Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We love to see the temple

We had the blessing of attending the sealing of two of Eric's past students and their little baby on Saturday. Eric attended the sealing while the kids and I enjoyed the spirit of the temple.

The shed

Have you been anticipating the post detailing the best young men's activity ever? (Referenced to during our trip to girls camp). We'll let this picture be worth those thousand words.Eric persistently took the YM on a shed hunt. They were out on the prairie and saw a lone tree up the way a little. Tony said, "That looks like a good tree, sometimes they rub against trees to get their horns off." So to the tree they went and Eric did it. He found a shed.Well with the feeling of success now coursing through our veins we thought we would try our luck again. Eric got home from a two day area inservice in Price on Friday and I had arranged a surprise baby-sitter. We went on our first date alone since CharlyAnn was born, and we went shed hunting. It is much easier to cover ground and get higher in the mountains without the 4 kiddos.We kept going higher and higher and it kept getting more and more beautiful. And I was only a little nervous that we would run into a mountain lion.We found no shed, but we did find evidence of deer. We found this little clearing with all these deer beds. It reminded me of the scene from Tarzan when Jane and her father discover the gorilla nesting spot. It was cool.We saw plenty of bones too, but no sheds...next time maybe :).
So when you come to our house you can see our deer shed proudly displayed in the front...we're one step closer to being true Monrovians!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ram's first trip to Girls' Camp

Eric was asked to be a priesthood leader at girls camp for a night this week. His condition--bring the family for the night! BUT, it was a complicated play of time, so this is how it went:
Eric had class Tuesday night from 4:30-7 and then scouts from 7-8:30. I had planned on going up to the campground (about 30 minutes away) while he was in class to set up the tent so that when we finally got there at 9pm we wouldn't have to fumble around with that. I'm loading the car and he calls from Richfield saying that his class has been cancelled. He comes home, we pile in the car, zoom up to camp and set-up as fast as we can so that he can make it back for scouts at 7. We were throwing in all the sleeping bags and bedding and I check the car, see Ram's precious pillow and toss it in at the last second. We're driving away from camp and Ram is hysterical. I can't figure out what he's trying to say until we realize that he is sobbing "pi'ow" and pointing desperately back to the tent. Poor kid. We throw him in a car, adventure into nature, dump his pillow in the middle of nowhere and leave!! We managed to turn around and retrieve it and still get Eric to scouts with one minute to spare.Eric has the MOST OUTSTANDING young men's ever...so outstanding, it will have it's own post to come...comes home and back to camp we go. It was pretty late, and we didn't know how intrusive we would be able to be with the young women so we tossed the bag of marshmallows into the back of the van and told the kids to have at it. That was probably their highlight. We got to camp at 9:30 and started to get nestled down. HA. Ram had to make the rounds about 20 times. We were all given at least 100 kisses from Ram. Viana informed me that she knew more about camping that I did. (It was her 4th camping trip after all). Daddy told a great story about his priest super activity to the Grand Canyon (again, another post to come). It took some time and lots of "lay back downs" but I was shocked to see that it was only 10:18 when everyone was asleep. Not too bad. CharlyAnn was in the ultimate camping incubator. See that pile of warmth in the pic below? She is in there. I thought it would take me forever to fall asleep and that it would be a long night. But guess what...sleep cam easy and lasted until 4:30! CharlyAnn slept better in a tent than at home! HOWEVER, when she woke up, so did Ram. And that is where the fun ended, or began. He was up and loud. It was pretty chilly at this point (did I mention in the rushes and back and forthness I forgot the warm layers?) but he insisted on being up and about. And of course, he wanted only me. I was nursing though, so it wasn't really an option. Eric kept trying to coax him into his sleeping bag but he would have nothing of it. Finally we turned on "Up" on the ipod and that settled him down for about 20 minutes. Then he was back out insisting that he wanted me. I was still nursing trying to keep CharlyAnn warm, while Ram was nuzzling on my face and shivering, while my air mattress kept feeling flatter and flatter. I wish I could have taken a picture of that priceless camping moment. I finally got CharlyAnn back into her incubator and was able to snuggle Ram into my sleeping bag. Did I mention that Eric had to be to a meeting in Salina the next morning by 9? I set the alarm the night before for 6:45. Ram was up til at least 5:30. I figured I wouldn't get back to sleep after that she-bang and Eric assumed we would all be up with the sun. But there we were, all dreaming away when Eric finally bolts up in his bag and says, "It's 8:30!" You should have seen the dart to the car! We yanked the kids out of their bags, literally threw them in the car, and speed-limited home. Eric was late. Obviously. And once he left, it was back in the car for the kids and I to go take down our camp. It was great. All in all it was a memorable first camping experience for the 2 young-uns. And I think it was successful enough for us to venture out on our own REAL camping trip!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

