Sunday, February 26, 2012

Back-to-Back for this superstitious soul

Last night found our little family at the SVC for 5 hours. The epic championship game between two schools with a rivalry that is eons old started at 7:30pm. Our arrival time, however, was 5:30. We knew that with neighboring towns, meeting at the local arena, in a basketball culture, for the state title would leave nothing but standing room for those arriving on time. And standing room is not our style. Front row for the Carters my friends. Front row. We scouted seats, planted a saver, snagged given up chairs, and still ended up with only 3 seats for the 6 of us. But cozy is the best way to have it for an on-your-feet kind of game. And guess what? We won. WE WON!! WE REALLY WON!! Back-to-Back State Championships!!! 52-47 was the final score at the buzzer that nobody heard since ear-piercing screams and free-flowing tears were already abundant.

We have a) a phenomenal basketball program b) an even more phenomenal coaching staff c) an even more phenomenal head coach and d) even more phenomenal players. But the real trophy clincher was that South Sevier had a ridiculously superstitious fan on the front line. Me. Meet my lucky outfit: Free black Rams shirt caught at a football game years ago, clashing nicely with free brown pants from my dead great-grandmother, supported by free red and black sharpie swirly canvas shoes made by sister Summer, topped off with free earrings made by Aunt Cherie and a fresh out of the shower up hair-do. Perhaps you recognize the outfit because I wore it at the Richfield home game that we won. I wore it to the Drill State Championship, which we won. I wore it during the Richfield away game that we won. I wore it to the wrestling State Championship, which Joey won. I wore it to our play-in game last week--again, victory. So this week, with three games: one Thursday, one Friday-both on the road to the Championship last night--I knew I had to wear the uniform every single game. And I did. And we won, and won, and won THE BIG ONE. Even when we were down 10 in the first quarter or when they came within 3 twice in the fourth quarter my faith never waivered because you can not beat a good superstition. A-boo, a-yah. I was also superstitious enough to never shave my legs this season, but have no fear, I will NOT be showing you a picture of that successful superstition. Instead, rejoice with me in yet another grand firetruck parade. (The firemen in our town probably think I only have one pair of clothes!)

Congratulations Rams on your back-to-back state championship!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Always worth it to look through old pics...

LaDon...looks so...young.

Thanksgiving for President's Day!

We have been longing to go to the Dinosaur museum for too long--so yesterday's holiday was the perfect time.

But the real treat of our holiday was meeting up with the Tuckers at Thanksgiving Point!! They have been in Pennsylvania for the last two years at PA school, so we have missed them and had a joyous reunion! The girls were fast friends.
Our Crew of 10! (Well...8 of

CharlyAnn and me!!
All of the hands on exhibits were awesome. Bailee kept saying, "This is the best day ever!" And Ram was having such a good time, I'm pretty sure if he could talk as well as Bailee he would have said the same thing.
And who knew that dinosaur bones really are cool!
Little cave...
Brooke looks so tiny next to that big ol' thing!
That is a Utah Velociraptor ("YOO-tah" as phoneticized by the placard).
The erosion table was a hit.
We weighed as much as 1/50th of a T-rex.
And had fun all around!
It was a great holiday!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another Championship!

If you have never been to a wrestling state tournament, it would be well worth your time. It is an amazing spectacle. Lights and announcers and cheering and people coming out your ears and cheerleaders everywhere and of course, wrestling. We went to watch Joey for his last match of his high school career. And yes, it was for the state championship. The same match he lost in last year to take 2nd over all.
But not this year!!!! STATE CHAMPION!!!!!! With a pin none the less!
And yes, there was a fire truck parade.
We love Joey!! Look at what a humble victor he is.
That's Eric's 'I stayed up til midnight but it was completely worth it because Joey won state!' face! :)
Congrats Joey! And as your mom put it, "Now the last 13 years have definitely paid off!"

Thursday, February 16, 2012

8 years committed

Let Eric paint the picture of our day 8 years ago through this poem he wrote:

Rocks jut out over the downward sloping surface.
The blue sky, with scattered white clouds line the
horizon. The winter sky has decided to let the sun
come forth on this day, a special day to two or four,
or maybe more not yet to come.

A chapel sits on the hill, behind the hike
down. Wind blows dust on top, but the
rock outcroppings seem protected, or
shielded from it. The place has been

The nerves well inside and my heart pounds as I search for
the perfect rock, the right spot. A bit of rush, anxiety lags in
the layers within the fleshy cavity of my chest. "No, not this
one." "No, this isn't it either." "Try further down." "It's got
to be close." And then there it was, the perfect place, waiting.

I speak, my words, a bit rushed.
My heart beats faster, my hands
move back and forth quickly--jittery.
The rehearsed dialogue flows.

