Tuesday, March 23, 2010


A lovely thing for a Daddy to find.

5 things I love about that: 1)Viana and Brooke figured out this arrangment all on their own 2)They have very stylish shoes 3)I love the way Viana says 'sister' in the video 4)We live in a very lovely deseret 5)My daughters love each other!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Turns out Idaho isn't that far away

Eric lovingly volunteered to make the basketball team a highlight video of their wonderful season...they took him up on it and we realized, um, how will we do this? Not to worry, Eric's dad had an old desktop computer, Eric's brother had a $600 movie editing program, Eric's other brother knew how to install and work it and Eric's mom knows how to pile 7 people in her van, drive to Twin Falls, ID and meet up with 5 other people so that all these things can come together. We got a surprise trip from the cousins and a great computer with editing program plus a fun weekend in Twin Falls out of it! Relaxing at the hotel with Grandma and cousins? Not much better than that. And were these two girls thrilled beyond reason to see real live people getting married in the Twin Falls temple? Oh yes, they very much were.
It was such an easy drive and a great trip! We're pretty excited, since one of the boys that we're even making this highlight video for will be attending college in Twin Falls next year to play on their basketball team! You can expect to see us return here for sure!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A green birthday!

First things first--we do NOT have to move. If we did I would say, sorry Eric, you do not need a Masters! We are blessed to have an extension campus right down the road in Richfield. So he'll do satellite courses there and then make an occasional trip up to Logan during the summers. Hooray!

Now, on to yesterday and the fabulous success we had in celebrating Eric's 28th birthday!
To begin, I woke up with Eric and made him German Pancakes. And if you've never had German pancakes, you need to come to Monroe so I can cook some for you-Delish!! And with a breakfast that good, how could Eric have anything but a great day??!!
For lunch we met up at the Monroe Taco shop, "La Casita del Osi" and had a FREE birthday lunch! It was wonderful and is a gem of a place that is a great Monroe experience. So again, come to Monroe and we will take you there.
All day at school Eric had Shamrock sharing day and Bro. Smith had all of his classes make birthday cards for Eric. So that was joyous. After school was out first track meet!! (I don't want to take away from Eric's bday, but I LOVE track and I LOVE being Coach Carter and I LOVE that the kids actually trust me and enjoy my experience and knowledge). Eric was kind enough to chase around 3 babies while I chased around 40 teenagers. It was fun and well worth it, because after the track meet we moved Eric's birthday party to...
Pizza Hut!! I invited all the seminary students to come. In all we got 20 there...it was GREAT!! SO FUN. This was our end of the table. We were in some good company. Dillon, Landon and Brad mostly entertained us while entertaining themselves with my stopwatch. It was hilarious.
And this is everybody else. It was so grand and we pigged out!!
So all in all a wonderful St. Patrick's Day had by all. Eric loves his birthday because nearly everybody wears his favorite color for him! What a lucky duck. I know for certain if you saw our family you were seeing lots of green.
But I have to say that Eric may have some luck to see so much green once a year, but I am the one who is ultimately lucky. I get to look into this shade of green every day for eternity.
My husband is wonderful in every way. He is patient and kind and selfless and diligent and talented and loving and funny and cute and the best daddy and the best husband in the whole world!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eric Carter, MEd.

We got good news in the mail today! Eric has been accepted to the Masters of Education program at Utah State University!!(I love my husband. He is so cute.)And in other news: When you are a mother, you can sometimes pull the laundry out of the wash and find this-- And now you know that I just dump the entrie laundry basket of kids clothes in all at once. :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Ides of March

I have a new nephew!! He's nameless, but pretty much perfect and I can tell we're going to be best friends. My sister had an emergency c-section. I know, you can't tell because she is beautiful and radiant. Everyone is doing great though! Horray for new babies!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Male bonding

In true nature to the man he was named after, we decided it is never to early to start your son on a little PS3 action.And lest you think our family really does have an issue with attachment to dorky hats (*ahem*ALLY) here's the wee boy in a true ball cap. I am in love.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Flashback Friday: March 7, 2008

Sunday marks the two year anniversary of our hire date to CES. In celebration and remembrance of that God directed event I thought I would post Eric's telling of "The Hiring Story" that he posted on his seminary blog shortly after it happened. If you're like me, get your Kleenex ready :)

