Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye bye '09

Dear 2010,
I am sure you were a beautiful decade to welcome in. I wouldn't know. I fell asleep at 11:45pm. Oh well, we have many days together ahead of us.
Love, An old fart named Halcyon

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Glimpses of the wedding and reception adventures

Remember how Charina and Jimmy got married in a closed temple in the middle of a snow storm and the nice old men told us we could take pictures in the temple under the circumstances?? Look at this beaut. I love Christ right there in the background of their minute-old marriage.Here are the Roy babies. This is one third of the outfits my mom made for all the little ones. Too bad the snow kept the other 8 away...that would have been one cute gathering of beans!This is the greatest!! It was so cold but so warm of heart!And while we were all snowed in at the hotel we got in some good naps (my dad really was sleeping...maybe he was having a funny dream??) And lovin' up the work-out room! How fun is it to run with family members??
So, since we were the only ones to enjoy that bliss, Charina and Jimmy finally got to share their joy with friends tonight. And can I say, I found my life calling. We all got to help decorate for and then run the food for their reception. I was in HEAVEN. LOVED every second, even though multiple times my sister Summer said, "I hate receptions." We worked as a team to balance one another out though :)
Um, don't judge our decorating abilities by this backdrop...we had limited resources. What I really should have taken a picture of was the entrance outside. Grandness it was.
And check out this food table! We had that table loaded at all points of the reception. We were awesome be-in-charger-of-food-ers!Ok, Ok, sometimes we loaded our faces in the kitchen when no one was looking.But basically, with my parents house being new (people needed to see it all) and my beautiful sisters being so popular, the kitchen wasn't empty very often!Here's my fam! Jacob cousin, Stephanie fiancee', Grandpa Norton, Aunt Cherri, Uncle Dale and Grandma Norton...they were SO happy they didn't have to be in the kitchen for this wedding!Have no fear grandparents...Jamie, Ally and I had it under control!!!

Thanks for getting married Charina and was one of the greatest adventures of my life!!

Friday, December 25, 2009


Since Charina got married 6 days before Christmas, it was a nice little bonus to be able to have Christmas with my family in their new house! I love my family's traditions, and we did not miss out on any of them.

Christmas Eve always starts out with pizza for dinner. It was SOOOOO good. Brooke wouldn't know however, since she fell asleep on the couch about 5 minutes before we ate. Hence Viana's prayer went something like this, "...bless for we can eat pizza and bless for Brooke can't eat pizza because she is asleep..." followed shortly thereafter with Viana saying, "I should probably open Brooke's presents since she is asleep." Pizza is always followed by a reenactment of the Nativity. Viana called dibs on Mary (again) and assigned everyone else their parts as well. (Daddy was Joseph, Ram was Jesus, Summer was the angel, Krista was a shepherd. Brooke...was still just waking up)

Then it's time to open family gifts! Brooke had to get a close re-count to ensure Viana didn't follow through on her plan.
Boy these girls sure are blessed! (And mostly spoiled...ask a certain old lady at the airport that can't understand what happy singing toddlers sound like)
Ram loved Christmas. Ram just loves life!
We went to bed with visions of sugarplums (and Dad's BIG country breakfast) and awoke to a relaxed and lovely deposit from Santa.
After that we had the great Roy Family Christmas Challenge!! It was in fine form this year and we certainly missed LaDon. A new addition this year was a challenge called Why Joseph Smith would like a mouse. It was splendid. For one of our prizes (we found 110 of 115 hidden candies...that's a record!) we got to go see some Olympic hopeful ice skaters that next was so awesome!! Not that I took pictures of them...because look how cute Viana is with her arm around Ram.And although not an official prize, I count the wonderful surprise Summer delivered to us that next Sunday a challenge reward...she received her Young Womanhood medallion and bore powerful testimony. It was great!! Good job Summer!
That afternoon we headed over to my Grandma and Grandpa Norton's house for Christmas dinner with my Great Grandma, Uncle, Aunt and cousin+fiancee'. It was beautiful. My grandma always does an amazing job when it comes to hosting!

Ram also got to meet his great-great grandma. I love my Great grandma Lenhart! She is so wonderful!
It was a wonderful Christmas and I'm so glad we got to sneak home. Thanks family...I sure am glad I get to be a part of you forever!

Monday, December 21, 2009

A perfect wedding!

