Saturday, December 31, 2011

Oh to be spoiled

Though our Christmas break was short, we spent every second we could at my parents house in Colorado. It was WONDERFUL. My mom knows how to spoil me...that is for sure!

One thing that we did while we were home was never take pictures. So the only pictures we have are from the actual Christmas holiday. But we did so much more that needed pictures. Blast. Oh well...for the record, here is the fun we had:

First of all, my mom made every delicious food you could imagine. (cookies, wings, jerky, bbq, white chili, etc.)
Second of all, we surprised everyone and drove into the night Thursday the 22nd. It is always fun to have a surprise arrival.
My whole family was there. I loved that.
The 23rd we went to the church and played volleyball with friends and fam, which was so fun.
The 24th we went bowling and the Willises rocked it! Jimmy is good at anything he does, and the center of gravity that pregnancy gave Charina was perf for her! And it was confirmed that you can't take LaDon in public :) Christmas eve involved delicious pizza, nativity and gifts...and puke.
The 25th was Cristmas morning and church. Krista got super sick :( Then so did Jamie and LaDon. But we still had a great family testimony meeting.
The 26th I threw the surprise baby shower for Charina that Jamie organized (since she was sick) and then the surprise anniversary party for my parents (30 years on the 30th!)
The 27th we took the Willises to the airport, but before that went to a sealing session with them at the Denver temple. It was so marvelous! I really love Jimmy and Charina, it was SO GREAT to spend time with them. When we got home we went to see Dolphin Tale at the dollar theater and Summer and I stayed up until 3am playing Settlers of Catan.
The 28th we went glo-golfing which was ridiculously fun. It was the perfect activity for our family! All the kids LOVED it!!
The 29th my mom and I (and Kris and her friends) hiked the incline and Eric and I went and saw Mission Impossible 4 in the IMAX theater!
The 30th was my parents anniversary so they took off and us Carters went to Chuck E Cheese and had a mostly great time! And Eric and I listened to BYU's awesome bowl game victory on the radio.
The 31st my dad hosted the 31+ single adult breakfast after the dance, so Eric and I cooked for that. It was great! Before that we went to see Sherlock Holmes 2 (LOVEDit). We came home to find my mom with a pre-punctual single guy. So, the 4 of us rocked in the New Year (dad was still at their dance) and watched the fireworks off Pikes Peak, and right at midnight a beautiful 6-8 point buck walked right in front of the house. It was SO cool.
Image from here

January 1st found us at church in my parents ward and then driving home to good ol' Monroe! (With about 5 hours of crying babies in the car, eh, whatcha gonna do?)

It was such a glorious break! As a mom you really never get a break--unless you have parents as wonderful as mine! It was so relaxing and fun for me!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Incline!!

There used to be a cog railway that went half way up Pikes Peak (a 14,000+ beaut in Colorado Springs). It retired, the rails were removed, but the ties remained. The incline is now a stairway straight up the side of a mountain. It is about 0.8 miles long. Here you can see the base to the first false summit. (That means there's more straight up beyond that). "No Trespassing", yet they upkeep the rails, have a paid parking lot at the base, and 50,000 people a year trek up this zipline. I think they need to take the sign down. The rails were a little snowy and icy, but the weather was great! My mom basically left me in the dust. This is at the top of the false summit. There's still about that much to go...except you're already so tired that it looks so much steeper and longer.View from the TOP!!
Victory pictures!!!My mom and I did this in 1 hour and 9 minutes (minus a detour to the side of the trail for me). Can you imagine taking 69 minutes to do something that takes 6 minutes and 9 seconds on flat terrain?? This was a beast! But it was so awesome!! We then trekked down a trail that was 2.5 miles to the parking lot. That was it's own little adventure due to the snow and ice! But we all survived and had a great time!!! I can now consider myself a real Coloradan.

Christmas break rocks

We had ultimately joyous mass chaos with all Roy family members at my parents house for Christmas. Christmas Eve most children were in bed with visions of sugar plums a-dancin'. However, Daniel was up feeling very cranky. We found out why when he threw up ALL OVER at about 11pm. It caused quite the commotion and halliballou. I hear from the basement Viana saying, "Mom? Mom?" I go downstairs at which point she didn't think anyone could hear her, so she then screams out, "Anybody! Is it Christmas morning yet?" Hehehe. She's so cute!!

