Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lessons from preschool

Viana is having a grand time in preschool. She really loves it and she has such a great teacher and a great class. This week one of their themes was bees (to go along with the letter B). As you may guess, during song time they learned the classic "I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee". Viana sang this song all day long and I was a mother with a proud heart. So there I was, sitting on my couch, and in comes from Viana from outside, singing her little song to me, hand motions included...I smile along and nod as she sings "Won't my mommy like it" (her version of won't my mommy be so proud of me). She then opens her hands to reveal the usual pretend bee...and lo and behold, she brought home a bumblee bee, that was actually a yellow jacket!!! It was dead, as she informed me she squished it first. Oh man, Jamie and I DIED laughing!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ram's blessing...

...was horribly documented by us. I am ashamed at my non-family history performance since the birth of our very own son! So, devoid of any blessing pictures (it should have been the perfect time to take a good looking family picture...) I will record the fact that it happened. The blessing was great and we had all of both of our immediate families here minus 7 people. It was awesome!

And Ram is still Mr. Amazing. And HOPEFULLY this week we can put up a million pictures of this cutest cute boy!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

South Sevier Homecoming

I just love homecoming week at South Sevier High. There's the window paintings on the local stores, the assemblies that my husband gets to take part in (twinkie eating contest!), the homecoming royalty pageant, the parade, and the football game!
The girls of course love the parade the most, because even though it is only two blocks long in it's entirety (see picture below) they still get PLENTY of candy. Yeah, that's 13 floats altogether. The new seminary teacher's wife wanted to know what time the parade started. "1:30" we said. "And if you get there at 1:37 it will already be over."
We love to see our daddy on the faculty float. That's a live action shot of Daddy throwing Brooke a lollipop. :)The football game was great! Our football team is so great this year. We are now (10/07/09) 7-0!! And we are ranked number one in the state. This doesn't intrigue Brooke too much. Can you see how that is the game in the background? She is just as pleased to sit on the bleacher picking at her blanket. This picture cracks me up.But the half-time show was great! I LOVE how they light up our SS's. We take no lesson from BYU who uses boring old light bulbs to light up the Y. We use FLAMES! And that is the royalty...minus Orion and Logan who were in fact in the locker room at the time. And the greatest part of half-time was the 100 yard dash for $100. When the announced the winners of the raffle to participate, a B.R. Carter was called. Which of course meant Bro. Carter, seeing as how several of Eric's students said they had entered in his name on their raffle tickets. The announcer must have assumed the 'o' of Bro was a really big period and called out B.R. :) Anyway, when Eric got down there to race it was him, and 9 kids between the ages of 4 and 14. He did not feel comfortable actually racing these itty-bitty's so instead he scooped up the 4-year old little girl after the race started and ran down the field with her. He said she giggled the whole way. No $100, but a happy little girl. What a nice husband I have. :) Eric is in the red shirt in this video.

So, there you go, another successful and fun filled homecoming week for the Rams!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ram's first bath

My son will feel loved when he grows up. He is the third child, and yet here we have documented his first bath. It took us until he was three weeks old to give it to him, but hey, we have pictures. How did he like it? Well, not so much. I really like this picture. Maybe I'm just his mom, but see his little forehead wrinkles? They're cute.First of all, he hated getting back in his birthday suit.He was very skeptical with his first dip in the water.And this is his "I've had it and I'm about to let out a very manly howl" face.Basically, it was the quickest baby bath I've ever given since both of the girls have always LOVED baths. And they still do...they were glad it was quick so they could get Ram out of the way to make room for their dolls :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

3 for 3

I dedicate this post to my dad. Growing up with 5 girls was at times quite emotional. I was the oldest, so really, in my at home years, there was still just a lot of babies going on. But still, tears were common. My dad's goal was to catch 5 out of 5 of us crying at the same time. I can remember times when 3 of us would be crying and Dad would say, "Quick, someone go pinch Summer and steal Jamie's napkin." Or something of that sort. Rarely there would be 4 of us crying...that was a moment. And then, I think one time in my memory, we actually had all 5 of us crying at the same time. I am glad I have the type of parents who could laugh about out of control situations like this. I'm sure 5 out of 5 crying could create anger or insanity in some. But my parents (mom totally included in this fun game) found hilarity in it.