If any of you paid attention to the national news this weekend, you will know that the Washington DC area was hit with a historic snow storm!! Did this matter to us, of course, my sister was planning to get married the very day of this storm in the DC temple! So, after a million things going wrong (including Eric's flight getting canceled, so he did not come), a million changes and a million snowflakes the closed temple was secretly open for the few live endownments and sealings that could still make it, the wedding was bumped up 4 hours, the visitor center was closed, so we left Krista and Summer with the 4 neices and nephews in the van for the whole thing, we waited patiently for the sealer to treach through the storm to get there, I ran into Eric's mission buddy and a DT friend both in the waiting room (how cool is that!) and finally we made it. After all the stress and exhaustion and worries that Charina had faced in the last day (or week...finals and moving!) in the sealing room she looked so happy and so peaceful and so ready. It was the RIGHT place to be and it was wonderful. Charina and Jimmy were sealed and everything else was canceled. Including reception and honeymoon. Or even driving more than 2 miles to our hotel (that alone took 45 minutes). So yes, Charina and Jimmy spent the first 24 hours of their marriage with us!!! But all in all the most important thing happened so it actually turned out to be the 5th happiest day of my life, and definitely the happiest of theirs. I loved being with my sisters and family...

Congrats Charina and Jimmmy...after enduring through all of that in the first day of your marriage, I know you're gonna have a great life together!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The best kind of cheer!

My sister Charina is getting married in 2 days! My whole family gets to go, and we all get to go to the temple, and all of us who are old enough to be in the sealing will be. What a blessing!! I am so proud of my sister Charina for setting the goal of a temple marriage at a young age and sticking to it. Not only that but she's found someone wonderful and worthy to take her there! Outside of BYU, where it's nearly just the trendy thing to do, I've realized not everyone gets married in the temple. I even know of some people who think it isn't even important. But I know that it is important. The other day Viana asked why we get married in the temple. I told her that is the only way for families to be together forever. She asked about some friends who have not yet been sealed (though it's happily in their future). I told them they could not be together forever. I could not sugar coat that fact for my 4 year old. Temple marriage is necessary and oh so wonderful. And it really does bring me the very best kind of cheer. Welcome to our eternal family Jimmy!! See you in Washington DC!


Believe it. That really is Eric in a very pink shirt. And no it does not say "Real men wear pink" because that would in fact go against everything Eric believes. It does say First annual Pink Game! Since our rivals Richfield moved up a region this year our game against them was turned into a community fund raiser for breast cancer. How great! EVERYTHING was pink! The ball, the ref's whistles, the girls shoelaces, their hair ties, the teams warm-up shirts, the drill and cheer uniforms...and yes, even some drum sticks.

The bands, cheerleaders and drill teams all combined for the event. It was cool walking around the arena seeing everyone in the same shirt and feeling like you were friends with the people that normally you would gnash teeth against. Although that did make identifying friends from a distance harder. We sat a couple rows above the student section and Viana said to me, "I see Logan!" And I said "Where?" She said, "He's in the pink shirt!" It was so fun having the girls and boys play back to back! The girls led the entire game until the last 15 seconds (visions of last years state championship game danced in our heads)...but we were still very proud of how they played. And our boys won. Duh. :)
This is hopefully going to be an annual event, so you can count on Eric wearing pink at least once a year!

More cheer!

You were wondering how Viana's birthday viewing of Princess and the Frog went? Fabulously. We got to meet up with our life long friend Lucy (and her parents and brother too!) and Charina and Krista. First we went to Pirate Island in Orem. We've been before, and still LOVE this new place! It's a great place to meet up with old friends!Can you tell the girls wanted to take a picture by this guy but were still a little wary of him?They have such a fun play area here! And we got The was bigger than Ram! And yummy!

Fun times had all around! SO fun in fact that we almost forgot to go to the movie!! But we made it and loved it!!
And Christmas time is good for the beginning of the drill competition season. I love watching our drill team, the South Sevier Sensations. And they are GOOOOOOOOD!! We got 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in our 3 dance categories!!
Plus Ram got to hang out with Dane whilst at the competition, who is definitely one of my top 5 favorite students. And even more cheer...'tis the season for endless Christmas parties! I LOVE Christmas parties. I would go to one everyday in December if I could. And look how domestic I'm getting! I've moved on from bringing pop and store bought rolls...
Stay tuned for the very best kind of Christmas Cheer tomorrow!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Cheer

So there was this one time when we were driving through Main street in Richfield, and there was Santa sittin on a corner passing out bags of taffy and peanuts. Random, and awesome. No pictures, but the highlight of Viana's day.

