Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I was really interested about how Ram would react to and interact with a new baby. Let me tell you what. He LOVES her. I call her "your baby" and he calls her "di-di" (or dee-dee). I don't really know why, but it is sure adorable.

See how yellow CharlyAnn is?? Hence the Dr. ordered this:
She is a warm body sleeper so I was really nervous about how she would do in here 24/7...but she did great! She only had to use the lights for about 48hours. So then I thought maybe she would do better at sleeping on her own. But somehow her sleeping habits have taken a plunge. Oh well, she's still adorable from 10pm to 2am!
I LOVE a stretching baby!!
I think this is an almost smile :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

The birth story

I love a good re-telling of any birth, it is just such a miracle--so I love it even more when it is my own!

CharlyAnn was due on March 20, and I have had two late babies and Ram was 2 days early. So I anticipated another baby very close to the due date. What I actually expected was a baby born on Eric's bday, since that was the LAST day we wanted her to come, and my babies have also come on the last day we would have wanted them to come. Could we have picked a date it would have been either the 5th (then my babies would have bdays, 4, 5, 6, 7) the 8th (3/8/11, 3 plus 8 is 11) or the 11th (3/11/11-cool!! and it would fit in with 7/6/7 and 9/4/9, Brooke and Ram). Well, the 5th passed, and the 8th passed, and it was 2:30am on the 11th. That is where the story begins.
So, at 2:30am I had a good hardy cough and felt a gush down south. Now, basically when you are pregnant and cough, sometimes you pee a little. In my sleeping brain I thought to myself, "That was a pretty good gush. Maybe it was my water breaking. Or maybe it was pee. If I stand up and more gushes out, then I'll know it was my water." Well I stood up and--nothing. So, I went to the bathroom to clean up. I was still asleep for the most part because I turned on the shower and stepped immediately in. Yes, the water was freezing cold and I still had my jammies on. :) That startled me awake pretty good, and it made me laugh pretty hard. I cleansed and went back to bed. As I did I thought, "If that really was my water, surely I will start having contractions." But, no contractions, so I chalked up the gush to a pressured bladder. But that night I woke up 3 more times and every time I did I was still very wet. I would get up and clean up and go back to bed. When Eric woke up to go to work I considered telling him that my water could have broken, but I still didn't think that it really had.
I woke up for the day at 7:30 and when I went to the bathroom I was a) very moist still and b) had a bloody show of pinkness. Ohhhhhh, maybe it was my water. Or at least something is going on.
I decided to call Eric who was teaching Zero hour at the time. Now, Eric had a scout campout that very night (don't worry, they were only going 8 miles away in case this had all happened Friday night!), so I thought when he answered the phone I would be clever and say, "Eric, I think you better cancel your campout." But, did I pull that off? No, emotions overcame me so when he answered what came out was a crying CJ-"I'm bleeding." Eric said, "I'm coming home." Poor Eric, he basically envisioned this bloody mess and a dead baby. So when he got home and saw that it was just a little tinge of pink he was relieved and almost like, oh, ok--welp, goin' back to work. But, I had been told, if there is ever blood go to the hospital. By the way, I still had had zero contractions so we weren't entirely convinced that birth was eminent. So we meandered around the house, called Merilee, didn't even pack a bag (though I did snatch the cameras), Eric stayed in his suit since we anticipated they might just send us home and made it to the hospital around 9.
Upon checking in we were greeted with the joyous news that our ward friend April would by my nurse! We were overjoyed! (I LOVE the small hospital experience!)
April and me in my cow-like state of hugeness
She was going to swab me to see if my water had broken and then check me. She did the swab and said, "Today is this baby's birthday!" Eric and I were a little in shock still. Mostly because my water had never broken before. Drs always had to break it during delivery, and my other labors all started with much contracting--but I still had none of that! But we were very happy and excited--a 3/11/11 birthday! (In the back of my head I thought, well, it better not take me more than 14 hours to have this baby!) I was also dilated to a 4 and could be stretched to a 5. Already half way there with no contractions? SOLD!

They called Dr. Scoville and he said to go ahead and start me on the pitocin, so that is just what they did and by 10 I was all hooked-up. I thought surely contractions would come shortly there after. But Eric and I just hung out in the delivery room. I had some breakfast, we watched some ESPN. My sister Krista showed up from BYU at noon and still nothing. They kept upping my pitocin dosage and I thought surely at any moment this will start working. I kept apologizing to my sister for everything being so boring.
I even took a nap. But at 2pm I woke-up from my nap and thought, "Aha! I feel contractions!!" Yes, I had had about 5 contractions in 15 minutes and I was starting to feel them in my back. April checked me again and I was at a 6. I told her when it started to get a little more intense I would move into the tub to labor. So, she got that going and at about 2:30 I got in. That is when we realized we could have the baby at 3:11 on 3/11. But I was fairly confident I wasn't going to have the baby in 45 minutes. I got in the tub and loved it. I breathed through my contractions and they started coming harder and faster. Now, when I had Ram, I had a very intimate experience with the atonement as I labored. It was so beautiful and effective I thought I would try that again. But this time my thoughts were turned to my relationship as co-creator with God in this experience. I kept thinking about how Heavenly Father sent his Son to earth to perform his will and do his work. And now I was bringing my daughter into the world with the intention of teaching her to follow Heavenly Father's will and to do his work. I kept relying on the similarity of our role as parents and it once again was a beautiful experience.