Today we had a mission farewell for one of Eric's former students in a town an hour away. We made it all the way there (we may or may not have had a run in with an officer of the law), made it all the way through the meeting (we may or may not have had a very stinky Brooke on our hands), and then we almost made it all the way home (we may or may not have had to cross over an 8500 ft mountain pass). About 20 minutes from home Brooke just gives up. Very out of character for her she starts a-cryin'. Unsure why at first I finally decided that her ears are probably plugged from the elevation change. Unable to soothe her she wakes up Ram. He starts a-howlin'. 2 for 3. Are you excited? Then about 10 minutes before home Viana decides her sister and brother are getting WAY more attention than she is...that is right, cue the 3 for 3 crying moment.

Now 2 for 2, not bad at all. It probably happened every day. But when you throw in a third child--wow. 3 for 3 is no small feat. I just started cracking up. I couldn't help just laughing and laughing at my 3 babies all workin' out their tear ducts in the back of the van. It triggered precious childhood memories of my families excitement of reaching a 100% moment.

It really was thrilling. And everyone really did survive. Oh, except did I mention that we brought Orion with us to the farewell? He bravely endured this ride...but I don't know if he survived. For this 17 year-old boy, solid as he may be, having 3 kids is way, way, WAY in his future...if ever...after this experience :)

I am still too tired to decide if the third child really is "the breaker" as 98% of moms have told me. All I know is, I LOVE IT.

And I love this picture. I have sleeping pictures of Eric with the girls as newborns. He is snuggled up with them and they are safely nuzzled into their Daddy--tender precious moments. Now we have a son. This is a man picture. This is how men sleep.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just because he's cute!

(not that he has to play football at all when he grows up, but if he does, he can look back on these and it will be cute!)

Ram has had a busy 12 days! He's been to a football game, a cross country meet, a volleyball game, and even a meeting with Elder Christofferson! We sure love him a lot!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Who goes to school??!?

I know, I can't believe it either. My little Viana princess is in Pre-school; which she loves by the way! She has really enjoyed it these first two times (Tues/Thurs) and is looking forward to another week of it. It's great timing because it's something special for her. And she also loves the fact that she is a big girl who goes to Pre-school.Her awesome backpack that her mom "Viana-ified"!! Way to go Ceej!!She sure was ready to go!No problems saying goodbye.I was pretty excited that I got to walk her to school on her first day.She ran right back......happy and excited!

When day two came she knew right what to do. This picture was her idea :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Details

If you like details, pick a post and read on! If not, know that Ram is named after two great men from our lives with a plethora of other enhancing and deep meanings, the labor and delivery was awesome, his sisters absolutely adore him, and we have been surrounded by loving family and friends!

What's in a name?

The labor and delivery story

The sisters' first visit

Home and visitors

Sunday, September 6, 2009

What's in a name?

As you may have noticed we love to have rich, meaning filled names in our family. Ram is no exception. We have had this name picked out since before we knew whether Brooke was going to be a girl or a boy, and our love for the name has only increased since Ram popped out being the perfect match for it!

Eric and I share a best friend. Isn't it fun when you can have a best friend to share with your husband? It is rare I think, so we find ourselves very blessed. His name is BJ, and if you've known us for awhile, you'll also know BJ. Eric and BJ were college roommates their freshman year. When BJ got off his mission and back to BYU Eric and I were already dating, so I got to know BJ then, and the 3 of us were best friends. BJ and Eric have years of memories, and when I came into the picture we increased those memories ten-fold. For me, BJ is one of my favorite people in the whole world. I love him for a million reasons, as does Eric. He is a great person and I wish everyone could know BJ the way we do. Perhaps I can dedicate an entire post to some of these favorite memories on a different day.

So, years ago Eric and I thought it would be great to name a future son after BJ. But BJ would be an intersting name (not that Ram isn't) so we went to his full name: Robert Arthur Mikel. Well, we didn't like any of those names particularly, but we did think about his initials...Ram. We loved it. It was perfect. Once we came up with Ram we had to find a name that went with it.

This part took longer. But we finally decided that Isaac Ram was the most studly awesome name ever. Isaac Philo Carter was Eric's great-great grandfather. He was the Carter that brought us to Utah in the pioneer days. He also marched with the Mormon battalion. A great man in the Carter family line. So it was perfect.

Once we had that decided, Isaac Ram, we began to think about Isaac in the Bible. Have you read Genisis 22 lately? You should! After Abraham was stopped from sacrificing Isaac what did the Lord provide? A Ram in the thicket. So both of Ram's names are a type of Christ.

And if you love The Chronicles of Narnia, check out the third to last sentence in the book "The Horse and His Boy" for a bonus for Ram!

Remember our CES hiring story? It was full of eveidence of the hand of God in our lives. And so was this. We were in the church office building going through our final hiring process and we overheard someone in the hall talking about us. What we overheard went something like this, "Monroe, eh? That's South Sevier High right? The Rams?"

