Monday, June 28, 2010

Lollipop anyone?

Third child...why wait 'til their 1st birthday to give them sugar? Then they can look like this that much sooner in life!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Those summer nights!

I have had some very fond summers in my life. To be reminisced as one of the favorites was the summer of popsicles on the basketball court between R-Hall and S-Hall with Brooke and Linc. (The popsicle given to me by the Rasmussens upon their move from S-hall still remains in my freezer). The inner peace and soul satisfaction that came from those nights is only to be had on perfect summer evenings. I have discovered that such a night with such complete serenity comes in Monroe. It looks like this.Ram discovering, and LOVING, rocks.

Eric playing roof ball with the neighbors.
Viana jumping on the Wilsons trampoline.
Brooke lining up her chalk family.
All the while treasuring my family and talking with my visiting mother. Take that Olivia Newton John. That is a real summer night.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Lee Unkrich gave us a perfect Friday

Lee Unkrich--the director of Toy Story 3--is our new best friend. From the early morn hours of Friday we were EXCITED for what the day would hold for us. Eric was in Price at meetings, so the kids and I loaded into the car, drove to the airport to get Krista and then went straight to the theater to get our tickets. Thanks Mom for treatin' us to the movie!! With tickets in hand we still had the whole day to kill before our 8:15pm showing. We were in no way bored. We moved Krista in to her very first off-campus apartment! It was grand!

Just look at that basket of atrocious hangers! What screams college life more than years of collected dry cleaning hangers from your dad??
We went to some parks while we waited for Eric to arrive from Price, then once he did we went to dinner at a little French bakery. Eric spoke French and got us some baguette!
Then, like any good Monrovian we made our customary trip to Costco to hold down the small town Utah fort. Look at those blue blue eyes!!
Time was drawing closer and we were getting antsy. So we went to see Orion at his new job at Jay's Jungle. We watched Orion feed mice to the snakes. It was pretty amazing how fast those snakes would nab those little mice.
This one is coiling around the mouse breaking every bone in its body. Pleasant, huh?
Then it was time to go to the theater! It was even more joyous because we got to bring Saraho and Elise! Kindred souls!
AND the people in front of us in the line were awesome-ly outfitted. Not to mention they were there with Evan Rogler, who was an R-Hall resident. It is SO wonderful for me when I run into my old residents. I love it!!
The children were AMAZING. They wore their glasses and were glued the entire show. It was great.
And so now you would like to hear our review? It is thus: You need to see this movie in the theater. You don't necessarily need to see it in 3D. But it will be worth the theater experience. It is a laugh out loud movie, and it's always more fun to laugh out loud when 200 other people are doing it too. This movie fit in perfectly with the first two Toy Story movies. It was perfectly progressed with perfect character growth. Mainly, it is a Toy Story movie. In other words, it is a telling of the story of characters that we have grown up with, know very intimately, and love dearly. I can not review this movie like I would any other movie by looking at strength of plot or character development or how the action sequences were or if the story was original enough. BECAUSE. Since we do know the characters and their lives so well, I simply felt like I was sitting down and listening to them "tell me their day." In a way that I would tell you about my day, or your mom would tell you about her day or your son would tell you about his. You would listen eagerly, cry when needed, laugh when needed, smile, cringe, gasp etc. and never once would you say, "Well gosh, that was a pretty weak story, your day had no plot, and it was too predictable, or too scary for me or not funny enough." You would simply love it because you love the person telling you their day. And it would be worth your time. That is how the movie was. Flawless because I was simply experiencing my dear friends story through beautiful visual stimulation. It is a kid movie, and it is an enjoyable adult movie. There are some more intense parts that have you gripped to the edge of your seat (and for wondering moms with toddlers--Viana had to leave her seat and grip to her Daddy for these parts, but Brooke was absolutely fine with them and did not care), but there are also hilariously resolving parts, and of course, in true Pixar fashion heart-warming and self-reflecting parts. Ahhhhhh. It was refreshingly perfect in our book. So great. And we got to see it with Orion, who we talked to in the parking lot long enough afterwards to give us a 1:30am arrival time at home. Not a big deal unless you are having a scout fund-raiser car-wash/yard-sale the next morning with start time of 7am!! But Eric survived and had a great fund-raiser!

So all-in-all, Thank you Lee Unkrich. We were not disappointed at all.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Dads!

Too many good daddys in my life to give sufficient attention too...but I will try!

First of all, my own father. I love my dad. I would say more than the average ol' daughter loves their father even. He's pretty much amazing and helped to make me who I am. (In other words, he helped me search the Yellow Pages of life to hire the best drummer around that would be mine and mine alone.) (Well, and 9 years later he hired out that same drummer to my sister Krista I've decided.) Marching to the beat of a different drummer is his specialty--in the best way--and he passed that trait along to me--hopefully in the best way as well! I think one of the greatest things my dad ever did for me was tell me that I was Halcyon the Perfect One. It also helped that he told Eric that when he asked my dad for permission to marry me. To have high expectations and good confidence in this world today was HUGE for me. Another one of my dad's gems was this teaching: If you are nice to your sisters, you will have a perfect life. Truth rolled into one sentence and I'm glad he taught me that! Another thing that my sisters and I are increasingly grateful for is the strong memory of dad saying all of our life, "Let it be known that you are having a wonderful childhood." And we did! Thanks Dad! I love you--especially since you look just like our faithful rooster Silver, may he rest in peace!

