Monday, February 22, 2010

My wife, the basketball player

I love my wife CJ in so many ways and for so many reasons. In fact, I've been telling my students all month about it. At the start of class I say, "I love my wife because..." and I show a picture and explain something that I love about my dear wife Halcyon. Well, this Saturday, for the first time, I got to watch my wife play a basketball game. Now, I've seen her shoot around and have even played a pickup game with her. But this was a first to see her playing a game with all women against all women. I knew she was good. But she was GREAT!! She had so much fun. She was the best player on her team. She shot 9 for 17 from the floor and had 18 pts. Not to mention 7 or 8 rebounds, 5 or 6 steals, and even 2 or 3 assists (the rest of her team had only a total of 10 points so not a lot of chances for assists). Then, afterwards I got to see my wife help out a deaf girl by signing with her. Yep, my wife can play basketball and she knows sign language. I love her.

I wish I had the camera there so I could have taken some pictures, but here's a clip of the girls cheering. They were really cute cheering for her during the game :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ram is a real person

Ram has been feeling better these past couple of days, so he has decided to explode with cuteness. He is getting so big and so playful and so vocal. It is extremely fun and we sure love having him in our family!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The picture is fuzzy, but the memories are not

Wouldn't it be nice if my scanner was never stolen while I was in college so I could have non-fuzzy polaroid print pictures on my computer? Oh well, pictures of pictures are mostly nice too!

This picture was taken Feb. 16, 2004. That is 6 years ago today. And if the picture was clearer you would be able to see the very sparkly and very new engagement ring on my finger. Eric and I went to my house in Colorado for the President's Day holiday weekend. I thought Eric was going to ask permission to marry me, so that in April we could get engaged...I was wrong, and boy do I love a good surprise!! Lying is not okay in a relationship, unless the outcome is eternal bliss in the making! Eric had told me he had no money, etc. And while he lied thus, he had the ring already being made!! I love a good sneak! I certainly do want to record the details of the day, but for now, the nutshell version: Had a great holiday weekend. Leaving for airport in 2 hours--Dad leaving in one. Eric sneaks in "the" conversation before Dad leaves. Dad leaves. Eric gets a map and car keys from my mom. Tells me I still have to open my Valentine's gift. Drives me to beautiful hill overlooking Colorado Springs. Hike back to some gorgeous boulders. I open the shoebox. Find Buzz Lightyear holding a little basketball. Romantic and dear speech begins by Eric. He pulls out little basketball from his coat pocket. How like Buzz Lightyear he is holding this little basketball. The Basketball turns out to be a ring case--he opens it and wants to know if he can take me to eternity and beyond. Crying, kissing, hugging, YESSING! Phone rings 2 seconds later. Brother wants to know if the deed has been done. Get back in the car. Mom had gathered sisters from their athletic practices so we could be together and scream when I got home. We scream. We rush to the car, airplane leaves in 3 hours, 2 hour drive to the airport still! Stand-by seats, so this newly engaged couple may not even get to sit together. Another flight is delayed, plenty of open seats. We sit together :) Land in SLC, go to The Roof Restaurant to celebrate. Eric is on news for current event. Drive home to apartment in Provo. Surprise roommates, I'm engaged! No one cared. That was sad. But Eric's roommates were happy! And there you go.

That was a big nutshell.
And so this year, I returned the favor and got him a new wedding band. We liked the original, but it got lost at the 3-on-3 Bball tournament this summer. The place holder CTR ring also got lost when Eric was playing pick-up ball. So, I got him a nice ring. It is engraved with "2E&B". I will let you guess what that means. The answer is in the nutshell story. And even better, I got him this:
See that little clip on his basketball shoe? Women who have basketball playing husbands across the nation, take note!! When he gets to the gym, he takes off his ring and clips it on one side, then clips the clip on his street shoes after he puts these on. Then, when he is done, ring back on, street shoes back on, clip back on bball shoes for next time. Genius, I know. And that is why I felt confident getting him a nice ring.
I love you Eric, thanks for the 6 years of commitment!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fire Engines: Round TWO!! (aka Krista chose the wrong)(aka reason #1,053 why I love Monroe)(aka the curse is SO broken)(aka STATE CHAMP!)