Eric and I just looked at each other...woa. Yet another evidence that Monroe was the place for us, since we had already decided on the name Ram for a future son at least a year before this.

And of course, now Eric can tell his students, we wanted to name our son after a student, but we couldn't decide on just one name, so we named him after all of you :)

We love the name Isaac Ram for all of these reasons. But most importantly, within 5 minutes after Ram was born I looked at him and knew that he truly was Isaac Ram. The name fits him so well and we are so excited for him to grow up and learn about the men he was named after and hopefully develop some of their admirable and exemplary traits.

Labor and delivery story

seconds after Ram entered the world

Thursday, as you may remember was discussed in an earlier post, was an eventful day. We went to the tennis match, our girls did well. Then we went to the soccer game, and timed it just right to see our one goal in our 6-1 loss. Then we went to the freshman football game and got to see the second half with some nice plays and a victory. Then we went to the JV volleyball game...we got tromped, but I love volleyball anyway. Then it was time for the varsity games. Our girls looked so good. It was a tough team that we were playing. I was basically cheering and yelling like crazy and it was wonderful. We lost, but it was still so fun.
We went home and promptly turned on the Utah football game. What a great day I was having! Well, all day I had had one contraction during the tennis match. So I was counting on finishing the Utah game and going to bed.

All of a sudden I started having contractions like crazy at 9:30pm! It was so weirdly sudden and intense. So, I notice for the next little while that they are coming pretty close pretty hard and then I say to Eric at about 10pm, "Did we ever decide who we would have come stay over with the girls if we need to go to the hospital in the middle of the night?" And he says, "Are you saying I need to go pack a bag or something?" I felt so nervous and confused, like I couldn't really decide if I was in labor or not. So, I texted our neighbor to see if they were available for night time watching of the girls, and they were, so I told Eric I wanted to time my contractions for 30 more minutes and go from there. Well, at 11pm I decided the time had come. Our wonderful neighbor came over and we got to the hospital at 11:30pm.

I have to insert here that for the girls I delivered at Utah Valley...aka Monster Hospital. For Ram I got to deliver at the Sevier Valley hospital...aka some of your houses are bigger than it. It was the MOST WONDERFUL experience to deliver at a tiny community hospital. We knew the nurse that let us into the hospital, Eric teaches the daughter of my delivery nurse, I of course knew my doctor, and the other helper nurse is our football coaches wife/other seminary teacher's sister. It was GREAT. During my stay I knew 8 of the 10 attending nurses. How FUN!! Ok, back to the labor/delivery...

So, I get settled into the bed and they check me. I was dialated to a 7 already! Waahoo! But then I freak out. I have delivered natural for both of my previous pregnancies, and intended to do the same for this one. But, I start moaning and whining, "I can't do this Eric, I'm too tired, I've already done this twice, I don't wanna...etc" Eric was so strong and so awesome. He said, "Ceej, you've got this. You can do it." And prior to our departure we had said a prayer that according to my faith in Christ we could have a good delivery expereince. Eric reminded me of that and we pressed on. Bridget, my amazing nurse, suggested I try getting in the tub. I hadn't done this before, but she said it really helps with back pain (I was having pretty massive back labor, hence the panic freak out moment). She got the tub going for me, and the instant my toe touched the water it was complete comfort and relaxation. For any women who want to have a natural labor, GO WITH THE TUB! It was awesome! It was jetted and warm and Eric held a fan to my face. It was great. And every contraction, I just thought, Christ suffered for me so that I could do this. The atonement is a real power that is available to us in every part of our lives. After a bit in there they checked me again and I was at an 8, so I got back in the tub and fell asleep. That's how relaxing it was. I even told Eric in these words, "Eric, this labor is easy!" Anyway, my contractions started coming super close together so I got back out of the tub. Bridget monitered Ram's heart beat through 3 contractions, they called down Dr. Scoville, I was at a 9, so he broke my water, and 3 contractions later, out popped Ram! It was AWESOME!! I LOVE the feeling of pushing and I LOVE the feeling of a little human body coming into the world through you! It's AMAZING. And when he came out he was PERFECT. And I said over and over again, "I love him, he's perfect, I love him, he's perfect." (This is a pattern for me to chant something over and over when my children are born.) Then I turned to Eric and said, "I love you!" And kissed him soundly over and over. That's Eric's favorite part of the story :) Dr. Scoville and I had really hoped to have no tearing/episitomy...but alas, since he bascially popped out like nothing I tore pretty good, but he's worth that. It was 1:58 am, and we had a son. At about 2:10 I said to Eric, "Remember how 5 hours ago I was just sitting at home watching football?" It was a pretty crazy fast night! And I loved every second of it, even my freak out moment. Labor and delivery are just a miraculous thing to me. MIRACLE. Hooray for Ram being born!