My Father-in-law, Jack is another AMAZING father. I would let Eric blog about him (and he still can if he wants) but I will let him nap...since it's his Father's Day too. :)

Before I entered the Carter Family it was a Washington family! Both of Eric's brothers had married girls from WA who they had known for YEARS. Then here I come, some stranger from BYU and Colorado who had known their son for 3 months and yet I thought to proclaim eternal love to him?? What?? But guess what? I ALWAYS, from day one, felt loved and accepted by Jack. I never felt pre-judged by him or like he wasn't too sure of me. He was kind and generous and I felt like he treated me just like one of the family right away. He is an awesome story teller, and I love to hear him tell stories about anything...which he has great stories about everything, so it is great! And it is nice to actually feel that he loves me. Not to just know that he has to because I married his son, but I know that he really does. The best thing about Jack is the example he gave to Eric on being a father and husband. I know Eric wouldn't be as wonderful as he is if he didn't have such a wonderful Dad.

You know Jack is a good Dad if he will wear white on white with Eric to play in a Fathers and Sons basketball tournament!! And for the final Dad today, Eric...the father of my very own children. Boy I tell you what. I was lucky when I got my dad, Eric was lucky when he got his Dad, but my kids--lucky doesn't even come close to describing their ultimate good fortune in having Eric for a dad. I married Eric because he loved me. I was the most important thing to him in the whole world. I was his everything. And now we have three kids. And he still loves me. And I am still the most important thing to him. And I am still his everything. This is part of what makes him such a good father. As my own dad taught us, the dad has to love the mom. And speaking of those three kids, guess how they each feel about their Daddy. He loves each of them. They are the most important thing to him. They are his everything. I don't know how he does it--but that's what he does. (Maybe he has 4 hearts in his body or something, because we're each all convinced that we own his entire heart. Loves cool like that, eh?) I am so blessed to have a perfect husband that is pretty much also a perfect father.Hooray for Father's Day and for such great great men...We Love You DADDYS!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Toy Story 3 Tomorrow!

If you don't have weekend plans yet, I will make them for you. If you do have weekend plans already, cancel them and I will make new ones for you. If you are a friend to the will know that it is necessary for you to drop everything and go see this movie!!! It opens TOMORROW!!!!! We can't wait!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My real bike rider

I have known lots of children who mastered pedaling at 2 or 3 years old. But for Viana, mastery came last week. And boy was she excited! She kept riding back and forth on the sidewalk in front of our house screaming, "I'm a real bike rider! I'm a real bike rider!" It was so charming. And, for any curious mothers out there, developmentally, children aren't expected to pedal until they are 4, so we're right on track! Once she realized she was a real bike rider, she decided she was ready to bike to lunch at the park. I figured I would be walking the bike most of the way...but she did awesome. She rode all the way there and most of the way home. And it's close, but not TOO close. She rode to the very end of this road, then 2 more blocks to the left! Part of what gets her goin' is her fire power. We were riding along...not all too fast...then all of a sudden Viana pushes an imaginary button on her handle bar, yells "Firepower" and takes off! I don't really know where she came up with that, but it's a great little pretend accessory!
That's some sweet helmet hair after a great ride! Good job Viana! We're so proud that you are a real bike rider!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brooke Carter Talei

Meet my potty-trained girl!! It took awhile. Kind of. She wouldn't even give it a try forever. Then, with a little "do it or else" and a Disneyland sized reward waiting for her from Grandma--bada-bing! Overnight success. Potty, poo, public, nights, you name it--she's good to go! We are so pleased with this transition!! And even more pleased with who this little girls is becoming. In her mind, she is "Buh-cah-Talei!" (Brooke Carter Talei!) I've decided she says this to announce, 'I'm Brooke Carter...Precious!!' (Talei is Fijian for 'precious').

The other night we had already put the girls to bed and we were in our room. Brooke runs in and says, "Momma I have to go potty!" And I say to her, "Well don't tell me about it, just go!" So she turns out of our room and we hear her say as she runs to the bathroom, "I will tell me about it, 'I have to go potty, Buh-cah-Talei!'" It was adorable! We love you Brooke!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why we really haven't been blogging...

Remember the last time we went on a blogging hiatus? And that was because I was pregnant??? Well, guess what, that is NOT the reason why we have been away for so long now.

