Sunday, January 31, 2010

State Champs!!!

Remember how we thought we brought a certain losing curse to Monroe? Good news, we had a son, named him Ram, and now we are out of the second-place hunch! Our drill team, the South Sevier Sensations, won 2A state yesterday!!!

It was AMAZING. They danced so well and we are SO proud of them. They had a year of adversity, and to see them work so hard and overcome it for a championship is just AWESOME!!

When they announce places, they announce military division, then dance, then kick. Our main competition is Millard, who we took 2nd to last year. Last year we won military, they won dance...and prop, which made them state champs. This year as they announced awards it went like so: Military division: 2nd place, Millard, 1st place South Sevier (cheers like you wouldn't believe) Dance division (knowing that if we won this we would be state champs. Also knowing that we had NEVER lost in dance) 2nd place, South Sevier, 1st place, Millard. We were stunned and scared and emotional and fearful but all came down to kick, which we had NEVER won. Then they announced Kick: 2nd place, Millard. Scream and tears and jumping and clapping and whistling erupted from South Sevier. No one has ever cheered so much for second place. 1st place, South Sevier, which made us State Champs!! It was AMAZING. We WON!! It was so intense and grand.

And here is reason #725 why I love Monroe. When your team wins state you don't just go home and go to bed. You drive 2 hours back to Monroe, get there at 10:30pm. The girls pile onto the fire truck and you parade around town with the sirens blaring and line of cars honking and weaving all over the road. And yes, it really is 10:30 PM. Then, you end at the high school, go inside and have congratulatory speeches and more screaming and clapping and crying. It is FABULOUS.

Loyal fans to greet the CHAMPS.
Hi-5s to CHAMPS
See those smiles, these girls were SO happy...and two of them even had their birthday yesterday. Good present, eh??
See all these faces of late night?? :) Happy faces though, very happy faces.
Our principal spoke for a bit, then the coaches, seniors, and some parents.
Congrats girls, we are SO proud and have loved watching you grow and dance this year!!

Friday, January 29, 2010


Our cheerleaders hosted their mini-cheer camp this week...and they even let Brooke join in! The girls did SO well, especially considering Viana's past experiences with mini-cheer (to include tears from Viana and Momma). They performed tonight after a great week of practice and got to sit with the cheerleaders during the first half of the game and cheer, then at half-time they did their dances. They did GREAT!! Brooke basically stole the show since she was the littlest one out there. She did the crouch down and jump up parts of her routine, the rest she mostly just stared in awe at everyone else. It was presh! And when she saw Eric down there with the camera she got so excited and just ran straight toward him...long enough to say hi, then ran right back out to finish her cheer. SO CUTE. And Viana was amazing. She got to be in the little older group and was perfect!

(This is when she realized Eric was right there)

I'm so proud of how my girls are growing up!! I'm glad they get to do things like this...though I'm still hoping they choose volleyball and basketball when they're in HS! :)

Flashback Friday: Nov. 12, 2005

This is my baby shower that Lori Truman threw me for Viana. First of all, I have to claim Lori as one of my purest, truest, sweetest, most selfless friends. She and her family are eternal friends of ours and we sure have been blessed by knowing them! I had my shower on my sister Jamie's 19th birthday. So, because of the double dose of family joy my mom and sister Summer came over to Utah from Colorado for the occasion!! I had my shower in the good ol' Morris Center. I loved my DT life. I can't remember everyone that came, but I will tell you who's in the pictures!! Jen Fong, Me, Emily W...and baby, Laura H...

Janna Martin, Brooke Rasmussen, and dear Lori Truman leading a popsicle stick game.

Summer Roy, Omi Fox, Jen Fong, Me, Emily W..., Laura H...and Loni's baby, Loni Jenks, (someones bum), Ashley Green--though she was still a Moniz at that point I think.

This is back in our R-Hall apartment after the shower, celebrating Jamie's birthday. Don't you like my outfit? Brooke Rasmussen lent me all her maternity clothes when I was prego, and since she was a teacher when she was pregnant, all her clothes were CUTE! (I was pushin' the limits on fitting in them at this point though!)

This is what happens when you let Eric and I at a birthday cake :) It's frosting, really.
It was a great shower, and I still have baby stuff I use from it! I realized what truly wonderful friends I had by all who came and showered me with love!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lucky Mom!

On our living room wall we have 4 pictures: the Seattle Temple, a wedding day picture, our current family picture and a kiddo picture. Don't worry, the kiddo picture was Brooke when she was 2 months it was time for a new one. I took this Sunday morning, and I love it! Viana's got her big eyes on, which equates to her fake smile, but that's ok with me becasue she's still cute!And, with Ram's low weight and my bad luck with breast feeding (same troubles I had with Viana, I avoided them with Brooke, but alas, they are back) now Viana can help feed him when he gets a bottle. She loves to help! I'm a lucky momma!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Keepin' active in winter!

The snow sure has been hard and steady this winter, which leaves us very much inside. Viana asked me nearly every day for a week if we could go on a picnic. I always tried explaining that we would go when the snow was gone. Finally tired of this response she decided to set her sights ahead, "In 7 days can we go on a picnic?" If only...but about half our lawn is showing now!
Even though we are inside a lot, we still keep active and busy!! Sisters, does this remind you of "Clear the runway!!" or what! The girls did this for 15 minutes straight.

