Monday, May 30, 2011

7 adventures for 7 years

On Saturday for our anniversary we woke up, sent Viana out the door with Meemaw and Grandbill for a week in Colorado, and then set off to have 7 adventures to celebrate our perfect 7 years.
Adventure #1-A hike to the hot springs
It is funny to us that the hot springs are in our backyard and we've only hiked to them twice. But it was a beautiful day and an even more beautiful hike.

This warmed my mother heart.Adventure #2: A picnic at Fremont

We picked up some KFC and headed into the canyon. We found this flooded out section of serenity.Could a better rock have been found?Adventure #3: A viewing of the end-of-year scripture mastery movies at the seminary building(plus sprite and m&ms) (This is Hagrid and the Mexican elf in "Tangled Harry Shrek")Adventure #4: An at-home viewing of "UP"
This is such a good movie!! And it has anniversarial meaning for us. And the kids napped. It was perfect.Image from here
Adventure #5: A Wal-mart game
There were 3 items we had to find for each other under $5. 1)Something for the other person that we wanted. I got Eric a pack of 22 pens and he got me a fancy toothbrush. 2)Something that reminded us of the other person's childhood. I got Eric a little basketball and a turtle (for the ninja variety) and he got me a pack of 5 waterguns. It represented my hours at the shooting range...and there was one huge water gun and 4 little ones, so it also represented me, and 4 sisters. 3)A dessert that typified our marriage. Eric got Orange Dream Bars because our marriage has been like a dream, it's fun and also sweet. I chose m&m cookie icecream sandwiches because each one of us represents a cookie with fun and colorful parts, but when you put us together and throw some children in the middle we make something really great.
Adventure #6: Carnival
Since Ram missed the carnival while he was in Colorado we had to take him because we knew he would love it. We were right.Adventure #7: Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut is one of those great restaurants that you can feed your whole family for under $15...unless it's your anniversary--then you just go all out!!

Hooray for such a fun anniversary!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Happy 7 year anniversary to us! And seeing how 7 is the number of perfection, isn't it nice that we feel so perfectly matched and perfectly blessed and perfectly in love?

(SSHS graduation 2011)

Friday, May 27, 2011

SSHS graduation has arrived!

Graduation day was extra special for us this year because it was the day Ram came back home after a great visit to Meemaw and Grandbill's house! We also got invited to Clayton Higginson's BBQ. It was super fun and we got super full!! Colten Argyle (wrestling state champ), Clayton Higginson (USAFA bound), Wyatt (we all know Wyatt).
Brooke couldn't get the attention of her mom or dad long enough to ask them to push her in this car, so she asked Dane Peterson and he obliged. Dane is such a great soul!! We love him!

And check out Viana's face. She had this expression on the entire time she had to ride shot-gun instead of being at the wheel.

We all got in on the bouncy slide action, but Eric did it with the most flare.

After the party we welcomed Ram home and thanked mom and dad for the babysitting and headed to graduation. It was great! (Except they eliminated the parents coming onto the floor to take pictures and there were no refreshments this I guess it was only good).

Brianne Payne was the senior class president this year and did a fine job with her remarks.
CharlyAnn was really happy about the whole situation.

And there was of course jovial hugging and much picture taking afterwards. I think we took 47 pics with kids. Here are a few, including me and Hudson Perez!! (If you'll remember, he ran the 300 hurdles in 55 sec. last year and it was the happiest moment of our lives) Oh, and William Clark.

Chris Lee, Asa Roberts, Eric, Austin Manwill, Konnor Young

Jackson Jacobs and Eric

Eric and Shaquira Begay with the cool c/o sign.

After graduation we went to a great bbq for Abby Chesley and it was yummy and fun! We sure loved the class of 2011 and expect many great things out of them!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Carnival time!

Viana has been gifted with an amazing memory. As such, she remembered that last year at the end of school we went to a carnival in Richfield and did not forget that one would come again this year. We counted down the days and it finally came! The kids and I went while Eric was finishing up his grad class. While we waited for Eric we won some stuffed animals at the balloon/dart game. Brooke really popped her balloon! And you can see Viana's yellow feathered dart just missing the balloon there. Good thing she's cute and still got a toy!

We went to wait out the rest of our time at the park. The girls were so involved in their pretend play they did not even notice when Daddy showed up.

Finally Brooke literally ran in to him!! That is a precious smile she has on!

Once Daddy arrived it was off to the rides!!

Brooke and Viana wanted to ride different rides, so they did each one by themselves. Viana did the boats, and Brooke bummed a whirly-strawberry ride with these kind souls. The fun slide is always a big hit...if you could zoom in on Viana's face in this shot, you would laugh your head off!! This picture is in here to always remind the girls what a great dad they have. He walked up to the top to help them get situated so they could go down on their own...then he got stuck in the one-way-up traffic trying to come down. What a good dad!

We had such a fun time and I hope Viana's memory serves her well 'til next year's carnival!