Whilst visiting with my sister Krista while in Provo yesterday she was deliberating as to whether or not to come back to Monroe with us to spend the 3 day weekend. I said, "Well, our wrestlers are at the state championship match right now...if we have a winner you can see the fire engine processional that so endears Monroe to my heart!" Tempted she was. But unsure of a win at that time, the answer came back no. Well did Krista chose the wrong!! Evidence in video form:

32 years since South Sevier has had a State Champion. Last night Colton Argyle won 2A heavyweight in an AMAZING match, 3-2. It was GREAT. Of course I cried. And of course we came home, and at 1:30 in the morning paraded through the streets: AGAIN!!

We followed the Truman trick (if you don't know the trick, this is what it looks like) and celebrated. And isn't wrestling cool. It was Colton who won, but the team who rode. It may be an individual match, but a team victory! And isn't wrestling even cooler--drill team got a nice speech or two by the principal and parents. Wrestlers all shout DODGEBALL!! And so there we were, at 2AM throwing the foam around. It was joyous.

And hey, we still made it to church, on-time and alert, something about this kid named Eric Carter becoming the new Young Men's President made it important to be there!

Congrats Colton, we are so happy for you!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Flashback Friday: June 26-28, 2005

This is my dearest friend Christy Leigh Fisher Weenig (and my dearest Deseret Towers, but that's a flashback for another day.) Christy and I became friends back in 1994 when we both lived in Alamogordo, New Mexico. We were still friends in this picture, and we are still friends to this very day!! (Just the other day she emailed me and told me she had a dream about me even!) My family moved to New Mexico from Colorado when I was 11 and then moved back to Colorado when I was 14. I am certain that we moved there for me. It was a crucial time in my life to define where I wanted to take my spirituality, and because of Christy I took it in the right direction.
Christy was born a righteous soul, and she was kind enough to become my best friend and take me along her adventure to eternal life. To us it was the "cool" thing to read our scriptures and listen to John Bytheway tapes and sing seminary soundtrack songs and dream of being mothers in Zion and hang Mormonads all over our rooms. It was "cool" to love seminary and share the gospel and be kind to others. It was "cool" to bear our testimony and love girl's camp and go to firesides and young women's. Our favorite game to play was "Go BOM" or "Go Prophets" (like go fish, but the matches were things like, "Ezra Taft Benson: Read the Book of Mormon" or "2 Nephi: A Bible! A Bible!") I am thankful to Christy for the love and excitement we created in each other for the gospel as youth--it has carried me to this very day!
Christy and I both moved at the same time, but have crossed paths over and over again since we were young souls. This particular picture was a visit she paid us while her husband was on business in South America and his family was having a reunion in Provo. Christy stayed with us for a few days and we had a blast. She and Eric even went to see Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3D while I was at a work meeting! I love Christy Fisher (Weenig) and am so thankful for her influence in my life and the friendship we have that truly is eternal!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rec. League Basketball

I have recently discovered that Eric's obsession for basketball started when he was 10 years old. That's nearly 18 years of basketball love! We have been blessed to have outlets for Eric to play basketball ever since we were married: church league, BYU intramurals, 3-on-3 tourneys, and this year Richfield city league!!
Some of Eric's students who graduated last year asked him to play with them. He was so happy! Eric couldn't make every game during the regular season because of scouts, but we didn't miss a play-off game! Last week they had to play 2 games back to back...and they won both! This week, yet again, they had to play back to back. Unlike last week, the outcome wasn't as good. 2 loses and they're out now, but I think they finished 4th overall!!
Eric played really great, he had 18 points in the first game, and some great assists and steals in the second game.
Not to mention the guy in charge of Parks and Rec for Richfield is a long lost BYU friend. (When I say 'friend' I mean he was a CA for the first week I was an RA, and we never crossed paths again. But when I saw him last week I thought, "I think I know that guy, and I think his name is Sam Elder"--small world when it turned out that it was!!)
Enjoy these sweet action shots of Eric and his team

I have the cutest husband! The girls were happy to just bring their princesses and play play play! (This is the most I think they've ever looked alike!)