Nevermind the large pile of camping gear by the side door. I suppose that's how Eric stays active--go on a scout camping/ice fishing trip!!

And though you should never ask a woman her weight, you can ask me mine...Sept. 3rd I weighed 218. Today, I weigh 178. Not to shabby to shed 40 lbs :) I've been waiting to break below 180 for weeks now, and I finally did! LaDon, that was the best fight you ever lost, and mom, that was the best Christmas miracle ever! (Treadmill and Turbo Jam all the way--and I should give some credit to Ram for not liking it when I eat chocolate, hence keeping it (mostly) out of my diet.)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Flashback Fridays: Dec. 17, 2005

Viana was 10 days old when she went to see her first movie at the movie theaters. It was "King Kong." It was long! And she was great! After all, when you're only 10 days old all you really do is sleep, so it was as if she wasn't even there. We've since purchased this movie for the sentimental reason of it all...but we've still never re-watched it. :) We've since planned our childrens' first movie viewings to be more acclimated to our family life. Brooke was Harry Potter 5 in the IMAX and Ram, as you'll recall, was Toy Story 1 and 2 double feature in 3D! And don't worry, we got popcorn, and it lasted us for days! (I don't know about you, but I love day old theater popcorn!!) I suppose we could have just Viana in this bucket and carried her around in it!!

'Til next week, hope you had a fun flashback!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

He tiny baby...he will grow BIG

Oh man, you've got to hear Brooke say the title of the post. It's ADORABLE. Perhaps I'll film it. Until then just imagine her inflection on tiny as high pitched cartoon character as you can get. And BIG...well, her deepest 2 year old man voice she can muster. Adorable. Who is she talking about? Ask the 4 month old feather weight in the house. We took him in for his 4 month check-up and he was a whopping 12lbs even. That's in the 3rd percentile. And lest you think that is a typo, I do mean third. Wowsa. He is 24 1/2 in. which is 11th percentile. That's a little better. But left us with a concerned doctor, especially since one of my talents is NOT producing ample healthy breast milk. So, start him on the rice cereal he said. And we did. He liked it! He is growing though, so that is good. And anyway, he's insanely adorable. (That really is an "I like it" much so that he's grabbing onto the bowl in true possessive manner concerned that anyone should steal his new found mush!)
And in case you were wondering about our boys basketball team, yes, we are 16-0. And yes, after a long day of drill competition we raced to the HS for the second half of our game last night, got there during the half time show, and when the score board flashed 48-5 we had to ask someone if that was right. It was. 30 seconds into the 3rd quarter we had a SWEET ally-oop dunk that put us up 50-5. How often do you see a basketball score 10 times your opponents?? It was awesome. Go Rams!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Flashback Fridays!

Are you ready to experience some shades of the past?? Every year we print our blog into a book to preserve our family history. It is wonderful and already a treasure. So for now our family history starts in 2007 when our blog started. So I thought, why not reach into the archives and document some of our life from before '07. I received my first digital camera as a graduation present when I finished at month before we got married. So we essentially have our entire marriage digital. I am hoping every Friday (or hey, any day will be good, right? Memory Monday, Time travel Tuesday...) I plan on, at random, picking out pictures of events or moments or memories and blogging about them. Eventually, like in 3 years, since that's how many years we've missed out on as Carters, we'll hopefully have a semi-complete family history. I'm excited. :)
So to begin, something simple:

These pictures were taken in about July of 2005. You can see my tiny baby bump that is Viana. Okay you probably can't see it, but I can. That was my first maternity shirt that I wore, I was pretty proud. It didn't even come close to fitting me this pregnancy :) This is in our R-Hall apartment (love the BYU couch in the background) with our dearest dear friends Michael and Jen Fong. They had been married about 3 months in this picture. One night we were hanging out in empty R-Hall (since it was the summer we would host conferences during the week...but on weekends-empty!) and we thought, hey, wouldn't it be fun to play laser tag in this huge empty building?? So, off to Toys R Us we went and picked up these great little lasers. We had a great time running around to floors, dodging into rooms. I'm pretty sure it was something management would not have wanted us to do...but they didn't know :) We sure love the Fongs and miss them dearly! Hopefully they still have their lasers (we still have ours!) and if they come to Monroe, we got plenty of outdoor playing ground this time!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

5 Carters, one post!

We haven't really had anything life changing to post in this new year yet...but I don't want to get into the habit of not posting! This blog is our family journal, so I hope this 2010 year to post on regular ol' life to preserve it forever! (So readers beware, we won't always be entertaining, but it will be life at the speed of mortality!)
We are mostly still in awe that it is the year 2010. Eric put up a summary of the last ten years of his life in seminary. It may be hard to see...but he's had an incredible decade! I mostly like the part when I come into the equation :)Other than that we've just been happy healthy Carters! Here's just some pictures of what we're been up to.

(Ram still enjoys sucking on his lip...and only that. I've tried two bottle tops on him this week and it was a NO GO for both. Dating just isn't as fun with a baby along (Though The Blindside was still an EXCELLENT movie) so I'm hoping he'll like some sort of bottle in the near future!)
(You get to have your picture on the wall of Eric's classroom if you finish the Book of Mormon. This is my picture)
Oh, and for anyone still pondering on what to make their new year's resolution...Mine this year has been to make menus for our family meals so I can plan, budget, prepare, store, etc better...and 12 days into the year I love it!! People have told me to do menus since I was married, but I never bought into I have, and it's fabulous!