Monday, October 25, 2010

How to have a Halloween weekend with Krista

1) Pick out the Halloween cookie cutter shapes (to include a duck chosen by Brooke) 2) Make the cookies...or play toys at the counter while Momma makes them

3) Be adorable
4) Roll out the dough and cut out the shapes!
5)Tell scary Halloween stories to Krista that involve the word "BOO!" a hundred times while you wait for the cookies to cook.
6) Frost the cookies!
7) Give the last remaining chunk of dough to Krista, one of the more creative and imaginative people you've ever known (seriously, if you went to BYU it would be worth your time to read this as a showcasing of her amazing brain), to allow her to create one last incredible Halloween shape...not see what she comes up with until it is done cooking, then pull out the cookies and say, "KRISTA...what is THIS???" Her reply, "I tried to be creative but I was too fatigued!" (Yes she ran 20 miles that morning in prep for her second marathon in 2 months!)
8) Voila! Eric is lucky that we didn't scarf them all down before he made it back from Provo after watching BYU win with his priests!

Friday, October 22, 2010

My singer

People have usually one or two very strong identifying characteristics. My sisters and I had such, and that is how we came to have our indian names. I was "Talks like the wind," Jamie was "Legs like a tree," Charina was "Curls in a ball," Krista was "Talks like a rock," and Summer was "Lone Feather".

If Brooke had an indian name, it would be "Sings all the time."I try and tell people that Brooke is my singer, but I don't think they ever fully understand how her life really is Pre-School Musical!!
Here is some quality candid video (hence the over the shoulder and backwards view of my hoodie) of Brooke in her very natrual character state. I have no idea what she is singing...until the last line: "Because I'm the best singer ever, I'm the loud singer." [Fade out to check belly-button for lint maybe??]
We sure love having this singing heart in our family!

(ps-I mostly hate blogger when it comes to loading I hope this works for you...)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halcyon Jo's GRAND birthday adventure

(This is me on my birthday, and this picture is funny because we were driving down Main Street past our old, run-down, and mostly ugly theater and the volleyball team was taking their team and individual shots just like this...we thought, is that even going to look nice? So we tried it out...prettier locations have been had!)

I am a fan of birthday weeks. To prove it, here are 34 pictures detailing some of the celebrations my family made possible for me. Best. Birthday. Ever. My birthday was Oct. 13...and the celebrating has finally come to a close today. :) I will give you the deets, then you can scroll the pictures feeling very informed (regrettably not everything was documented).
Bday morning found my family at the Market (aka the corner Texaco) for 99 cent biscuits and gravy. Yum! 11am found me and the kiddos at McDonald's with 6 dear friends to celebrate, Shera even made me a cake...and little did she know it was my FAVORITE kind with my FAVORITE kind of icing. All afternoon found me outside on a blanket in the sun reading the life story of Ronald Regan. Then inside for a nap. After Eric was done with work I found a lovely Bday banner signed by the seminary students and then our family was off to the pumpkin patch! Then, date time for Eric and I. We headed to The Sagebrush Grille. It is on Main Street in Monroe, but I'm pretty sure if it was in LA or NYC it would be a 5-star hotspot. We had a $50 gift card and went all out. It was amazing.
Thursday and Friday Eric had fall recess so we got in the car and headed to Kanab, UT, which is where our football team had their last regular season game. On the way there we stopped at 3 rock shops in Orderville, UT and had a blast, then we went to the Moqui Cave just outside of Kanab....WINNER. Then we had lunch at The Junction in Kanab (a family favorite from traveling to AZ) then we went to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes...WINNER again! (plus, checked out our libraries state park pass, so FREE!) It was then time for Ram Football!! Don't worry, we are 1-8 this year...but guess what? Final score 28-40. A loss, yes...but that was the most we had scored all season!! I took it for a bday victory! Friday we woke up, said thank you to our quaint and precious Kanab old school hotel and headed to the GRAND CANYON!! IT WAS AMAZING. AMAZING. GO. I was flabbergasted at it's immenseness and beauty the whole time. And I've even been before!! Obviously the pictures do it no justice. It is a real live experience everyone should have. It was so wonderful and the weather was perfect!! On the drive out of the forest leading to the Canyon we saw this fire watch tower, and so in the continuation of true Halcyon character we pulled over and checked it out, it was sweet! The drive home was great!
We came home and Saturday I watched hours and hours of college football (I love football) and then roasted marshmallows at the Wilsons and jumped on the tramp as the sun set on a perfect fall day! And today, I made myself my very favorite meal for Sunday dinner. And yes, I celebrated my 20 year anniversary of being baptized, and no that doesn't mean I'm a convert...just 28 :) I feel like a very loved, very blessed and very satisfied 28 year old.One reason this restaurant wouldn't survive in LA or NYC...ever seen a quesadilla that big?Side of the road rock shops are VERY COOL. Check out that million year old alligator head!Viana has recently decided on being a dinosaur bone finder when she grows up, so she was pretty tickled to find this in the back of rock shop #2.
Rock shop #3 almost found Ram extinct himself!Moqui cave!! This place is cool just for the history!! (It's not so much a "cave"--but really cool).This is the cave's owner, his father bought the cave and made it a bar and dance hall back in the prohibition era.The sand dunes were sweet! I just love how this picture shows Ram's anxiousness to get down and dirty!!Once he did he was in HOG HEAVEN!!Brooke liked sliding...Eric liked flying...Viana liked jumping...Ram just loved everything about it!!That pile of sand under Brooke's bum came entirely out of her shoes :)Hooray for scoring 28 points at the football game!!On the drive to the Grand Canyon...yes, that is a piece of candy sticking out of Ram's mouth.3 things that surprised me about the North Rim of the Grand Canyon: 1)There were hundreds of people there!!! 2)Lots were foreigners! 3)It was HUGE!Ironically enough before we went up the tower I thought, good thing we have different ways of finding forest fires nowadays so someone doesn't sit up there all day long...but sure enough, someone was up there, watching for forest fires!And this is just good quality static. Have I mentioned we love the Wilsons?See all that hair Ram has??

And that my friends, is how you have a GRAND birthday adventure.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Annual date picture is here!

Did you almost forget like we almost forgot that Oct. 11 is the anniversary of our first date? And that we go out and get slurpees every year to commemorate such, just as we did at the end of our Homecoming date at BYU? Well, never fear, we did remember, and here is this year's picture:

If you want to see the other 6 years worth, you can check out last Oct. 11th's post :)

And Viana and Brooke wanted in on the posed picture action this year:

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Volleyball team at the Homecoming Parade!!

Football Team!
Kids loving the parade with our awesome neighbors the Wilsons--they brought home lots of candy! :)

Cheerleaders and some of the student section--including the "Spirit of South Sevier". Just kidding; kind of looks like a red ghost though, huh?

Blurry picture, but here's the boys playing. Notice the SS on the mountains lit up for Homecoming.

Ram bundled up to stay warm

Camrie Willes held Brooke for us most of the 4th quarter and that precious little girl fell asleep in her arms!!

We love Homecoming at South Sevier. We sure had fun again this year.
ps--the very best part was winning the $50 gift certificate to Lin's at half-time!!