Thanks for taking such good care of yourself Eric so we can enjoy watching you keep up with guys (nearly)half your age!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The bad news is, we haven't had our camera at home for a couple of days...the good news is, that is because Eric has had it at work to take pictures of the students who have been finishing the Book of Mormon left and right! So, anyway, this is the only picture I have to describe our week:

Yes, 3 for 3 sick kiddos. Couple earaches, couple weezy lungs, couple know how it goes. So, we have bottles and bottles of amoxicillan in the fridge. Luckily it is nothing serious; we were worried about Ram still being so young, but they should all be on the mend now. They have all been in fairly good spirits though...I wish I did have our camera, because a coughing Viana singing away making a hoarse Ram laugh his head off is rather endearing.

And good news: South Seveier Lady Rams became Region champs tonight!! (Our boys, remember how they're 20-0, yeah, they've been region champs for weeks now) :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Flashback Friday: May 21-June 11, 2005

This post is only going to make Eric even more Fiji hungry than he already is...
For our one year anniversary we went to FIJI!! It was PHENOMENAL! The only thing that could have made the trip better, would have been if I hadn't been in my first tri-mester of pregnancy with Viana and so a little nauseous and unable to go crazy on the Fijian cuisine. (Thank heavens for the senior missionaries we would stay with who would cook me green beans!!) It was so grand, and we have a goal to go back by 2011, which is when Eric's mission president, who is now the temple president, will be released.

I'll try my best to remember where all these pictures were taken (this is just a small sampling of our pics. Perhaps later we'll have another flashback to Fiji)
This is the Lavena coastal walk in Taveuni. This is on our actual anniversary, May 28. It was so beautiful, and it started to drizzle just a bit, so it was romantic and charming, and we even ran into a real Fijian man out in the jungle hunting or something. There was also this little village way, way out positioned underneath this gorgeous waterfall. It was amazing.This is at the Indian (hindu?) temple in Suva...I think. And yes, that is a BYU bookstore bag. We thought we would be so cool and win the "Where has my BYU bookstore bag been?" competition with a Fiji picture. Not even close. But, as you'll recall, the next year when Eric went back to do his thesis on cannibalism, we'd had a whole year to scheme the perfect picture, and we did win--grand prize $1000 gift card to the bookstore! This is in Ovalau, or Levuka. I think this is where the first capital of Fiji was, or something historical. Eric's gonna have to comeback and improve these memories. :) Anyway, it's this little island of the east coast of the main island. We took a ferry over, which docked in the middle of nowhere, then had to wait for a bus (when I say bus, don't think American bus, think Fijian bus--no windows, no shocks (no roads, so VERY bumpy), etc.) drive forever, etc. Anyway, it was a GRAND trip just to get to the little city. It was wonderful.

This is a little cafe in Levuka. Again, we thought this could be a winning picture :) But see how beautiful the water is in the background??

This is at the pizza joint (again, don't think American pizza, think Fijian pizza, trying to be American pizza) in Taveuni, which is a bigger island that we actually got to fly to on a little puddle jumper. This is where Eric served for 8 months. We took the missionaries here for dinner. I was in a foul pregnant mood. Don't worry, we have it on film, it's hilarious, so here is a rare smile from that night for me :)
This is at some really cool waterfall in Taveuni. Eric was SO happy to be able to swim and dive since he couldn't on his mission. I filmed him doing such. Well, I swam, but I did NOT dive. Even if I hadn't been pregnant, I think I still would have been too scared. But it was beautiful and a GREAT hike to get to the falls (of which there are 3...we went to 2 of them...I think).
Same place, not the winning picture :)
These are the blow holes in Taveuni. We rented a van and driver for the day and took all the Taveuni missionaries with us out here (don't worry, it was P-day). This place is SOOOO cool. The water comes in and blows up the holes of these rocks. It's awesome. We even saw a guy swimming out in the ocean and he caught a (huge) sea turtle (could be illegal, but a guys gotta eat) he held it up for us to see, it was AWESOME. And some of the Fijians caught crabs and carved our names into their shells and threw them back into the ocean. So if you ever find a crab that says Carter, you'll know why.
This is from the Lavena coastal walk again.
This could be the Lavena coastal walk, or the hike up to the waterfalls in Taveuni.
One of the senior missionary couples took us to this resort for dinner one night. I'm picking at my fairly American salad. One thing I loved about this trip, was that since Eric served in Fiji we didn't have to stay at "resorts" to have a good experience. We "roughed" it so to speak and had the local, native experience. It was so cool.
And there you have it. And yes, look forward to more Fiji in the future, because there are so many more pictures of some many more beautiful places we went.