I kneel, the sun warms the setting. From my hand, I
take out the surprise. I open the case, and the light
catches her eyes. The tears line the eyes, the rush of
joy feels the atmosphere. The only thing needed to be
said, is simple an short: "Yes!"

An embrace, a hold, an exciting
anticipation for the journey back
up the hill. The church is there, but
we'll go past it. For another place has yet been prepared.
(Feb. 16, 2004 Colorado Springs, CO)

And we celebrated each other nearly as creatively:I left this for Eric. Have I not told the whole story about our engagement? Well, it has much to do with Buzz. And Eric left this for me.
(Check the back of Day 2 of love.)
Not to mention the insanely good Sagebrush dinner date and traditional jewelry gift from Eric to me this year!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 14 of LOVE

Day 14: I love Valentine's Day!! Ever since I was old enough to have crushes on boys and I would wonder if they signed their name a special way on my valentine to indicate a bit of love. Third grade is the first time I remember scrutinizing over every signature to see if I could detect a smitten boy in my class. It's fun for me to see Viana bring home Valentine's and say, "So-n-so has a crush on me! They gave me a card that says 'Be mine!'" (Forgetting that no valentine's are addressed in kindergarten :) But I was so proud of Veezy this year, she made all her cards unique and by hand. They were so cute. I remembered to dress Ram in his "Hoppy Valentine's Day" shirt that I had stowed away for him. He was adorable and loved the "Ribbit" on them.

He drenched it with lollipop saliva drippings early in the day. Viana and Brooke both had Valentine's parties at school today. They came home with lots of good loot!
And they both made super cute mailboxes!!Eric spoiled me by getting my the Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation figurine set! It is so cute! And he left me chocolate covered cinnamon bears this morning. I ate WAY too many of them today!Eric had YM tonight; they did the annual christmas tree burn with a potato bar for dinner, so Melissa invited us over for a V-day party!! It was great! We roasted hotdogs and marshmallows in their fireplace.Dessert buffet!And after dinner we had a dance party! It was SUPER fun!!! Everyone loved it and everyone cried at least it was a marvelous time with 7 kids 6 and under! Ram totally got into it and was jumping and flipping and hopping around. CharlyAnn loved it too.And I love Valentine's Day, because it is a day you are 100% focused on the people you love. I spent all day sneaking back and forth to the school/seminary building to get a student every hour to deliver a puzzle piece to Eric for this poem (9-piece poem, 0-7th hour plus lunch!) . It was super fun to be sneaky!

Thanks for letting me bear my soul to you in this lovely LOVE journey!! I sure loved doing it! Hooray for celebrating love!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 13 of LOVE

Day 13: I love singing. Too bad I'm no good at it. But I think my children are great singers. So I love signing children.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 12 of LOVE

Day 12: I love taking surveys. Isn't that weird? But I actually do. When a poor telemarketing soul calls and asks if I would like to take a survey I hope that I can brighten his or her day by responding with a vigorous and resounding, "YES!" I also love doing online surveys, the nice click of the mouse and the little "Thank you for your time" screen at the end make it a delightful and pain-free experience. But my favorite kind of survey are the fill-in the bubble with a no. 2 pencil kinds. They are dwindling in presence, sadly, but whenever there is one I am thrilled. And when it comes to the bubble sheet, I love any kind of assessment. My favorite bubble-sheet was the old school BYU parking permit application. Something intoxicating about coloring in the numbers for your license plate row by row.

The only bad thing is--I'm a horrible criticizer. So on a survey for customer service once when I was treated horribly, on a scale of 1 to 10 all I could stammer out was a 7. Ah well, hopefully what goes around, comes around.

So tell me, on a scale of 1 to 10--how am I doing? :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 11 of LOVE

Day 11: I love golden celebrations! For example, CharlyAnn turned 11 months old today on the 11th! I would elaborate or put pictures to accompany this proclamation of love to convince you that it is true...but alas, we took a litle family adventure up to the big city this weekend and I am apparently a bed snob (I love my bed? Who knew?!) and our hotel did not hold a candle to mine so I am running on minimal sleep...zzzzzzzzzzzz. Maybe tomorrow :)


I'm glad my dad is paparazzi--becasue I am always so disappointed in my life situations when I don't bother to get out the camera! And I'm glad my aunt is golden and mailed me these pictures. We had the greatest time going up for cousin Kellie's wedding!! Contrary to what all these little faces said...
You can trust these faces!!

Hardings/Roys(-Willises :( )!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 10 of LOVE

Day 10: I love Fridays!! Especially when they fall on the 100th day of kindergarten!!"100!"

That's the cutest 100 foam hearts sewn onto a sweater I've ever seen!!!