Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Carnival

The High School put on a GREAT carnival for the was a big hit! And yes, for those of you who have known us for at least 2 years, we totally used the same costumes from the good ol' Provo days. But no one in Monroe knew that! And we added a Rockstar to our mix. (I love that Viana wanted to be a Rockstar...not Hannah Montanna, whose costume she has, but her very own Rockstar) (oh, which makes Brooke Mira Nova from Buzz Lightyear: Star Command)
(And that makes Ram the Black Widow on my web. But since he's a boy, he was a black widower)
(And yes, this is the THIRD family picture we've taken since Ram was born. We're not doin' so hot in that category...)
But anyway, we played some sweet games. Mostly Brooke played all the games. Viana was in more of a, ahem, reserved mood. But we eventually cracked her and even she played some games.And look! Here's out FOURTH family picture! (Now we're on a roll! Doubled in one night!) Yes we are completely captivated by the campfire story reading of "Where the Wild Things Are".Ram loved his first Halloween! We tuckered him out :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Still missing my favorite time at BYU, the first snow, when the Californians and Arizonians are partying in their shorts and calling everyone they know. But I think I have a new favorite "first snow" memory...Yesterday when the light flurries left a dusting on the grass Brooke went outside and said, "Look Mom, bubbles!" But now with the thick snow blanket, she has informed me that her swing is dirty. I love the world through the eyes of a two-year old! (And I love that the forecast still predicts 61 degrees for our state play-off football game on Saturday!)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I tried to pick just one...

...but I couldn't. Because Ram is just SO STINKIN' CUTE!!

I am totally in love with this little boy. He is WONDERFUL. And he's really caught on to being a good baby! He slept till 4:24am one morning this week! (and 4 and 3:24 other getting kind of consistent!) He is so cute and so strong! And he's fun and lovable and he really knows us now. He LOVES to hear Eric's voice. And, pretty much this is just a post all about how I love Ram. Oh my goodness he's so cute. :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

I love Viana Logic!

This adorable little boy has a GREAT big sister. And this is how great she is... While at Wal-mart tonight a friend who had yet to see Ram was commenting on how cute he is.
Friend: Do you think you're little brother is cute?
Viana: Yes
Friend: I think you're pretty cute too.
Viana: No. I'm not cute. I'm GORGEOUS!

Other stories that have kept me in love with my first born:
Thursday night we had our final regular season football game. (Why Thursday you ask? Because it is hunting season right good to have a football game when half the team is in the mountains. I love Monroe.)
It was in Enterprise, UT, which 99% of you have never heard of because it is in the middle of NOWHERE. But they did have this little market. Before we got to Enterprise Eric said, "We are about to go where no Carter has been before." Except for, apparently, the Carter that opened this market. Anyway, back to Veezy, ever since we went there and bought some chips for the game Viana has been asking, "Can I have my chips from the Carter Zoo?" Perhaps she noticed that with the addition of our family we turned this market into a ZOO!

Back to my birthday. I love my birthday. As Eric mentioned in the previous post I had been looking forward to going to the volleyball game in celebration of my day. Viana was also aware of my plans. All day she kept coming up to me with "presents" (toys wrapped in Ram's burp cloths) and telling me I could not open them till my birthday at the volleyball game. Whenever Brooke started singing Happy Birthday to me Viana would stop her and say, "We will sing to Momma at her birthday at the Volleyball game." We finally pulled into the parking lot and Viana was so excited! She said, "Mom are we at your birthday now? Will everyone sing? Can we have the cake here?" I could tell she was imagining quite the shin-dig so I told her before we walked in, "Viana, this is a volleyball game just like usual." But alas, it did not prepare her for the let down. We walk in, sit down, and she gets very quite. She looks all around then turns to me and says, "But mom, who is going to bring you your cake? Why didn't all the people sing to you?" It was SO SO SO cute. Viana had such a grand party imagined in her head for her Momma.

Viana is gaining great reading comprehension skills. She loves to apply stories we read to real life. So when the fall weather came she was excited to read this seasonal book, "Pumpkin Soup". In it a duck, squirrel and cat all have different roles in making their daily batch of pumpkin soup. And, since it was fall, Viana thought that meant that we too should make pumpkin soup. Now, this may be normal for some, but I had never had pumpkin soup, nor did I think it sounded appetizing. But Viana was very persistent and so we got a recipe, got a pumpkin and made DELICIOUS pumpkin soup! A new family favorite fall recipe. Thanks Viana for encouraging us to try something new!