BOY, oh boy!

And as soon as I said the word 'bath', he ran straight inside and crawled right in.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy thoughts

I've been pondering life lately whilst drifting off to sleep...oh wait, that would be CharlyAnn who does that.But seriously, as 4th child our pictures are less than fruitful for this little girl. But let me show you her personality that absolutely supports my nickname for her--because she is so delicious--she is my Charly Bar.

And it runs in the family I suppose, that delicious, addictive, happy smile, that just makes you want more and more.As you can see, we had a little Buzz Lightyear apron donning before we went up the canyon for some marshmallow roasting.And isn't it fun to eat ice cream outside during the summer? I tried to bring the bars into the house the other night and Ram insisted that ice cream be eaten on the steps!!And sometimes when you're feeling good about yourself you say to your mom before bed, "Mom, I look so pretty in these shoes can I wear them to bed?" "Of course." your mom says. And so you do.And we got summer haircuts. Except I forgot to take the after picture, or the before and after picture for Viana. But I can assure you, they look cute!!

And there, my friends, are some happy thoughts.

Monday, June 6, 2011

CharlyAnn's Blessing

CharlyAnn was blessed June 5, 2011. She had so many people who love her come for the big day. Grandma Carter along with Becky and the 4 cousins drove down on Thursday. We met them up in Provo that night and Eric and I snuck away to the midnight showing of X-Men. (So fun!!). Meemaw, Grandbill and Viana camped back to Utah and got here Saturday, along with Grandad, Jared and Ron, who all flew in. We all had a great hike to the hot springs and went swimming at the hotel. It was so fun!! On Sunday Eric blessed CharlyAnn. The 2 grandpa's, 2 uncles, and 2 favorite soon-to-be missionaries (Orion and Logan) stood in the circle. My favorite thing that I remember from her blessing was that she was blessed with faith.We love our little CharlyAnn Jill!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A pictureless clue party

Well, there is one picture. Because I had to make room in the fridge, and seeing as how Easter was 37 days ago, I finally said adieu to the boi'uh eggs and dye. Anyway, a Clue Party is a night where you have clues for dinner, play clue and watch the movie Clue. We had been wanting to do this forever with Logan Jones...and seeing as how he leaves on his mission in a week, we finally did it today. He and Kaiden and Orion and Janie Lundgreen and Dania Parker came for the festivities. Eric and I made up really hard clues that all led to a breakfast sandwich/burrito/bagel. If we do this again someday we need to make either easier category clues or easier clues altogether. Here is an example of one of the 7 categories that each had 3 clues: (category) To be used sparingly (individual items) 1. A friend to Buzz, Woody and Rex 2. PeeWee Herman makes his smiles with this 3. Sounds like: Metal teeth used to cut down a desert bush. I'm hoping you came up with Meats: Ham, Bacon, Sausage. We didn't think they were too hard, but they really stumped (and maybe even frustrated) the guests!

We finally were able to eat and then we watched Clue starring Tim Curry. It was so BJ reminiscent. And a funny movie! We played a little treat game during the movie. We had 4 bowls of candies and cookies and each person picked a character. I was Ms. White. Each time someone said your characters name during the movie you could pick something out of the bowls. We also had 3 big candy bars that we played with like "spoons". We assigned each candy bar a sound: doorbell, phone ringing, or a quote from the movie. When you heard it you had to dive for the candy bar to win it. It was exciting. We then ended with a rousing game of Clue Mysteries (also so BJ reminiscent) and sent the girls home for curfew at 10...and talked with the boys til the wee hours of the morning. It was a great party and I hope we can how another one again!!