Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lost camera=boring blog

If anyone finds our has many precious pictures of us on it...let us know. We are mostly heart-broken about it's disappearance, hence a lack of catch up posts on our July. But to further the family history efforts I will report that we went to the county fair tonight. There was wildfires all around and it was very windy so the sun was as red as blood and my lungs still feel poisoned, but it was joyous none the less. We made it in time for the free BBQ which is always great! The momentous occasion of the fair this year was as follows: Sevier county fair is probably not one of the top 100 county fairs in the country, but I always just remember what it was 2 years ago and then I think our fair is amazing. But truly, think of your typical scary movie carny, and that is the front entrance to our fair. We are suckers for said scary carnivals (the only suckers at the I framing a scary deserted carnival for you?) and it's shifty looking toys, so we got the girls 2 tickets each to jump in the "Bouncer of Monkeys" cleverly shaped like a barrel o' monkeys with a huge ape on top. They jumped their little hearts out and we were cheering them on from the back window. Suddenly, I hear what sounds like the fan stop blowing...I question the silence, and then hear the ride operator say, "Your time's up, need to get out now!" So I figured what I heard was actually some sort of timing device. Then all of a sudden I see my children being sucked into the barrell of monkeys...Viana shouts, "I'm stuck!" as this huge deflating ape begins to fall out of the sky. The ride operator yells over to her operating buddy and he dives into the barrel o' suffocation and says "Grab my hands!" to my sinking children. They latch on with their last feeble effort of life and he pulls them to their safety!! It was amazing! He was basically this amazing carny guy...goatee scruff, smoke stained fingers, earrings, and cookie monster hat. But when the girls were safe they looked up at him and said, "Thanks Superhero!!" He went to track down the sudden shut off of power and saw the upcoming concert being set-up near by had unplugged the power source! He storms over and says, "You can't touch that! I had kids in there!" It was so dear and touching to see mostly scary carny guy transform into amazing caring thoughtful superhero man! We were friends the rest of the night. It was great.

So there you go. Good can come from scary carnivals--superheros can be born!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Just in case you forgot...

...Ram is cute! :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Youth Conference

I can't even begin to tell you how great youth conference was. Partially because I wasn't there--but Eric and I brainstormed the whole thing, and we basically concocted the coolest YC ever. At least that's how we felt about it in the development stage! I think over all it went pretty good in execution too :)

We based YC off the very popular Percy Jackson series in which Percy finds himself a demi-god and a participant at Camp Half-blood. We decided to focus on our divine inheritance and send the kids to Camp Full-Blood! There was great workshops and cool battle training! I wish I could just tell you every single detail!! Eric went up the whole time, I went up one day to bring up all the stuff I stayed behind to make (medusa heads our of paper-machie, and amazing hydra dart board, the coolest Minotaur poster and rock sling ever, etc. etc.)

Our coolest activity was a lava rock wall (which they have in the book). It was very cool in inception. Post activity we can say this: It would be the PERFECT activity for institute aged kids :) But our youth still had a good time.

And Eric got to teach the kids how to play Tawamudu.Here's the group at the rock wall. See those expressions?? Yeah, that pretty much represents very accurately everyone's individual opinions!!! (Well, that makes it look kinda rough--it was really quite marvelous! See on the left-Happy Halcyon!!)