Sunday, September 30, 2012

Book of Mormon Round 4

Tonight we finished the Book of Mormon again!  When Moroni says Amen we all joined in with a vocal Amen!  This is my and Eric's 4th time through as a fam, Viana's 3rd time through, Brooke's 2nd time through, Ram's first time through...and CharlyAnn's 1/2 time :)  This is a habit that has truly blessed our family and we are excited to read it all again!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mini Cheer!

Last Friday night the girls did the mini cheer at our (3rd game for one of our teams that has lost by only a turnover for 6 in a row) football game.  They were so absolutely fabulous!!!  And, benefit of Eric being the team camera man--front row seats to film, and Bro. Bagley took these sweet pics with his Cannon Baby.

Viana was so adorably excited and happy.  It was her best public performance to date!!

 These pictures are PRESH!!  Thank heavens Bro. Bagley caught this great moment!!

Viana is on the far left and Brooke is on the far right.  Viana's excitement in the beginning comes from seeing me in the nose bleed section in the bleachers :)
I like mini cheer.  And let me emphasize-MINI cheer.  Ok girls?...think Volleyball...:)

Monday, September 24, 2012


May I recommend to all mothers of young children a serious food schedule in their day.  Breakfast 7:30. snack 10:30 lunch 12:30 snack 2:30.  It simplifies life and improves eating habits!!  And plus look how happy your table can look when 8 babies 6 and under sit down at once!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Welp, never mind about the football part of Homecoming.  Some years it's good, some years it's not as good.  If you have never been to a 0-57 football game, be glad.  But also be glad that your football team is good lookin' in the parade none the less!
 The Homecoming theme this year was R.A.M.S and each group involved came up with different acronyms.  It was very cute.  The Faculty and staff (of which Eric is grouped with) came up with Riding Army of Marshmallow Shooters.  So, Eric wore his rollerblades with his Camo whilst shooting marshmallows in the parade.  It was amazing (because little known fact about our relationship, I am a TOTAL sucker for Eric when he rollerblades, oh be still my heart--he is a hottie!).  So I took plenty of pics.

Not to mention he was a really good shot with his marshmallow shooter!!
The other joyous part of the parade was when students saw me and started yelling out to me how many scripture masteries they had already memorized as part of the 30 by 30 challenge.  It was pretty awesome.  
 And, look at these cute matching boys.  :)
So there you go, all of my most joyous homecoming moments involved my handsome hubby :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012


This is a video for the seminary students...but it applies to all of you as well!!!  I hope you join in with me!  If you need a list of the scripture masteries you can find it here.

(And HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARINA...I hope you don't think this video is stealing the thunder of your's just good fortune that your birthday is 30 days before mine :)

Monday, September 10, 2012


On Saturday when Eric took the Young Men here:

I took the young Carters here:
Are you totally convinced by that picture that we went to Hawaii?  I hope that you are.  So then I can say,
Wellllll, actually it was just a pretend visit to Hawaii in our very own Monroe!
Since Eric had the van up in Provo I piled my babies into the best purchase I ever made, and headed to the park for a Monroe Luau.
 Even my brave Viana who just seconds before had a HUGE bee land on her nose, sting her, and then as she went to grab it off her face sting her thumb as well.  I had just gotten my own bee sting about a week and a half ago so my heart was so full of empathy for her because stings do just that--they sting!!

I wore my BYU visor as a shout out to the top 25 Cougars!  Booyah!
The kids wanted to sit by this Hawaiin beach backdrop and Viana said, "Take our picture so that it looks like we're on the beach for real!"  When she saw the picture she said, "That does not look like we are on the beach."  Oh well, we felt Hawaiian as Viana was quick to tell everyone that Hawaii is actually a chain of islands in the Arctic Ocean.  (Pacific Veez, but credit for knowing that there's an Arctic ocean!)
 We had yummy kalua pork that was actually cooked in the ground and then we were entertained with dancing that was actually danced on the ground!

My favorite dancers were these two cuties!!! (They were pretty thrilled when the show started to realize that we had eaten on what would become the stage!  Eating and dancing in the ocean!  Maybe even the Arctic!) 
 And what kind of Luau would it have been had there not been a fire dancer.  It was pretty spectacular.  All 4 babies were in stunned silence and absolute awe through the dance.  Except when Ram said, "We do not eat fire!"  That is right Ram, don't try this at home.
 When it was all said and done I made the long lonely dark walk home thinking that it was okay and that a cougar was not about to jump out of the trees and eat my children and maybe I could run on a relay team across the wilderness in the middle of the night and not pee my pants (well, for reasons of being scared of the dark at least) :)
 And when we pulled into the driveway I witnessed this pure moment of sibling love.  Not a peep from CharlyAnn the whole time Ram lay asleep in her lap.  Thank you little Monroe for a rockin' authentic Luau!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ram is 3!

Ram had a fabulous birthday yesterday. I think 3 is a magical birthday because you are old enough to know what is going on, for the most part.  All week Ram kept saying, "My dirday doming!  I'm gonna wrap the presents and have a football dake!"  When he woke up in the morning and saw his birthday sign he stared at it and very slowly said, "R-A-M?" with a quizical little intonation.  Then he said, "It has Batman!"  It was so cute.  The day was nothing but WAITING after that, he could barely contain himself until daddy got home to get on with the party.
The balloons are Rams, but the flowers are mine from my perfect husband :)
Some people show love through awesome princess castle cakes...I have to show love through $6 Walmart football cakes--but still totally personalized by me, love you Ram.
Generous brother. :)
Ram was blessed with great gifts from many (the girls bought toys from our neighbor boy so they could have total ownership to picking out presents for Ram, it was adorable.) but the biggest gift was last...

A new pedal bike!  Thank you cousins for the perfect hand-me down present! He loved it!!
Ram is the best boy I've ever had.  We love him so much.  He is such a good boy and loves his sisters.  He is cuddly and fun and is amazing at being a boy.  He throws and kicks and jumps and loves to say, "Watch my cool trick" and then goes on to throw something up in the air, somersault over a sister, jump and twirl, kick off the wall and land with the thrown item in hand.  He is potty trained and talking and learning his letters and counting to ten and LOVES to play games and is such a great little buddy.  We love our 3 year old!!!