Ok, more to come on that vacation later!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas morning

Glimpses of the morning:
Santa was goooood to us!! He even left a note saying there was one big present for each kid waiting for them in Monroe. Hence Monday morning (we still had 6 days left in Colorado) Brooke said, "I want to go home today." When we asked why, "So I can open my other presents!"

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a joyous evening for all (except maybe poor Daniel...he was afterall only hours away from his first puke ever.) We first had the grandly orchestrated present pass-out.Daniel... Much anticipation over the piles!

Time to dig in! Here is our own Dobby. The siblings got amazing Harry Potter scarves made by Charina, and Charbar got a hat. She is SO cute!!! (And of course, favorite present: The Box).Contents revealed!

Several rounds of BYU giftsBaby Billis!!Viana's big gift was her own camera. She first unwrapped the case. You can see her face with a bit of confusion, maybe sadness even.But then wait! Next present!!!Camera!And Brooke got her much anticipated Maximus!

It is so fun to have Christmas with older kids! They had wants and we were blessed enough to fulfill them, so the excitement was great!! And we topped the night off with a great showing of Wasatch King!! Was it ridiculously horrible? Probabllllllyyyyyyy...not!

The Nativity

The Nativity was super fun this year with all of the cousins. We had to do it twice though, because Viana wanted to be Mary, she was gracious enough to let Ally be Mary first. (Ally as Mary and Ram as Joseph? SO CUTE!)Viana did really good as the angel though...she read the verses all by herself!Ally riding on her Donkey Brooke. Oh it was so cute!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sometimes I crack myself up

So I seem to have this habit in which I am given a very simple task that could be accomplished without out much effort mentally or physically, but then my brain takes over on the possibilities and I find myself in the middle of these huge undertakings just laughing at myself and my brain.

Like one year for RA appreciation week each HA took a day to leave a little token in the 42 RA mailboxes. I could have (should have) bought 42 packs of gum (with the budget even!)printed off 42 notes that said, "We'd always 'chews' you to be on our team!" taped the notes on the pack and done. But no. I looked around my office, saw that I had some spare notecards, pipecleaners, fake money, and candy. With the pipecleaners, I fashioned little stick people bending over backwards (42 of them). I glued the money pieces to the notecards, somehow made the people bend on the notecard and taped the candies...then handwrote some sort of phrase like, 'Would you like a penny for our thoughts? You really bend over backwards for us, so here's a little treat for you.'. 42 times. In the middle of that guy I certainly thought, "Why does my brain work like this!"

And that brings me to my most recent episode of me laughing at myself.

Objective: Bring ball toss game to Viana's Christmas party. Reindeer balls provided.

Normal Follow-through: Get board or box, cut holes, maybe wrap in wrapping paper. Done in 10 minutes.

CJ Follow-through:
The problem was that they were reindeer balls. So they needed something grand. Like how about Santa lands, goes down the chimney, the reindeer get restless and take off, Santa comes out and says, "Where are my reindeer?" Enter little 5 and 6 year olds trying to land the reindeer back into their sleigh harness positions. And this sucker even takes down like a charm so as to fit in my car and have minimal set-up. And don't worry, every reindeer the kid lands back to safety earns him one piece of reindeer dropping (thank you chocolate covered raisins for having multiple purposes in my life).

And now I'm really laughing. Instead of posting, "Hey, I made this for Viana's party," you got this epic post instead.

a-Boo a-Yah. Hehehehehehehhehe.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Early Christmas with the Carters

It is really great having such cute kids because then their grandparents just can't get enough of them! As such, the Carters decided to come share Christmas with us the week before Christmas. They flew to SLC, we drove to Sandy and made a weekend out of it!

It was going to be this absolutely fabulous weekend full of fun and adventures and dates with free babysitting and temple square. Unfortunatley it ended up looking like this:
That's a pretty good smile considering I felt so sick and so much piercing pain in my stomach that bed turned out to be the only option. Wait, I take that back. We did make it to the mall, where Eric was able to get his very best Christmas gift:
Image from here
Aren't those pretty? And they feel amazing. I put them on just to see what Eric was so excited about, and oh baby...I wish I played more basketball!
Later on as I slept Grandma took the kids to Target and let them pick out their presents. They got great gifts and played their little hearts out at the hotel!

Although it wasn't ideal to get sick, it was a blessing to be with 3 extra helpers (Molly, our niece came too!) I never had to worry about the kids! Thanks Carters, we are so happy you came to see us!!