Wednesday, May 30, 2012

8 year anniversary extravaganza

We anxiously awaited the end of school because it meant we would pile into our (broken, by sheer miracle we made it there) minivan and trek across the beautiful Rockies to Colorado!!
 The main reason for the visit was for Eric and I to celebrate our 8 year anniversary together on May 28th!  And since we were in Colorado where my parents said they would watch the babies we actually got to celebrate the 28th-30th!  Woohoo!!
We went bowling and bowled 3 games of increasing score
We reached our team goal each time and earned us a nice anniversary dinner!
Nevermind that the sign says coffee.  Focus on the Nemo part.  It was closed but we had a nice drive  to it!
 We ended up in a sweet suite in the Denver area!  
And we golfed 9 holes.  It was SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO fun.  Eric's orange streak is his contact with the ball!
Would you believe that we tied??  I was so proud, I golfed my own ball even!

Then we went and had the most delicious dinner that we earned bowling.  I had seafood stuffed Jumbo shrimp with  a slice of jalapeno pepper and pepperjack cheese wrapped in bacon flash fried and grilled.  TO DIE FOR!
Way to go Landry's!
In the morning we had Gunther Toody's.  Such good memories now shared with Eric!   "Chipper" was our  groovy server.  I love the experience there!
After that we went to the temple.
It was great!
And I wanted Mexican for dinner, and we stumbled onto this restaurant on accident, or providence.
It was the fastest place ever, and they give out chapstick at the door with the after dinner mints.  Score!
Then we hit up an awesome adult sized arcade.  It was so fun.
Wheel of Fortune was the coolest game ever.
And we saw MIB3 in 3D.  At a dead theater.  There were no people there and it was kind of weird.  But the movie was fabulously fun!!
The next morning we played swimming pool football and it was joyous.
 After our wonderful anniversary celebration we headed back to my parents house to find our children having a wonderful happy time!  We partied with them the rest of the week and managed to take nearly no pictures.  But we did get the important stuff!
Mmmmmmm.  Mom made wings just for us :)
We demolished them.
While we were in Colorado Andy and Summer were in Utah getting engaged!!  Wedding on July 20 at the Draper temple!!!  And Krista had a week that looked like that!  (Mom had calls from all 5 her daughters in one day!  HA!)
Then we headed back into our (expensively fixed) minivan and trekked home after a week of no work!
And good fruit by the foot :)
And just plain ol' foots. :)

Thanks Roys for giving us a delightful kick off to our summer!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Annual Carnival visit!

What good would the end of school be without the carnival coming to town?  The girls have come to expect it as an end of school tradition and this year was no exception!!  They were so excited about it.  With all the business of the end of school the only chance we had to go was when it was SUPER windy we stayed as long as we could handle.  (Because evil mom thought, 'I won't bring warm clothes, then we won't stay long...' party pooper.)  But they enjoyed themselves none the less!

It was fun to see Ram be big enough this year to do the big maze one.  He loves to do what his sisters do!
Kinda creepy that we just send our children up into this rickety carny ride...
But they always emerge with smiles
Fun slide is always a favorite.  

Precious Brooke!!
 Every time Brooke would come around on this ride CharlyAnn would be so excited!  She loved watching her it was so adorable!!  She was giggling and waving, it was so cute.

We played one game before we gave into the cold.  This is to demonstrate the pure shivering that  overcame Ram.  Not a blurry picture, just much chattering teeth :)
There you have it--yearly carnival visit!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

SSHS Graduation

On May 25th the town gathered...
 The graduate donned cap and gown...
 And Mr. Bailey delivered his retirement speech.
It was a windy-WINDY-day.
 But joyous none the less.

 And small town ebullience was felt as we delivered gifts late into the night, and when we found ourselves clueless on a residence we said, "Let's just drive around the town, I'm sure we'll figure it out."  And of course, we did.  A familiar car in a garage and a distinguishable face in the window. (That totally makes us sound like creepers!!! :)
Congrats class of 2012!  We're sure gonna miss ya!!  (Following: billions of pics of Eric with kids for records sake)
Brayden Blackham
Josh Smith
Mele Etsitty
Tom Morgan Mecham
Jenny Gordon
Colton "Cedar" Jones-Salutatorian, gave a great speech!
Cami Morgan
Garrett Lott and their special handshake
Joey Leavitt
Kylie Nielson
Linda Hooper
Sharaya Anderson-Eric's voice teacher!
Cole Jones
Ashley Spendlove-has never seen nor intends to see PG-13 movies.
Holly Ellsworth
Morgan Aston-valedictorian!
Connor Dalton
Emilie Farrer
Wyatt Carter and Kaden King
Mullett Power!
Kylie Jo Mackelprang
Justin Holsclaw