I love my Veezy Jo so much. She is growing so fast and I just love to see the way her little brain works!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

CJ had a birthday, shout Hooray!!

CJ's 27th birthday celebration has continued all this last week and still continues...she still hasn't done her PYOP (pick your own present--it's a tradition). But here are some pics from the fun stuff we did on Tues Oct. 13th; her birthday. She started out the day waking up to a surprise breakfast near bed (I didn't want to wake her up so I just left it where she'd find it). They came and had lunch with me at the Seminary and lots of students made b-day cards for her. Then...

...We went to El Mexicano! Awesome Mexican food in Salina (about 25 miles from Monroe)The girls had fun!

And CJ enjoyed the complimentary fried ice cream!
From Salina we were only about another 20 minutes from Gunnison where the South Sevier girls were playing....Volleyball!! For the last 3-4 weeks CJ has told me that all she wants to do for her birthday is go watch our girls play. And why not, they're amazing!! Again, the girls had fun.

Ram did too.
And yep, daddy was there.

And did they win for CJ's birthday......You better believe it!! After the game, we stopped by Denny's on the way home (which was in Salina as well).Here's CJ blowing out the candles on her birthday coconut creme pie!!

Happy Birthday Momma!! Hope you had as much fun as we did!! Thanks to everyone for the birthday greetings that were sent, she loved them all!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Datin' for 6 years!

Eric and I went on our first date to Homecoming at BYU on Oct. 11, 2003. After the dance, we of course went to 7-11 for slurpees. We took this picture right outside of my apartment, since it was just past midnight and Eric couldn't come inside. Now, every Oct. 11 we go on an anniversary date to 7-11 (except now we live in Monroe so we go to the local gas station which provides slurpee like drinks) to commemorate or datin'! What has changed in 6 years? Eric is still cute as ever and has matured quite nicely. I have had 3 children, and it shows :) That's ok...we just hooked up the treadmill and it's SWEET!
Oct. 11 2003-outside #56 Oct. 11, 2004, inside R Hall apartment and married for almost 3 months

Oct. 11 2005 and 7 months prego (sorry for the poor quality, I couldn't find my digital copy, but at least I have this copy!)
Oct. 11 2006, in R Hall apartment, with one baby
Oct. 11, 2007 at home in Colorado, now with two babies
Oct. 11, 2008 in Monroe, with two babies and a full-time job
Oct. 10 (today is Sunday, so we dated yesterday) in Monroe, with 3 babies...and about 30 lbs too many on me!!
I love you Eric! Thanks for datin' me all these years!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Our football team had a game last night. It was a nail biter! But, aftert some amazing key plays we came out the victors, 21-20! it was of course very cold, so we had to dress warm. Ram turned out adorable all cozied up.Brooke was as precious as ever with her layers, and Viana looked like the cutest hobo I've ever seen! (seriouly, does Viana not crack you up in these pics??)

And today Ram had on his photogenic face. Oh man, he has to be the cutest baby boy I've ever had!
I'm a lucky Momma! (Even if I look this tired!)

p.s. to mostly my mom-If you need more grandkid fill I post-dated a couple more posts down the page about homecoming and Ram's first bath

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Vacation!!

With my blood pressure spiking near the end of my pregnancy this summer, we got robbed of our planned vacation to Colorado. So with that unused budget in our pockets and feeling ready for a little break, we headed to Provo for Eric's Fall Break last weekend. We had the most relaxing, stress-free, fun-filled, frivolous, friend and family filled weekend! It was GREAT.

The main draw to Provo for us this weekend was the release of Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in 3D as a double feature. This was Ram's first movie...I don't know if you can get any more Carter than that! It was such a great movie experience. It's only in theaters for 1 more week...SO GO! It was an amazingly good showing. We were blown away, I cried 3 times and Eric cried once, that's how awesome it was.

The other draw to Provo was the BYU football game. A very generous friend of ours in Monroe gave us free tickets that were on the 15th row! It was such a rush to be back in that stadium. What fun memories. And all 3 kids were super good! Plus it always helps the enjoyment level of a BYU game when you win. :) This is our first family picture since the hospital. Since you can't really see Ram, the second picture is a peek into his happy place for the game. It was such a great weekend and we all got plenty of rest...even though the girls shared a bed and had plenty of fun sister giggles. :)