Friday, May 28, 2010

To assure you we are alive

Really, I have mounds of posts I need to go back and do...once my computer has room on it again for pictures.
Until then, here is a glimpse from my 16 year old journal that will give you a glimpse into what my life was like--and what my brain was like--in the good ol' days of boy craziness:
"The second he threw his arms around me everything in the world was perfect. For that split-second in time, the starving children in Ethiopia stopped crying, the flowers bloomed in Alaska, and the hearts of millions were touched. It was astronomical."
And yes, that is describing a hug. Just a normal hug that a boy gives a girl when she is having a bad day. Oh man, I embarrass myself. Was I really so self-absorbed to think that the real life sorrow and tragedy of starving children could be calmed by a hug of my crush??
And yet, here I find myself just as nearly self-absorbed. Note title of blog post. Do I really think there are so many of you out there who have been concerned and distraught at my blogging absence and thought I would at least sooth all of you and bring joy to your day with a story about: ME? Apparently I do.

Hopefully those children get a little dinner tonight.