Saturday, April 24, 2010

Corinne's wedding

So, here I am, two plus weeks since my last post...and now, over the next few days, I suppose Eric and I will attempt to play catch-up. For no other reason than to have as full of a family history as possible :)
Here is my little man. Is he really this old already?? He is so darn cute and so darn GOOD. Anyway, my cousin Corinne (ps. I only have 8 cousins--that includes both sides of my family. That is RARE. Especially around these parts where most peolpe have 50+!) got married on April 24. My mom and dad and Summer and Krista were there, so after spending the morning at a track meet we drove up to Alpine to celebrate with my family at the reception.

Pretty much my uncle is a it was posh! LOVED IT!
So posh in fact that they made personalized cookies for all who attended....Or maybe the bride and groom just happened to be Corinne and Jacob, so all the cookies had their initials on them. But I like to think they were just that excited about seeing me.
Eric is getting a very creative eye when it comes to photography. And I have beautiful sisters.
We pigged out, hugged a lot, laughed even more, and I even got to see my cousin in law (Corinne's cousin on her dad's side that I met at BYU and befriended due to shared family). We left the reception an I said, "We didn't even get a picture of beautiful Corinne!" SO I made Eric run back in just to get one! It was worth it, isn't she beautiful?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Some going-ons

Here is a cute family picture! Brooke doesn't take naps in her bed any more, but if you get her in the late afternoon on the couch with her Daddy, it's a near given! (Daddy doesn't mind either!) Ram became mobile this week. He woke up Sunday morning and said, "I think I'll army crawl." And so he did! Today he's started getting up onto his knees. I'm sure I only have about a week left before no room in the house will be safe!

And Brooke reached a grand milestone today! I kept this picture modest, but she is sitting on her little trainer toilet with a huge smile because she actually used it!! We have been TRYING to potty train for a while now with ZERO success. But today she went in the pot. I take this as a very encouraging first step!! Good job Brookie!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

That time of year

Spring is generally a time of growth, but for Viana and Brooke it's a time of anti-growth! Viana has been begging for a hair-cut lately. I've grown attached to her long hair, but she wouldn't let me put it off any longer! And since Brooke does everything Viana does, she got a little trim too. Hers looks nice and healthy without scragglers! Mostly I love that she is a thumb sucker. Even if we have 10 more kids, I think she'll always be my baby!

Viana said so-long to her long!!
It made her look so old. BUT STILL CUTE!! And she LOVES LOVES LOVES it!!

Eric got a hair cut last night too...all this hair cutting going on around me is hard to resist! But, because I love my husband, and he loves the long hair--I must press forward with my own spring efforts to grow!!

(ps-how cool are we? We have a Mr. Incredible bathroom rug! HAHAHAHA!)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Junior Prom

Welcome to my very most favorite event of the year. And this is where you could have found me this year, as for the second year in a row, I was given the honor of the ticket taker/program passer-outer/greeter. (Which by the way is the best job ever because I get to see EVERYONE!!) Remember from my first prom experience that this is not your average school dance with fancy clothes and loud music. This is a community attended event in which juniors are introduced with their dates, the junior class performs the promenade, royalty is announced and there is a parents dance (No, of course I do not cry during this part as I see fathers RACE down to the floor to be with "my baby girl!" <--- real quote from Dad who flew from Texas to be with his daughter for her big night). Here's a good shot of a spin in the promenade. This year prom was also a masquerade--what a cool flare!!

And of course, Eric was asked to head up the valet parking again. BEST JOB EVER (second to mine--though I did get to help with this by gathering claim tickets and throwing keys at these 4 boys as they would literally RUN back and forth getting the cars, all whilst offering waiting couples jokes to pass the time!)Pretty much I love Prom in Monroe. If you really want a charming small town experience to absolutely typify Monroe, I will invite you next year (I can probably even sneak you in for free since you'll know the ticket taker!!)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nothing better than best friends

One thing I love about living in Utah is the fact that people come to Utah. So yesterday, when my dearest friend Brooke (who lives in Virginia, who is moving to Africa in June), was in Utah we hopped into our car early in the morning and drove up to my other dearest friend Lori's house to be together for a couple short hours. With 3 women and eight children (when Lori and I met we had NO children--now there are 8!!), it was never a dull moment. And we LOVED every second. And we're really glad Lincoln and Tad are so into Dinosaurs right now, because it doesn't get much better than BYU's little museum.

