Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to: Love your husband even more

It was Prom last weekend, which--as you well know--is my favorite event of the year. Why my fav? For many reasons. But mostly so that I can watch Eric run the valet parking and see him be this chivalrous: Pretty much made my heart go pitter-patter all over again to see him with his big Eric grin escort the ladies to the door with an umbrella overhead to keep them dry from the rain. I love Eric and I love that he loves his students. Prom is mostly so fun because we get to see so many of them all dressed up and having fun.

And here is Wyatt boogen. Remember the 'you can win it' soul from track season '09? This is him at his shnazziest. I love Wyatt. And yes, CharlyAnn made her prom debut. Since I was the program passer-outer again (I love that job...even though it's not a real job, I just do it every year so I can see everyone...hehehe) CharlyAnn got to meet most of Monroe. It was so fun!
And it was a great evening filled with snow and happy people. And even with the snow Eric stayed warm valet parking the whole night. He listened to his wife and wore his thermals under his more reason why I love my husband even more. :)


Bill said...

Cool experience! I know that is a big event in Monroe--looks like the kids were very excited for it all. Are the girls required to wear long dresses? Or is that just the fashion? Seems like they are mostly modest dresses, so that's good. CJ, you look great! Glad to know that CharlyAnn can get out-and-about these days. Looking forward to the blessing? Love, Grandbill

Royfam said...

So fun. I should have made you and CharlyAnn a foofy dress. So glad you guys had fun!