Wednesday, November 30, 2011


My neighbor and I have a sweet deal. We swap kids to volunteer in our children's kindergarten class. Today was my turn to volunteer. As we were driving home from having lunch with Eric I told Ram he was going to play at Layla and Jada's house. He was happy about that. We went inside and I went into my room. I thought I heard the outside door open and close, but typically the children know they are not to go outside unless they ask. So, I come out of my room to find Ram MIA and ask Brooke where he is. "At Layla's house." I knew they weren't home yet. So this is what I saw:What a cute boy--a little dangerous, but still cute! Needless to say he had an enjoyable time this afternoon when he actually was supposed to be at their house!

(thanksgiving posts below family:)

It's Christmas Time!

Normally we put up Christmas Thanksgiving day after the feast. But we were having way too much fun with my family to take time for that, so we put it off until FHE on Monday.Unlike the indian at the feast, Brooke was excited for this.

We got the lights on the tree via fireman's bucket brigade. I handed the bundle to Ram,
who handed the bundle to Brooke,
who handed the bundle to Viana and back around again.
And CharlyAnn has decided she knows how to pull herself up to standing now. CUTE!
Ornaments was very fun. I can't believe I have three kids who understand Christmas. Ram was so into it--of course it helped that most of our ornaments were Toy Story or basketball.
Combined effort to put the star on top.
Finished product.
And Silent Night.

Post-feast fun

It all ended up in the theater with this gem of a show. Is it worth the $7 or $8 bucks you may have to pay? Oh yes, yes it is. Especially if you grew up loving the muppets and their absolute eccentricities.Image from here

But before that blessed miracle from the motion picture heaven we bowled.
(well, some carousel-ed)
Even those of us with tails. Ram loved it of course, being able to throw balls and then watch them speed back to you (we have a ball return on top of the ground--way more entertaining than the underground ones!)
Summer took way more cool pictures than I have...but suffice it to say, Krista bowled a TURKEY!! Eric bowled a TURKEY!!! Which led to his game of 200!! Mom clenched her last frame to nail the 100 even on that same game! Mackenzie waved her arms all around and flung her ball and bounced it off the gutter 3 or 4 times a ball and still got spares and strikes! Then, on the last bowl of the last game Summer picked up a split in the tenth and then bowled a STRIKE to top it off!! It was epic and wonderful!
It was a very very fun Friday (how did we survive it after Black Friday, we don't know--but we did!!)

Black Friday!

Eric and were super excited that we were going to be able to experience every inch of Black Friday since we would have babysitting this year. So we put the kids to bed, and then we put my dad to bed and Eric and I, my mom, Summer, Krista and he roommate Mackenzie headed to Wally world!Since we live in a rural area there's not so many options for Black every soul within 60 miles was at Wal-mart with us. The parking was insane! Cars were even lining the street.
And incase you missed any midnight it is in a nutshell.

So they had all the deals lining the middle of the main aisle and clumps of desperate people were huddled around their item of choice just waiting for the clock to strike. We weren't too determined so we walked around for a while gazing in wonder and awe at all the people in their craziness. Then I decided, well, we might as well wait in the clump for the printers. I tried to imagine how this would all take place. I saw a Wal-mart employee with a neon vest waiting near by, so I thought at midnight he would come up with an exacto knife and slice off the plastic wrapping that was holding all of the items together and then we'd all dive in. So, I ask Eric what time it is. He says, "11:55" The student we were talking to then said, "Actually, only 4 more minutes." Then from across the way someone yells out to the mob, "FOUR MORE MINUTES!" At that yell everyone went crazy. I think they thought, 'Ah, someone yelled something loud, that must mean we can go for it.' So people just start ripping and clawing and grabbing and shoving and jumping and going crazy. And in my brain I thought, "Wait, wait! They didn't say go, everyone stop, we're gonna get in trouble!" I was waiting for the neon vested man to shoot a gun in the air or something. But then I realized, it had begun--there was no stopping this madness! So Eric says, do you want me to get it? I think he could see the terror and shock on my face, so I said YES...but then I looked back at the crazy people and the dwindling stack of printers and I lunged into the the pack of ravenous wolves and came out the victor! I even got a real live battle wound! (see that small speck of blood on my knuckle? Boo yah)
It was so great. I loved it. And good thing we got that printer, Eric is doing the Giving it Back slideshow for the school and we had to scan in all the pictures--good timing Black Friday, your spoils of war were well worth the fight!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving dinner

We had some cute little injuns show up to our feast this year. One was out of her skin excited to be there. The other? Not so much.
Viana even treated us to some cool war dances. Or hopefully they were feast dances.
My dad was puttin' on a pretty face while my mom so kindly slaved in the kitchen to make us an incredible feast!
I guess it worked out that Brooke was not into the indian dress-up, because then Ram got to dress-up!
Viana is still ridiculously excited, and Brooke is still distraught over the clothing issue! HA!
Who knew one feast could make Viana so happy?? Sure glad it did!!
Dig in everybody!!
We were so happy to have a portion of my family come to our home!! And thank you thank you mom for spoiling me with all the cooking and dishes done!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Hot Pot Trot!: extended edition

Welcome to our newest Thanksgiving tradition! May it become Monroe City's newest tradition in the future! Throw your turkey in the oven and head out for the Hot Pot Trot! So invigorating, so fun, so rewarding!

In Colorado they run the Nielsen challenge the first Saturday of every month. I want Monroe City to run the Hot Pot Trot every Thanksgiving. But until I can organize that, we started with our little family. It was between 1.5-1.75 miles and it was great! The starting line was the crack in the road outside our house.
And we're off!! (Krista and Summer have crazy poses because they were practicing the body spelling of Hot Pot)
Camera (wo)man was in the middle...some in front and some behind.
The trail begins uphill. And it was beautiful!
You can see my dad as the little dot in the left between the two trees.
Eric with his grueling finish line face. Summer spitting in the background.
It was too beautiful up top to just turn right around, so we rested for a while.
And then we cheered on the last of the runners!!
Summer went out as an uphill pull.
And then the shortest competitors sprinted to the tunneled finish line!!
Brooke even got a battlewound but was still in such good spirits!
Jumping picture!! Everyone got air, even little Brooke--good timing on the picture Mom!!
Carters and Roys with the hot pot in the back!
When we ran back home the turkey was sure smellin' goood!!