Wednesday, August 31, 2011


(As if I wasn't already emotional enough, I made the mistake of trying the "new blogger" and it's DRIVING ME CRAZY!! If offered that option--refuse it!) Anyway, today my little baby Veezy starts kindergarten. She is more than ready and very excited. And look how cute she is! That's a real live kindergartner if I've ever seen one!

Brooke came along for the drop-off. They're cute sisters.
Here's Viana outside the door that she'll go in and come out of everyday.

This is Grayson, Anden and Viana. These 3 are in the same class and live on the same street! We love our neighbors!

Once all the kindergartners were there Viana started feeling a little anxious...

But once her teacher came outside and lined everyone up Viana felt much more comfortable.

She was being such a good listener trying to follow everything Mrs. Bastian said.

And then off she went!!!
I was very calm and thought I was doing really well as a "first time mom" but once she lined up and I realized my little baby wasn't a little baby at all the tears started to come. But since Viana hadn't left yet I just had to hold them in and keep on a brave face for her. Once she trotted out of my sight though, I let them flow! Luckily, there were so many moms around I kept mostly composed and dashed to the car to have a more personal tear. :) I am so excited for Viana and I know she is going to be a great kindergartner!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The dwindling summer...and welcoming Summer!

Today was the first official day of school. I bet Eric's legs are really sore right about now. Unless you teach, you would have no idea how hard it is to stand up for 6 hours everyday. He left the house very handsome this morning (hopefully I can get a welcome home pic on here). Shortly after he left we ushered Brooke out the door with Meemaw and Grandbill and our newest neighbor to the north...Summer!! Today also brought BYU freshman check-in which is where she was headed! We're excited to have TWO favorite aunts in Provo this year!! And Brooke is very excited for her special 4 year old trip (or 'fear-year old' if you speak Brooke-ese)!And what better way to celebrate these two exciting events than with a sneak attack on the double fudge-stuffing on all these oreos!! What a cute boy!! And if that wasn't exciting enough for one day I took Viana in for her Kindergarten testing. She did so well and was so brave!! As I left the paperwork I had to fill out (which I think is really just a distractor for the parents so they're not looming or hovering over their poor child while he or she tests) I caught a glimpse of the comments "Very smart" and "quick" on Viana's form. That's our girl. :) And lest you think that is all, I have started a new blog. It is called "To Become Like Mine". You can find the link to it on my lovely links or you can click THIS. Go ahead, bookmark it, link to it, etc, 'cause i know you'll like it (if you're my mom at least :) (And Jame, do you want to be a contributor with me on there? I'm sure you'd have good input for it!)

Viana officially starts Kidergarten next Wednesday, Brooke starts preschool Sept 6, and maybe Ram and I will have a crack at potty training 102. Happy days all around!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our Triathalon!!!

Thanks for the inspiration, Wes!

Today was our long awaited, much anticipated Beginner's Triathlon!!! It was so so so fun and both of us would definitely do it again!! We think we could even train up for a sprint tri. Our tri was run, bike, swim--1.25 miles running, 5 miles biking and 225m swimming. There was such a joyous atmosphere of triathletes. I love getting a whole group of crazy people together at once!! As we were racking our bikes and preparing our transition area I could see that Eric and I were definitely beginners...there were some serious people fact, I felt like we were the only two people with mountain bikes instead of sweet road bikes! Eric is right in the middle of this pic. Since you swim you can't wear a bib number, so they mark you like this! Cool! We're official! We really liked our numbers because Eric was wearing his Vince Carter jersey which was number 15, and I was 82, my birth year.
The race started with both the beginners and sprinters together so it was a joyous air-horn blow of excitement! The run felt GREAT for both of us. I got to pass quite a few people and Eric felt like he ran as hard as he could with still being able to have legs for the bike ride--he was first to come in to the transition to biking of the "beginner" triathletes.

The biking was the hardest part for both of us. Eric's chain was off when he came in to get his bike so he had to fix that and I had a flat tire...oops, should have checked for that this morning!! So you think a triathlon is hard?? Try biking 5 miles with a completely flat tire!! But, I did it!! I prayed for a miracle and got one though. My legs had a renewal of strength and though they were sore the first half they sorta "healed" and did not hurt at all on the way back. It was very helpful considering my flat tire. When I got back to the pool Eric had already finished! It was so cool to see him there!!

