Monday, July 30, 2012

A visit to Dr. Carter

I thought it was pretty special that we had an eye exam whilst in Washington.  More special yet that all of our eyes are working great.  And most special of all that it was our very own Granddad who was the doc.

Brooke, she's such a jokester, she thought she needed to invent some elaborate tale about how her eye was hurt and broken so that Granddad could properly fix it.  What a cutie.
And CharlyAnn slept in the cart...

I was really pleased to see how well Brooke knew all of her letters on her exam!
In the office an image is put on the back wall with a projector which is then reflected in a mirror in fron of the patient to see, but Ram had already seen what was going on behind Viana and Brooke when they did their exams, so when Granddad would ask him what he saw (meaning in front of him) he would turn around to look at where he knew it was behind him.  It was so cute!
The kids thought I looked like a monster!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Then it was West to Washington

So we went from a wedding July 18-21, to Carter Cousins for Pioneer Day July 21-25, to a caravaning trip up to Washington July 25-Aug. 5.  It was epic.  And glorious.  And it was such good vacationing that I never even got tired of it.  It was relaxing and stress free and perfect!

Golden Corral was probably a) relieved they had this back area for the Carter crazies and b) even more relieved when we finally left. :)
We went to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate Tim's upcoming 8th birthday.  
Between all of us ticket earners we got 3440 tickets. 
Swimming at Grandma's while Eric, Jared, Becky, Ron and I did sealings at Columbia River

Don't worry, Ram landed safely on this jump.
I love this picture!  We had a great trip to Othello, and the girls really enjoyed seeing all the places that their Daddy grew up.

There was this great splash park by grandma's house!  We thought it would be fun to pose for some water pics!

Aug. 4 Tim turned 8...we had a party and a great baptism!!!
I hiked to the Manti temple, Eric and I ran to the Columbia River temple.  It made it a little easier that his parents only live 2 miles from it though :)

Other highlights of the trip without their own post included eating eating eating, games games games, running running running, Olympics Olympics Olympics.  It was so great.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I promise to blog about these things

The Bridal Shower

The Roy Joys
The Bridal Shoot
The Wedding!
The Reception
The Carter Gathering
The Children's Parade
The Block Party
The 3-on-3 Tournament
The Best Friends
The Real Parade
The Park
The Broadway Revue
The Fireworks Show 
And yet to come other adventures.
But mostly I just wanted to show you that the paragliders are still our favorite part of pioneer Day

Best Friends

So all this vacationing time something special was happening: Ram and Daniel were bonding.  It was beautiful.  Highlight of the wedding and Linde visit to Monroe.  We would say to Ram, "Who's your best friend?"  And Ram without missing a beat would say, "Daniel and Batman."  One morning at The House Ram was up when Daniel came into the living room wearing his Woody pj's and Ram said, "I like your shirt."  Daniel responded, "It's Woody."  Ram looked down at his shirt, "I have Buzz."  Bonded!!

Hooray for boy cousins!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pioneer Day: Fireworks

The Fireworks is so much more than that.  it is lounging in the grass at the middle school field, eating some good bbq, watching paragliders, listening to good music, and hoping to win raffle prizes.  Then the fireworks come. :)

CharlyAnn loved loved loved loved loved the paragliders.  She could not take her  eyes off of them.  It was bliss.
After the years of entering the raffle and never winning, it was finally our turn!!  I was overjoyed!!!
Imagine our over ebullition when we won not two, but THREE prizes when it was all said and done!!  We got a $20 gift card to Wingers, a free nights stay at the Quality Inn and a 6 month pass to Lifetime Fitness.  Score!!!
The sunset was gargeous
My whole town came.  I love my whole town.

Pioneer Day: Broadway Revue, Eric's Debut!

Remember way back for Eric's birthday when I got him voice lessons?  Well this was the culminating event to show off what he learned!!  His first solo performance on stage and it was FABULOUS.  I was so proud of him and so in love with him and so impressed with what he learned!  He performed 3 different times.  Each one was so great. He had a minor prop complication with his mic cord in this performance, but the crowd loved Viana show much.  The other nights they didn't clap just for her, but this night they did, so I'm showing you this one.  Here's a portion of that performance.  

Boys look cute in make-up :)
I was so proud of Viana too.  She had such a fun time doing the show and is already planning her own solo performance for next year!
Great job Eric I was insanely proud of you and loved you even more and more!!

Pioneer Day: Park festivities

The park was great this year...It was interesting for me to see everyting there since last year I made the whole park.  Some things were the same, some things they changed, but it was all good!  We did the kids races, everyone from CharlyAnn to Emily.  

They really did like it, I promise!
Tim and Braydon
It's worth it to do the kids races just for the quarter you win!  Wahoo!
Ram did love the puttputt
The big kids LOVED the buckin' Bronco!
Eric won Viana and Brooke their very own African Dwarf frogs.  They are the funnest pets!!  And they are great travleres.  We toted them all the way to Washington and back with us :)