Here's little Brooke and Big Brooke (an Natalie and Tad). Next time we have the chance to meet up Brooke will be so old!
Lucy Truman took this picture for us. I wanted to get a picture of Lori, Brooke and I--and this is us in our truest form: MOTHERS!! :)
The visit was short but so refreshing to be with eternal friends!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Months ago when I committed to lose some weight, I set 165lbs. as my end goal. Today is a good day!AND as a bonus, I weigh less than Eric for the first time in years! My new goal is 162--that is how much I weighed before I had Viana. It is so fun to lose weight!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More spring break

Blogger=lame right now, so this post is jumbled in thoughts...
Viana is getting old! But she still loves a good visit to the park! It was definitely warmer in California than in Utah, but not quite warm enough for the beach, so this is as sandy as it got! (Don't worry, I still managed to come home with sand in my hair somehow).

We went to a park near Jamie's and had fun in the sun! Ally loves swinging. She tricked Eric into pushing her forever. Then I went to go tell him he could stop and just get her down, but she tricked me into pushing her forever! What a cute kid!Some cousins play tackle football, these cousins play tackle slide! (those are some good facial expressions)
(Me and blogger are not friends right now, so here's an out of order post. Blogger and Picasa are both friends of google--so why haven't they invented the ability to just be able to drag a picture from one and drop it in the other! Or at least give me ease in picture manuverability! Ug, oh well, here are some pics anyway!)
Ram had his first experience with grass: he liked it! Cutest boy ever, I know. Don't mind the girlish sweatshirt, he was just borrowing from Ally.
And the fun of California does not stop at Disneyland and the Lindes-my college roommate Brynn Burke is going to UCLA so we got to meet up with her. She is beautiful and thriving and living a great life! We hadn't seen each other since before Brooke was born so it was wonderful to see her!

It really is magical

So, it's true, Carters are addicted to Disneyland. But it really is a magical place. Can you deny the looks on the girls' faces? And, well, since we've been enough we know how to make it a really great, stress free, happy vacay. One day is all we need to feel reconnected to childhood.


Never have we once, in 4 years, had a normal, traditional, Easter Bunny Easter. We always celebrate eventually and in some form, but not like your average joe. This has given us the opportunity to have much more Christ centered Easters with no expectation of candy and baskets on Easter Sunday morning. Eventually, like hopefully next year, we will just combine the two and still come out with burning testimonies and chocolaty faces, but until then, it's been fun to celebrate Easter traditions whenever we get around to them.

This year we hit up Easter on Saturday with the Lindes!! LaDon hid eggs all over their apartment courtyard, then Viana, Brooke and Ally ran around like pros finding them! It was SO GREAT!(That's a little peek at my 2 1/2 week old nephew Daniel! He's so cute!)I don't know if you can tell, but we did at least bother to put the three girls in matching pants for the hunt. Thanks Meemaw!

Monday, April 5, 2010

BYU's newest superhero!

It's no secret how much we love our neighbors the Wilsons...and no secret how much we love Orion! He's graduating this year, which means college for a semester before his mission. He is bright and talented and involved, so of course he's been accepted everywhere he's applied. But good news for the Carters tonight: He's decided to go to BYU!! (Victory for the Cougs!) I feel kinda like Sandra Bullock's character from The Blindside, because as BYU alums we've pretty much sugar-coated the beauty of BYU to Orion for the past 3 months. It worked :) Don't worry, as soon as he told us we got to work and made him this awesome superhero cape/blanket, to include a superhero secret weapon (we can't divulge to you what that is--sorry, secret). All we can say is, BYU--you are one lucky school to be getting this superhero!

Some is better than none!

Hopefully there will be many more posts to come. Lots more, because it's been awhile and life keeps going at the speed of mortality!