The real reason is thus: My mom is the stake girls camp person (what's that real calling name? Guru?) Regardless, she is busy busy busy and has been for the last month. So, out of the kindness of my heart I thought, "If my mom sees bi-weekly posts all about her grandchildren and has to daily be drenched in their cuteness and adorableness she will lose focus and not be able to resist coming to Utah for a visit--when in truth now is not the time!" So we left a vacant blog in order to eliminate any bait to distract my mom from girls camp. Kind of us, huh? But, seeing as how girls camp is next week, it is now time to saturate my mom with US so she will look forward to coming...the day after camp, is that right mom?

Without further ado, 7 posts plus this one detailing the month of May.

To begin with, here are those cute grandkids.
Brooke's crying in this picture...the glasses were supposed to camoflouge that :) My girls are best friends. That's all I will say about that.

Sisters and St. George!-May25-28, 2010

My brother-in-law LaDon is a financial consultant, and some of his cases are more busy than others. The case he is on now is a big one, so he isn't home Jamie said, hey, might as well be in Utah with my sister!! So, she packed her 2 kids in the car (Ally--my best friend and Daniel--Fat Asian LaDon) and drove out. It was great!! It was a crazy busy week for her and me, but we managed to eat cookies everyday for nearly every meal. And that is what bonds sisters! We also picked up Krista in Provo and bonded more! We had so much gluttonous cookie eating and sister bonding that I have zero pictures. But I will steal one from Krista's blog to have evidence of the event. See, there's part of Jamie and part of Daniel and Ally. We're, well, EATING dinner.

On the day that we went to pick up Krista from Provo we had another Superbowl victory (see post below) in St. George. Eric and Viana (who stayed outside with some old students) went down for the sealing of Jacee Curtis to Regan Warner. He took some great pictures!

SSHS Graduation-May 25, 2010

Before I talk about the small town bliss that is our High School graduation, I just have to mention Seminary graduation, which was on the 22nd. It was Eric's first as principal, and he and the seminary council (also the first year we've ever had one of those) put together THE BEST seminary graduation I've ever been too. It was AWESOME. Music, speakers, processional, kids; you name it, everything was GREAT.

Ok, so, last year was the first SSHS graduation I had been too, since I was working the year before, and while there I 'ahh-ed' and 'oooh-ed' the whole time because it was small town bliss. So this year, come along with me to the wonders of SSHS graduation.

First of all, we sat right by the entrance tunnel. That provided great interaction with the men in red:

(Brock Willes, Kaleb Young, Dillon Bishoff, Brad Christensen, Landon Leavitt, Kaleb Smith)

And the women in white:

(Appolonia Penman, Dayna Monroe, Sam Jones, Breanne Nentwich, Shelby Lowe, Portia Jones, Rachel Stevens, Kortney Obray and Jessica Horgan)
Then the program starts with the Senior Class President greeting. It went something like this. "So, I didn't really know I was gonna have to do this..." and you can imagine the rest of the joy there. Then some good music, good speeches by the kids (Taylor Sirrine Valedictorian and Logan Jones Salutatorian) and keynote speaker, retiring teacher Coach Orr. Then Mr. Bailey our principal is to present the graduating class. He speaks for a little bit...and without ever really closing his remarks or even really presenting the class goes right into the logistics of parents coming down for pictures. It was an awesome transition. I think this might be normal to have parents come on the floor to take pictures. But it didn't happen at my graduation, so I really like it.

And as every single graduate came up Nancy Ware was hiding behind the ramp to give them each a trinket to hand to Coach Orr as they went on stage. That's Orion (not red you say? The Honors graduates had the black). See his little ice chest there that he collected all his 110 gifts in? Cute, no?? Orion is about to give him a baseball cap.

Then, after you are announced, "Orion Wilson, son of Clayton and Merilee Wilson" (That did NOT happen at my graduation!) you come down the stairs to the line of teachers. Which ones? Every single teacher at the school--and the head custodian! And you go down the line. Again, Orion hugging Coach TMac (I think). CHARMED by this idea because a)our school is small enough that there aren't too many teachers and b)you've pretty much had everyone and c)you can hug them all! It's great!

After awarding of diplomas there is the turning of the tassels and the throwing of the hats...then Mr. Bailey says, "Parents, they're all yours." Everyone rushes to the floor to hug and gift and photograph and cry, etc. We were THE LAST people out of the arena, because, well, we had to do all of those things with about every person!

TtoB,LtoR,Center:Memrie Powell, Morgan Gifford, Brad Christensen, JaKale Robinson (and Buzz Lightyear), Dillon Bishoff, Orion Wilson and Logan Jones.
LtoR, TtoB: Toni Hunt, Taylor Sirrine, Janessa Farrer, Shailee Syddall, Krisdie Snedeger, Brock(Pro) Willes, Andrea Anderson
This was of course followed up by refreshments, because what school doesn't provide refreshments?? (Oh, every one but ours). And a wicked good Sprite drinking contest. (Because after all we were the last ones out, so we had to help get rid of all the left-overs!)
It was joyous and grand. The only problem with graduation is this: Those kids are done! We will miss them!! But, they all have very bright futures ahead that we still plan on being a part of!