Monday, October 31, 2011

The REAL Halloween


Halloween, oh what a fun yet exhaustive holiday! We've made it to the end, and so now we are all too tired to do much door-to-door...but it must be done!CharlyAnn dressed up as a 3 month old baby...what a petite cutie!
Here is something funny about Monroe. When you live in a big city you just go door to door in your neighborhood, or around the block and that is fun. Here, you could do that, but you know half the town, and they've all requested that you be sure to stop by their house, so you get in your car and you drive all around town trick-or-treating at all sorts of houses. And we were not the only ones doing this. Many of the families we saw were out driving around to the places they had to go. It's a cultural beauty I think.
Good thing though, because on the drive from one house to another we saw this spooky yard and only Viana was brave enough to get out and investigate. We were glad we saw it while it was still light out, because it was legitimately creepy! Fun!As the sun set Cinderella let us know she did not think she would make it to the end of the ball, but she sure was pretty. She trooped along, she has been recovering from the bug that Viana had last week.

We had 21 efforts at getting costumed, with a total of 12 different costumes and 6 different Halloween functions amongst the Carter Fam. Next year I think I may just put forth the effort to get 6 costumes for 6 people!!

Halloween Parade!

This fall has been so so beautiful. Today the elementary school had their parade and we got hot waiting for it to start. It was just so sunny and warm and perfect. Finally we saw the children emerge. All the way from the wee little kindergartners to the BMOC 5th graders. There was a LOT of kids! But we spied our cowgirl Viana across the street!

Then before we knew it she had made it over to us!

She may not have reacted much to me, but when she saw Brooke she managed a little wave to her. Sister love!I put this picture in so you could see the kids still pouring down the street on the other side. And so you could see how obedient Viana was to keep her arms folded the whole time. What a cutie.

I asked Viana if she had fun in her parade and she said, "It wasn't a real parade because we didn't get to walk in the road." But she sure had fun at her class party right afterwards, and even got a pumpkingram delivered to her from her Daddy at the high school!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

4th Annual Jones Halloween Party

We really like traditions, especially the good ones. Homemade pizza and the candybar game make it special. And pumpkin pie--homegrown punkins--is a must! Back when it started we chummed around with Logan, Orion and their friends. Now that they are all old and grown and serving missions we get to hang-out with 13 year old Kaiden and his chums! Daniel won the Symphony bar that Eric wanted in the candy bar game.

CharlyAnn LOVED rolling around the lush carpeted floor while Viana, Brooke and I bowled on the xbox kinect (such cool technology!)And then it was back to the basement, which happens to be TOY HEAVEN for our kiddos!!

Halloween is not Halloween without our party with the Jones'!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ward Halloween Party

Our ward is awesome. The Halloween party always pulls in SOOOO many people, so it is much-o fun. Eric judged the chili contest this year (lucky) and the best news ever was that Clark, who owns The Sagebrush Grill--which I LOVE--entered a masterful creation. It was like having free Sagebrush for dinner. CharlyAnn just came for the Cheerios. When you have a family of 6 it is nearly impossible to get a fam pic. This is as good as it gets. So imagine me matching Eric, and CharlyAnn matching us.

The girls knew our little neighbor boy was going to try and scare them at the party, so they made up a little princess power handshake cheer. It was so cute--and very effective, this is the final handshake.

This is right before we went out to the trunk-or-treat: girls were very excited, Ram was very grumpy.But once Ram saw how things worked...He was off leading the way!! He LOVED it!3 happy sugared-up babies!After trunk-or-treat we played a few inside games,went to Daddy's Spook Alley, then went home for our 3rd annual family sleep-over. We had random groups of students come over caroling us and looking for random things (we gave one set the wipies Eric had just used to clean off his mask, and another group an old can of pears from the fridge!)The we partied it up with Garfield's Halloween special. Ram really enjoyed his initiation family sleep-over!

From Snow White to Chimney Sweep

Brooke got herself dressed this morning. She came in to show me and said, "I'm adorable!"

It was amoment when had I had a mouth full of milk it may have spewed from my nose. Could there be a better rag-a-muffin? But rather than saying, oh Brooke, let's get you a different outfit, or wash your face, or your hair, all I could say is, "You ARE adorable!" Because seriously, this is ridiculously adorable!
We did not bother to wash out the black hair spray from Brooke's hair last night--figuring that we had another party today so why bother? And now we know she can go as a chimney sweep instead of a princess.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The fairest in the land

Brooke had her preschool Halloween party today. She was the very prettiest Snow White I'd ever seen.So pretty in fact that The Prince found her and asked her to accompany him to the HS carnival. The dwarves stayed home with Momma dwarf to take care of sick Viana Dwarf. It was a true date for the fantasy couple.Can you imagine what it must have felt like to get all the tickets to yourself??Fairly fantastic, I am sure of it.

They came home with such a lovely loot, and being a true princess Brooke shared her goodies with the dwarves at home. Happy Halloween!


I put these glasses on CharlyAnn expecting her to rip them right off, but instead I laughed my head off!

She knew there was something different put could not quite figure out where to reach. Just floating grasping fingers hoping they would run in to whatever it was she was seeing. It was so funny!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

4 for 4 at 4

Remember when we had 3 for 3, 3 and under? All 3 children were crying simultaneously? And how it was such a precious reminder of my childhood when my dad and I would count us girls up once we got past two crying at once? And how if 3 or even 4 of us were wailing we would jokingly say, "Quick, hit Charina!" or whomever it was left with dry eyes. And how the one precious time when all 5 of us were crying is seared into my memory with every ounce of glee that can come from 5 crying girls at once?

Well, not to let our past record of 3 for 3, 3 and under go undone...last night we had 4 for 4, at 4. Technically it was 4:10am, but also technically our clock is 10 minutes fast; which returns us to 4 for 4 at 4. Looking back at it I am shocked that it was not 5 for 6. How did I retain my composure?? It's called a mother's love. Oh joyous memories.

(ps-how appropriate that this is my 4ooth post! Long live the 4's!!)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We say NO!

This week is "Say no to drugs" week at the schools. Eric has always tried to participate in the spirit days that accompany the week as best he can, but since he wears a suit to work he's limited in what he can do. But not Viana! She can go all out! Eric and I both loved spirit days when we were in school, and hope to instill that same passion in our children! Why be a bump on a log when you can have so much fun! So, today was RED day. She did pretty good!! Really, she takes after her parents.And more on this little outing to come. :)
Post edit: Viana won the competition for her class!! Way to go RED!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

We've been having a luscious fall this year. It has been warm and sunny and beautiful. We took advantage of it and went to the pumpkin patch on Friday. They trucked us out to the middle of the patch and let us loose!It was great that we did have the first freeze already, so all the vines were shriveled and out of our way (except for Ram who is so close to the ground anyway...he ran everywhere, tripped about 80 times, and got back up to run some more)

CharlyAnn! Good job!!
(love that little tongue)
Love that sky, and those mountains, and that little man headed our way. Here's half the loot...we stopped at the gourd section and picked up all sorts of little guys. We got 14 pumpkins/gourds/squash for $7. SEVEN DOLLARS. It was a steal people!And then we got to go on the little train ride, for free. I love our small town and all it's goodness!!This is on the weave down the road. So fun!!

We were happy to come home and decorate the front steps of our house with our finds...and to decorate the finds themselves!! Happy Fall!