The sisters' first visit

Our wonderful neighbor Merilee trooped through the night for us...both girls uncharacteristically woke-up...and stayed with them most of the day on Friday. When Viana woke up Friday morning she told Merilee that she had a dream that momma and daddy brought baby brother home from the hospital. Isn't that cool? (she was asleep when everything happened that night) Anyway, Merilee brought them to visit and the girls acted just about like I have imagined. Viana was ENTHRALLED. Brooke was ENTHRALLED. Viana was enthralled with Ram. Brooke was enthralled with all of the buttons and doors and papers and crackers and things she could destroy in the room. :) Viana wanted to know every detail of my delivery, ("Momma was there a lot of blood?" What 3 year old asks that??) and then she wanted to explore every detail of Ram ("He has tiny eyes, and tiny toes, and a tiny bum, and tiny cheeks, and a tiny chin. You have a huge chin Momma.") And she wanted to hold him and love him and never leave him.

Brooke wanted to see her dad. Then she wanted to see her brother, from a distance, then she decided she'd sit by him, then she finally decided when Viana was holding him that she would give that a try. But not for long. But she did like him overall. It was so great to be together as a family of 5. Eric said it really hit him when we took our first family picture and he did not fit on the bed. 3 kids. WOW! We are so blessed!

Since we've been home Viana has been the best helper and wants to be involved with Ram every second. Brooke, likes him. :) It is so great to have a brother for these two great sisters!

Home and Visitors

It is great to be home and it is great to have loving family and friends to support us during this adjustment time! My mom has come to help for the week, Eric's parents came for the day just to see Ram, Charina and Krista drove down from BYU to see their new nephew and our wonderful neighbors (have I mentioned we have wonderful neighbors?) came to see the new guy on the block...and Ram is still as cute cute cute as ever!! Have I mentioned yet that he has a HUGE dimple in his right cheek!! Adorable! Ram is adjusting to the whole day night sleep thing...but, he'll get it eventually. He basically loves to eat, and I smell good to him, so the nights have been long with that combo. But when he looks at me with his perfect face, I don't care if I am sleep deprived! He's so cute! It is so great to be home and we are so blessed and so thrilled with our new family adventure!! Ram actually enjoying his crib. Hopefully this is a developing hobby of his.

I caught Aunt Charina in this picture right as she was saying, "I can't believe it's a boy!" (Remember our family has been nothing but girls for a long time).

Aunt Krista and Ram

Cooper Neighbor...I love the way boys who don't hold babies a lot hold babies. I think it is so cute!

Orion Neighbor. He's a stud. What 17 year old boy WANTS to come over so he can visit the family and new baby?? Orion, that's who.

Grandma also came to visit the granddaughters!

And Grandad was a big hit with Brooke!

Merilee Neighbor at the hospital

Friday, September 4, 2009

He's here!

Isaac Ram Carter
7lbs 15oz; 20in
Born at 1:58 am, Sept 4th, 2009

Bye-bye for now everybody!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Of things to come

Tomorrow, Thursday, is an exciting day. We've got a home soccer game, a home tennis meet, our FIRST home volleyball match (I love our volleyball team) and college football kicks off tomorrow. We are a little excited.
Oh, and speaking of cervixes...let me digress...
When I was a Hall Advisor there were 25 of us: 24 females and one male. At one point 11 of us were pregnant at the same time. And the male's wife was prego then too. Needless to say childbirth was one hot topic. So it was always a favorite time when one of us near our 40 week mark would come to staff meeting fresh off a doctor's appointment with a report on our cervix. Giddy women have no problem tossing this subject around. And more impressively, our favorite male co-worker was right there in the thick of the conversation. Fun times pointing out the fact that we loved to talk about cervixes.
So, with my official due date only 4 days away now, I thought I should record the status of my cervix. I am dialated to a 3. I am 50% effaced, and I have contractions now and agian. What this says to me is--my body works, and it is amazing. And this baby is coming.
Maybe he will come tomorrow during the soccer game, or the tennis match, or the volleyball match. And at least if he comes during the kick-off to college football I can catch the Utah vs. Utah St. game on the delivery room tv. :)

PS- Our high school football team is rockin'. Here's some moments from our first game a week and a half ago.