At about 3:30 it was getting pretty intense. When I had Ram I labored in the tub, got out, got back in the tub, got out. etc. So I thought I was perhaps ready for a change of scenery. I began to feel exhausted and started chanting, "I'm done, I'm done, I'm tired, I'm done." I got out and onto the bed for April to check me. I had misery written all over my face. She checked me and announced, "Ok, you're ready." Eric said when she said that, my face went from total pain and anguish to glee and ebullience. I said, "Wait, really, I'm at a 10??" So then I was totally reinvigorated. They call Dr. Scoville, whose birthday happened to be the very same day, and he was out on a jog. April said, "He said he'll start running faster." They called in the ER doctor just in case Dr. Scoville couldn't make it in time. I was breathing through the contractions thinking. "Can I hold off til Dr. Scoville makes it?" Then all of a sudden he bursts into the room, jogging clothes and all, he puts on his delivery shirt, as he does I can't help but start pushing. I feel the rest of my water gush out (I was waiting for that to happen that morning when I stood up from bed!) then I felt head right there. Eric says, "Good job Viana! You got this Viana...I mean CJ" (What a cute dad--he is so use to encouraging and praising our children it was muscle memory for him!) I really didn't want to tear and Eric says, "She's crowning, and your not even tearing yet!" Then I give one more push (which by the way, I had a goal not to scream when I pushed this time, and guess what-no screams!) and Eric says, "No tear...oh, well, she's here!" CharlyAnn literally exploded out of me. With the other babies I can remember feeling the head come out, then the shoulders then the rest of the body. But not with CharlyAnn. She really did explode out all at once. They laid her right up on me (I love that) and I started repeating over and over "I love her, I love her, I knew I would love her." And for Eric's enjoyment I even threw in a "Best Day Ever!" chant.

I was so busy professing my love, I forgot to make her breath, so she's a little purple.

Luckily I only had a 1st degree bordering on a 2nd degree tear. Much better than the 3rd degree I had with Ram! And CharlyAnn was here and perfect.
This is heaven.

As a side note, when Dr. Scoville got the call on his run this is what happened: Since it was his birthday his family had planned to go the Capitol Reef. But when I started labor they delayed their trip. When he realized he was still about 10 minutes away from the hospital and I was at a 10 and ready to push he thought to himself, "It would be horrible if I missed Capitol Reef and then missed the birth too!!" So what did he do? He flagged down the next car that drove by and said, "Can you take me to the hospital??" He said the driver was probably freaked out wondering, "Is this guy having a heart attack or something?" but he explained and they rushed to the hospital, hence he walked in just in time, literally, to catch the baby. Happy Birthday Dr. Scoville, nice running outfit :)

In summation: I basically had a 2 hour labor and delivery! Contractions started at 2, and she was here at 3:47! Love it! (3:47 is not 3:11, but 4 plus 7 is 11!)

I love child birth and I love how real it is and I love being able to be a part of the process and I love how supportive Eric is and that he gets to be a part of it and I was so happy that my sister Krista was there for it and I love CharlyAnn. I knew I would.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Eric's Birthday!

With a 6 day old newborn Eric's big day wasn't as big as he deserved. But we still had some celebration! Grandma and Emily was a super fun part of the birthday...especially with the presents for everyone!(Viana wears her heart on her sleeve...she did not want to see Emily go!)
Happy birthday to the best husband around!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Our little good luck charm brought us a busy day with life at the speed of mortality...
But more importantly...it is Eric's Birthday!!! Eric is the most selfless, giving, loving, considerate, playful, fun, thoughtful, hard-working, enjoyable man in the whole world. I have four children and it is pure bliss because I have a perfect husband!! Happy B-day Eric (sorry it wasn't the best...but we have CharlyAnn!)

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Pictures of CharlyAnn's first days

(Ram on March 6th) Welcome CharlyAnn!

Friday, March 11, 2011

CharlyAnn Jill Carter

This is the picture that I took with my cell phone. It's the only one I have with me, but we'll post more later. She's cute and great and perfect. CJ did awesome!! She's holding my thumb in the picture... :)

8lbs 5oz 21 inches long.

3/11/11 at 3:47pm

She is number four! And she's coming today! At hospital now :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Bless you 18 months. Thank you for finally coming!! Ram had his first official day of nursery today...we all dressed up for the occasion!

We love these three so much. We're excited to turn 3 into 4!!
Ram did really well and only cried for a few minutes according to the leaders (because I basically shoved him in the door and ran the other way!!) But since it has happened whenever we try to ask him about it he goes into this zoned out look and kind of ignores us...so we don't know what he REALLY thinks about it. None the less, he and his sisters celebrated by cramming into the smallest space possible!!