So, it's been busy and crazy. I apologize for being out of operation for this last week or so. First of all, I want to testify that God knows us individually, He hears our prayers, and He is in the details of our lives. He is lining things up for you and for me even as we speak, we just don't usually know about it until the end result. Then, we look back in amazement and truly can recognize His hand in all things.Esther, a Jew, was chosen to be queen in Persia (an empire stretching from India to Ethiopia) to king Ahasuerus. His right hand man, Haman, hated the Jews because they would not bow to him and decreed that they should all be killed. Not knowing that Esther was a Jew, the king agreed to let Haman carry out this order. Was it chance that Esther, a Jew, had been chosen as queen to be in the king's court so that she would be there at the right place and the right time to save her people? Mordecai phrased it best in a letter to his cousin Esther (which he raised as "his own daughter") saying, "Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?" (Esther 4:14). The Lord had lined things up perfectley for Esther to be there to save His chosen people. I don't think it was chance.Let's go back to March 6th. CJ came to Spanish Fork to meet me as I was finishing class. We were going to go to the temple later that evening, but decided to just go right then. Luckily we had amazing friends to watch the girls who were willing to take them right away. We wanted to hit the 2:00 pm session, but made the 2:30 instead. It was a great time at the temple. April (hiring time) is just around the corner and the nerves of 'will I make it or not' were very high. I spent a lot of time thinking and praying in the temple about seminary teaching. As we left the temple an elderly woman approached us. She was wearing a crocheted beanie, a crocheted scarf and an older brown coat. She was also holding what looked like a sack lunch. She asked if we were going across town--which we weren't--since we just live down the street from the temple. I started to say, "No" and was outvoiced by my wife's answer of "Yes!" I then, lulling through my "no" added, "But we could," with a smile. We headed to the car and as CJ told this woman, Barbara, that I was trying to become a seminary teacher she said that her husband was a seminary teacher. And if that wasn't enough, she also told us that she used to be a hall advisor at the dorms, just like CJ is doing now. Coincidence...?On the drive we learned about her family's background, where she was from, etc, and also explained who we were, our backgrounds and where we hailed from. Barbara who is now 78, although she claimed 77 saying that she wasn't going to have anymore birthdays, was very fun and an engaging conversationalist. She asked about the youth at Spanish Fork and then very matter of factly said, "Let's sing the songs of the Bible." When we finished with Malachi, she didn't miss a beat, quickly saying, "Now the New Testament." It was so fun. We were very excited to have met a new friend at the temple and glad that we could help her get back to her home. As we pulled up to her apartment building for her to get out she said, "I'll pray for you to be a seminary teacher."March 7th, 7:10 am (the next morning). I'm in bed, but semi-conscious. I got up because I thought I heard the phone ringing. I went to check the caller id to see the name of my "pre-service" leader on it, having just called a couple of minutes earlier. I quickly called him back, wondering why he'd be calling so early. "Oh" I thought to myself, "he must be calling to confirm my next observation date." After only a matter of seconds, he asked if my wife was awake. I quickly got her and we both got to hear the offering of a full-time contract for me to teach seminary. The excitement was unbelievable. He explained why the offer was coming over a month early and told me that I would be going to Monroe, Utah to take the place of a teacher on medical leave. He explained what all would happen and what would happen the rest of the day and then that was it. I hung up the phone, turned to CJ and said, "CJ, do you remember that old lady from the temple yesterday...She was from Monroe, Utah."That day I got observed by Bro. Vellinga (he said if I didn't do good he was taking it all back--no pressure right). I was teaching Esther. When we came to Mordecai's question I recounted this story to the class. Bro. Vellinga spoke up from the back of the class, "No, really? Was she really from Monroe?" (a valid question, what are the odds, since there are less than 2,000 people living there). He then said, "Now, what time were you at the temple?" I, caught off guard, stumbled through my memory and came up with, "From 2:30 to 4:30." He then went on to explain that he found out the day before (March 6) that they needed to hire someone. He was praying about it and trying to see who it should be. He felt good and turned in my name to the people in Salt Lake. Bro. Vellinga was in Arizona and didn't get home until around 11 pm that night. He checked his email and had received a "yes" confirmation email from Salt Lake at 4:35 pm. I don't know how He did it. But at the time that we were in the temple, and at the time we were with Barbara and she said she'd pray for me, he was in Arizona praying about it and they were in Salt Lake praying about it. I don't know how He lined it all up, but He did. We went back and found Barbara a few days later to tell her our story (only knowing where her apartment complex was, it was another miracle when she just happened to walk out of the locked complex right when we drove up). She nearly collapsed in shock and said, "I really did pray for you!" She was thrilled to show us pictures of what we know and love as Monroe, UT. I don't know why I need to be in Monroe right now, but I know I need to be there. I know that God is lining up events, people, etc. for each one of us. I pray that I'll have the trust and the confidence in Him to allow His will to be done always.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Not only is it my best friend Brooke's 27th birthday today, and not only does the track season kick-off with our first team meeting today, and not only does Eric get to take the youth to the Manti temple today, and not only did I try some genealogy and kind of succeed so that we can get our very own ancestor's work done at the temple, and not only has another snow storm hit us (that is only good as I think about the farmers around here) BUT ALSO Ram is SIX months old today. ONE HALF YEAR!! He's amazing and growing and so so cute. He can kind of sit up on his own and is really pushing up with his arms when he's on his stomach. What a cutie!

I'm not really sure if this face he has on is surprise or shock or terror...whatever it is, it's mighty cute!

Ram has such good tolerance for his sisters...they brighten his day, that's for sure!