great day! My wonderful, amazing wife brought Butterbeer for a post Summer Seminary treat to celebrate Harry Potter's birthday. It was awesome! I said to one of the students, "It's not everyday you get to celebrate the birthday of a fictitious character!!" Viana was pretty bummed that we were celebrating his birthday and he wasn't even there with us. But that's exactly what we did. That evening we returned to our Richfield theater for a second viewing of the Half-Blood Prince. It was awesome!! We had tons of fun celebrating Harry's day, thanks for giving him your birthday Jo (JK Rowling).

Another exciting event of our weekend came in the mail...Results from the Miller's Analogy Test. This test, the MAT, is a test that is accepted by the Master's Program (Secondary Education) that I'm applying for. The school requires you to score in the 40th percentile in order to be accepted. I had a goal of scoring in the 60th percentile. After taking the test I felt pretty confident that I did well enough for the 40%, but wasn't sure about the 60%. I opened up the letter Saturday morning and the first thing I saw was a readmission ticket to retake the exam. Then, I thought, "Well, maybe that's standard." I turned the letter over and found the page that had "score" written on it. My mouth dropped in shock. CJ walked over and looked concerned by my reaction. I said nothing. Only pointed down at the score. 90th percentile. She couldn't believe it either! So we were excited.
On another good note. CJ is doing good!! There was a potential preeclampsia scare earlier in the week, but her blood pressure has been going down and we got 5 more weeks til baby brother comes.

To celebrate? We cleaned the house. But then for dinner we went to a new Mexican restaurant that just opened in Richfield and had a great time. Fun stuff!