Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Generic "My kids are cute" post

Ram kept brining me this Toy Story blanket today and grunting about it...I wasn't really sure what he wanted so I would take it then just give it back. He'd shove it back to me then grunt some more. Finally I just tied it on him like a cape and that was that! He gave me these adorable smiles like he was one cool kid then ran and got these mittens to put on too. It got better when he got on his knees and was crawling around like a dog, a game he and Brooke will often play. Oh I can hardly handle how cute this little boy is!!

ps. Brooke and Viana had their pre-school Thanksgiving feasts this week. They brought home Thankful-Turkey centerpieces. Brooke is thankful for Ram, Viana, Mom, Dad, bananas and Cinderella. Viana is thankful for Ram, Brooke, Great-Grandpa, Great-great Grandma, and Doug!!

Cute kids!!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ram out-numbered

Did we forget to mention that we had our ultrasound a couple of weeks ago? Well we did. And since my Dad likes to pretend not to know what we are having, I will not reveal in words what we are having...but you can reference the blog title if you really want to know. :)

Here is the best picture from the ultrasound...Is that the cutest ultrasound open-mouthed smile you've ever seen??? She...or he, Dad...is clearly going to be a knock-out!

Baby is healthy, and as long as the placenta moves off my cervix in the next couple of weeks, I'll be healthy too!

And in family history notes: I went to my Great-Grandma March's funeral two years ago, and while there her pastor revealed her LOVE for football to me. Perhaps I had heard that before, but that it was noted at her funeral was a gem of family history for me and helped me to understand that it is somewhat inherited that I LOVE football. So this moment is a gem that I want preserved for my progenitors.

First of all, the TV in our bedroom has this ridiculous black box that pops up anytime sports center comes on. It is big and annoying and weird that it only comes during sportscenter. It is usually just a big blank black box. But after Monday Night Football this week (you can see the score there: Eagles 59, Redskins 28) the black box popped up as it always does when sportscenter came on, but this time, it contained this message as well: I laughed out loud for 5 minutes...no joke!! It was so funny and joyous to my football soul. It was as though the devious black box operator got a little bored of the blank look and thought he'd spice it up!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


About 2 weeks ago we were at the High School for a band/choir concert and there I saw a poster that said, "Sadies. Disney Couples." So I said, "Eric, want to go to Sadies with me?" He said, "You'll have to ask me in a better way than that." That way came on Thursday when Eric called me from work and said, "They want us to chaperon Sadies, can we?"
So last night, away we went! Dressed like what Disney couple? Do we really need to tell you?
I told Eric he needed to be Spanish Buzz...you know to erase any concern in some lesser informed souls that perhaps Woody and Jessie are a couple, or are Buzz and Jessie really attached?
I pretty much put together this amazing costume in 3 minutes. No joke. And that's a beautiful yarn full of hair, if you couldn't tell.
Behold the amazingness of a South Sevier student dance. Yeah, I know. Ok, so there was actually about twice this many people here. Made chaperoning easier!
But look at these good souls who really got into it! Hooray!
And it's always nice to come home to this after a fun date! We love Abby!
And this is just an adorable picture of Brooke from this morning. I love living with a 3 year old, because only then can someone like this come out of the toyroom to greet you!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day!

(Jamie, Ram is ALMOST as big as Daniel in this snow suit!!)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


May I just say that the time change has kicked our bums! I don't think it has ever been this hard for us to adjust. Maybe it's the fact that 5 for 5 of us are sick/recovering. Or maybe it's the fact that the weather has taken a turn for the...cold. But there are silver linings. Now that we all wake-up at the crack of dawn, and Eric switched out of zero hour at the quarter we get to have family prayer in the mornings. And, Ram gets to have his first cognizant amazement with snow. He was entranced tonight with the big fluffy silence-the-world flakes (those are the best kind). I love a little baby's pointer finger.
I think we will survive winter in fall after all.

Friday, November 5, 2010

And now I'm recovered from Halloween

I quite enjoy the Halloween season, but it is fairly intensive! But we sure had some cute kids this year and lots of fun!
Originally Brooke was going to be Jessie from Toy Story and Viana wanted to be a vampire; but, once we started looking for Viana's costume Brooke decided that she wanted to be like her sister. Thank heavens for DI and us being able to find these great (cheap!) costumes...
This is a Zebra Vampire!! Her hair is striped with black to add to the effect. That's a really pretty vampire! With a slightly scary side!

Once Brooke had her pre-school party on Wednesday, it was Viana's turn for a pre-school party on Thursday. Her costume was Barbie brand, so she decided that she was a Barbie Vampire! ("Are Barbie Vampires nice or do they eat people's blood?" "They are nice." "Nope, I'm a mean Barbie Vampire so I eat people's blood!")
The highlight of Halloween is the make-up.
Thursday night was the High School carnival. It was so fun!! Ram is a fighter pilot named CJ Roy, because that is my costume from when I was one.
Can you tell that Eric is a mad scientist? I think the very fact that he wasn't Buzz Lightyear this year freaked out all of his students, so none of them could tell what he was going for.
The girls were both old enough this year to really enjoy all the carnival games.
Ram was old enough to see a lollipop and go get it!
I like this picture...you can see my beautiful Halloween dress that Michael Griggs made for me for my 17th birthday. And, you can see Ram in the foreground being a total flirt.
Friday night was our ward Halloween party. While we were there we did get the good news that our 1-8 football team had won their quarterfinal play-off game by beating a team 6-2 that had previously stomped us in the year 42-0. Ram went as a golfer to this party.
Other than that...rough night!! Eric was in charge of the Spook Alley, so we barely saw him, and there were so many people there weren't enough chairs set up, so we ended up on the stage with chili, me in a white Bride of Frankenstein dress...and of course spilled chili, crying children, craziness...this captures the moment when I said, "We are going home!"
But of course we stayed. And we had mostly fun! Train ride...
...and fishing pond. (Is that just the angle of this picture that makes Ram look so tiny next to Grayden??)
And trunk or treating.
We came home to have our traditional family Halloween sleepover, but after 3 days of partying Brooke said, "I want to have a sleepover in my own bed all by myself." So she did! :)
Saturday saw us watching our volleyball team take 3rd at State which was great! And we rushed home to the Joneses Halloween pizza party...yum! And yes, we even got the girls into their costumes for that!
And Halloween on a Sunday? We treated about 25 students in Eric's classes with cookies and notes...from Sevier (that's a little town as far south of us as our students come from) to Richfield...and all in between. It took 4 1/2 hours and it was a BLAST!!

Happy Halloween! (a week ago!!)