We do have pictures of this Santa though!! Hooray for the Christmas tree lane at the SVC!! (they have all these little programs; kids singing and dancing, etc. I think all people but us go for the programs and just rush past the trees. But since we don't have performing kids, we actually just go and look at the trees. I love it.)
Viana liked this tree.
And we got to sit on Santa's lap. Ram included!
Monroe's city lighting event. Best event ever. Next to the July 24th celbration. So, 2nd best event ever. First a visit with fake Santa.And then a visit with real Santa. For the third time this season.Making Christmas ornaments with our best friend Chase from pre-school.
More cheer to come in the near future!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Life with a 4 year old

Yesterday brought us the 4 year mark of Viana being a part of this family. 4 years! Our city had our Christmas kick-off last night on the coldest night of the year. So we bundled up, as Viana's birthday desire was to have hot chocolate and doughnuts with Santa (I know, Monroe rocks). On our way out the door Viana said, "Mom, I'm 4!" I loved it...what better use could there be for mittens??? Viana wanted a Princess and the Frog birthday this year, with the capstone to be a viewing of the movie in Provo this weekend with her aunts and hopefully her dear friend Lucy. Do you know what she told everyone yesterday? "I'm having a frog cake!" Yeah, I was pretty much the happiest mother around. So in good form we gave her a true Princess and the Frog birthday! She was thrilled, and today has rotated from toy to toy to book and back again. It has been so fun. But her most favorite was her coloring book. She started right in on it before we even ate the cake last night! And that leads me in quite nicely to tell you about my 4 year old. She is beautiful, funny, bright, interested, sincere, and very very smart. She has had an EXPLOSION of interest in letters and writing and reading and spelling. She loves to color, which she always has, but now she can color in the lines with the "right" colors for objects. She can recognize so many words, she loves to type and today she read her first non-practiced word. We got to have "sharp juice" for her birthday. As we drank the leftovers today she said, "7-up!" As a mother I said, booyah! Numbers and words, all at once!! (and no, she did not just recognize the taste or the bottle, because it was pomegranate 7-up so it did not look or taste like 7-up, and besides, it's not 7-up in our vernacular, it's sharp juice). Viana is thoughtful and caring. I don't always see this side of her with her siblings...but when we are around other children or babies I really see it shine through. She is a true mother hen in the making. I always love the way that she shows concern for me. She likes to console me or comfort me when I am in need of a little love. (Mostly I would love the way she would hold my hair back for me when I was in the early stages of pregnancy and friends with the toilet). Viana is also developing an amazing spiritual personality. She is learning quickly about the gospel and her prayers are absolutely precious and so well thought out. Like tonight we she said, "and bless for families to be together forever for Christmas." What a great example she is to me! Before Viana was born I remember feeling so excited to have a buddy, and let me tell you what, for the last 4 years I have had the very best buddy around!! I love you Viana!

Friday, December 4, 2009

3 months? Seriously?

I can't believe Ram turned 3 months old today. How come time never seems to go that fast when you are pregnant? :) Ram is such a great baby. I love him so much. I really really do. I just feel like we are best friends. I especially love when he is crying and sad for some reason, then he sees me so he tries his darndest to smile through his tears just to show me he loves me too. He is such a happy baby. From the day he was born he was trying to smile, and once he learned to smile he was trying to laugh. And now that he can laugh he does it all the time. Isn't it nice that Isaac means "he laugheth"? In church on Sunday he was laughing up a storm really loud as the bishop was trying to teach the combined lesson. I was telling him to be quiet...but I was actually encouraging the laughs. One adorable habit that I love is the way he sucks on his lip. Viana was a pacifier baby, Brooke was a thumb baby, and Ram is a lip baby. I tried to capture one of his lip sucks here...he's pretty cute, huh?
He's such a stud and has increased the joy and love in our family!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I still love Monroe

2 things I have previously posted on. 1) When first we came to Monroe the only con I could find was all the motorist struck dead deer. 2) Last February lo and behold a bald eagle in Monroe. I didn't have my camera at the time.

But today I did :)

So there I was, driving Viana to preschool, past the Davis' field. The dead deer had been there for a couple of days (which by the way, last year, not a deer year. This year, a DEER YEAR!! We have deer poop in our yard, Eric's seen them eating our trees, and there are SO many dead deer already in the season.) And there was Mr. Bald and Beautiful. When I pulled over to take his picture (why the zoom on my camera is so poor, I do not know) we scared away the crows that were picking at the meat. I was afraid we would scare baldy away too. But apparently,

A bald eagle,
will even protect his lunch from a red mini-van.

Yes, even though I have higher chances of hitting a deer in Monroe, I also have higher chances of seeing this bird of prey while in Monroe. Fair trade. :)