Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cleaner car and fuller closets

Yes that is a pile of 14 socks from the car de-junk today, and now you know how Ram entertains himself while we drive. :) (but how there are multiple matchless shoes, I do not know).

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Orion got his mission call today! He is going to the Spain Madrid mission and leaves on June 8. We love Orion and are so happy he's a part of our lives! Ram especially has a special bond with Orion. I had to take this picture when Orion was over watching basketball highlight video. Ram saw that Orion was sitting on this stool and so he went into the kitchen to get his little stool to sit on so he could be like Orion. We are so excited for Orion's upcoming mission and know that one day Ram will copy this same great decision in his life. Way to have great role models Ram!!

Late night cuddle

Ram is the sweetest little boy. He didn't get to spend much time with Eric yesterday and when Eric went to leave for Young Men's Ram just bawled and bawled. So when he uncharacteristically woke up at 11 last night we snatched up the chance to let him come cuddle with Daddy. Or, as is more the case...his pillow! Ram is attached to this pillow. I've heard of blankies or stuffed animals, but this is the first pillow attachment I've known of!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mini-cheer 2011

Once again we find ourselves supporters of the mini-cheer program at our high school. Our girls were SOOOOO awesome this year, and it is nice to see them growing up and participating. It is also relieving not to have to bribe and coax them to be good and obey and participate!! They enjoyed the practices all week long and were super excited to be able to cheer at the basketball game this past Friday. Though all day Brooke kept saying to me, "Mom, you can not watch the football game, you have to watch me cheer." I kept telling her it was basketball and not football, but still, about 20 times that day I was instructed not to watch the football game :) The girls were so giddy with anticipation before we left. This picture captures the uncontrollable jubilation they were feeling. Viana danced and cheered around the house for a good 15 minutes before we made it to the car. Precious!!

Ram is so cute. It's a good thing his name is Ram...he's gotta lotta sisters :)
I of course forgot to change the setting on the camera...and the pictures get darker and darker--oh well. Viana and Brooke are on the front row in the red pants and shorts.
Viana's a little behind the front row now.
The cutest part of the dance was when the girls were supposed to do a spin. The cheerleaders had actually been doing the spins with them during practice, so the girls would just copy their dance moves. But at the game the cheerleaders just sat down and did hand motions to cue the girls and remind them of the moves. When it came time for the spin the cheerleaders just circled their hands to represent a spin--Viana understood, but Brooke just copied back with a circular hand motion. It was so cute!! (And we won our first regional basketball game to our toughest regional competition: 78-55 GO Rams!)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Playtime in the air

For whatever reason, Viana moved off the top bunk onto Brooke's bed and Brooke took the spot on the floor next to it. They've been sleeping this way for a while now, but it has only been this week that they've realized the treasure trove of play space this has opened up to them! They have their entire barbie world up on top of that high bunk right now and they absolutely love it. Ram gets a bit annoyed that he can't play with his sisters, but that might be one of the draws to it for the girls!! They are such happy playmates and I hope they always stay that way!