The swim was so great! I felt so happy! And it was nice since my legs weren't sore :) Eric cheered for me every time my head came up and 9 lengths later I pulled myself out of the pool. I wanted to collapse right there because then every muscle in my body was sore!!! But I was done!!! We both did a TRIATHLON!! TOGETHER!!!

And guess what?? WE WON OUR AGE DIVISIONS!! And, I had the goal to do it within an hour and finished in 53 minutes. Eric finished in 44. And I had the goal to finish before any of the sprint athletes started their swim and I did! And Dr. Scoville won the whole sprint tri!! It was fun to cheer for him!!

And Eric beat everyone 18 and up. I was 2nd for 18 and up. Eric finished 4th of the boys. I got 19th overall!!

My favorite part was definitely being able to do that with Eric!

I made sure to have CharlyAnn when I got my 1st place prize as another mark of my awesome accomplishment! I won a tri with a 5month old baby!

My husband is so cute :)

Don't worry...I think we are still going to take a jumping picture with our sweet tri shirts later!!!

Here they are!We took a backwards one too, since that is where our numbers were!! (Nice calves!! Genetically speaking our children should have great legs!)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

DT reunion=much joy

It was Costco that called to us on Saturday. More specifically the $1.50 3-scoop gelatto cone that called to us. It was our first time to try such a treat...and it won't be the last. Although Ram discovered that for $1.50, we might as well buy two. He was surviving off this cone like it was oxygen.
Then when he discovered we all had to share...

He was not happy!!

But, we cheered his spirits by reminding him that the real reason we had trekked up north was to reunite with our DT family of 2005/2006 at the brand new home of the Trumans (so new they haven't even slept in it was a house warming party--on fire!)
At one point there was 37 people there!! (Lori had family helping to move stuff in).

But oh was it joyous. The party consisted of the Trumans (V hall then, Payson now), Wrides (Q Hall then, Virginia now), Carters (R Hall then, Monroe now), Rasmussens (S Hall then, Africa/WA now) and Martins (T Hall then, Virginia now). I love living in Utah because it is a place of gathering.

There were 9 adults and 16 kids (6 girls and 10 boys). Ram and Natalie still loved playing together just like they did in December.

What used to be 4 years and 3 months worth of children when the 5 of us "started" is now 62 years 9 months and 2 weeks of kids. Holy Cow!

The Trumans house was absolutely beautiful and Lori is looking forward to moving in this week!! What a neat treasure to have a home built by so many family members and friends, including her dear sweetheart Wes. The surprise backyard put in by Wes's cousins was perfect.
As is this shot with the most adults in the same place at once. (16 kids from 8yrs to 2 weeks kept us all pretty busy. When Brooke got there I said, "I want to hear the birth story!" She said, "I want to tell it! Let's wait til I can tell everyone together." Eventually I found her in a corner nursing baby Wil and she told me the story because we realized there would be no all of us being together at once!!)

All of our children had such a good time (minus poor Spencer W. who got dehydrated from a busy busy day!) All of the arranged marriages still look like they will work out quite nicely in another 15-20 yearsAnd Janna, myself, Brooke, Lori, and Marie still found it so inspiring and so uplifting to be together and share with each other our struggles, our triumphs, or joys, or successes and our families.

These are my truest friends.

And this is a perfect summer memory.

We partied hard and slept like babies all the way home.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fair Time!

I am such a sucker for our little Sevier County Fair. So, while Eric was at his LAST CLASS!! for the hardest masters class he's had to date, we decided to go to the fair!
Ram was in love with the livestock. He thought it was pretty cool.

CharlyAnn has recently found her thumb. CUTE!

They had a free bounce house this year! (No crazy carnies saving our children from a deflating monkey house!)

The girls got to pet a real live baby kangaroo. (cool aussie animal show--kangaroos are a funky animal!)

We got to pretend to be farmers. It only took Ram about 5 minutes of uncomfortable staring before he realized he would be ok to reach into this fake hen's nest to get the egg. It was pretty funny. You can kind of see the little look of apprenhension on his face.

Viana's gatherings.

The favorite part of the night was this weeping willow we sat under while we ate our free Commisioner's BBQ dinner. There was a little swing someone had tied up with some of the branches. It was amazingly strong and amazingly fun.