Saturday, February 26, 2011


We won the 2A State Boys Basketball Championship!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we live in Monroe where the celebrating is just now finished...3 hours after the game ended...And yes, I had contractions the ENTIRE game. If that doesn't leave you biting your fingernails for more details I don't know what will!! (So, yes, more to come)!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Roy Joy

Over the President's Day weekend my sisters and I were all able to gather at home. It was a great weekend full of cousins and laughing and visiting Great Grandma Lenhart one last time all together. There's some good morning faces!Nails!

This reminds me of my childhood: Me and 4 sisters!

The trip was 3 weeks before CharlyAnn was born...obviously...

Roys minus boys! As Brooke would say, it's the old old old sick sick old old lady. All of Great-Grandma's family minus Hank and Merilee and Jacob and Jordan's fams. Crazy pic! The zoom on great-grandma is presh!

It was such a great weekend and such a good time to see all my sisters and Grandma Lenhart.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I love...

I love Valentine's Day and love too much to go un-posted. But boy am I tired (for the sake of family history: 5 sick Carters including massively sick prego momma, with 5 trips to the dr.s/hospital, a broken heater, a "broken" fridge and a round of state events for the HS kiddos within the month of February=TIRED!)! So suffice it to say, I love my husband because we are twins. :) We are so similarly vested in so many's almost creepy.
"Yeah, but nice creepy." I also love <-- that movie. :)

And so does Eric.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

5 weeks and 6 days, but who's counting?

The good news is, she's head down and the placenta is safely away from my cervix...and while it was a scare, it meant an ultrasound late in pregnancy...FUNFUNFUN!! I could see hair (well, they pointed out the fuzz that meant hair and I said, "CUTE!"), and chubbs around her middle, and her little diaphragm practicing breathing. And she was in a great position for the 3D camera...enjoy!! (It may take a second for you to see her...but that's her face and her little fist by her mouth.)The ultrasound tech and I were dying when she was moving her little fingers like this, it was so precious and it made me SOOOO excited for her to come to our family!Carter nose! :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fiji came to us!

Last Thursday we made a Carter style adventure down to St. George to Dixie College. One of our fav seminary students, Dillon Bishoff is a red-shirt on the bball team and that nights game was against BYU-Hawaii. See that free throw shooter? That's Marques Whippy. He's from Fiji. His family "hosted" Eric when Eric went down there for his field study in 2007. (Krista, they lived at limasagavulakatolumaisuva). It was SO super fun!! And, we met up with the Bladens--Eric taught Bryce in the MTC, and we ran into the Chase's who Eric served with and whose brother is also on the BYU-Hawaii team. Fiji joy all around! Happily the Chase's had their 3 year old was instant friendship!

And after the game the red-shirters (that's Dillon in the white shirt) hosted a free-throw contest thingy. Eric played, it was fun!! (Mostly fun to see Dillon be awesome!)
It was so fun to talk to Marques afterward--Eric and I had forgotten how JOYOUS a Fiji accent is!!! (And yes, Ram had his pillow with him).
Our adventure was great and it made us SUPER excited to go down next year when Dillon is playing to support him!!!

new blog

Our Brother-in-law LaDon has started a new blog! Here is the link
It's, well, thoughts of a mormon :)
LaDon is very well studied and read so it would be a great read!