Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Eternal October Thrill! Wedding Oct. 12!

Krista and Billy got married!!  It was so great.  And it was so great when all 5 Roy girls, plus parentals, were in the temple together when Krista received her endownments.  Then throw in the husbands and we had a 100% that lovely Oct. 12.  I like weddings so much! 
It was a gorgeously rainy, cloudy, dewy kind of day.  But it rained when it could and didn't rain when it shouldn't.  It was so COZY.
Brooke continues to love Andy.  And my babies did try and eat those corndogs on the boquet. :)
His black eye was almost gone. :)
Dans :)

Billy!!!  And totally perfect temple...good angle camera man!
So great niece and nephew picture!!  Only one breakdown had by Abigail on the far left, and maybe Daniel?
See how that previous shot was good to hide the scaffolding??  Haha, I like that scaffolding.
But look, Eric is skilled in hiding scaffolding with gorgeous fall foliage.
The luncheon was great!  The kids had room to run!
And the reception was BEAUTIFUL.  The children snuggled and chilled with the Big Phone :)  
Thanks for marrying Krista, Billy, we like you so much!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Patch: Oct. 8

There is something purely magical to me about finding your destined pumpkin in a pumpkin patch.  It's something that everyone can do and no one call tell you that the pumpkin you choose isn't the one for you.  And when you do find "the one" it's obvious and easy.  Maybe I love it because it is such a tangible association with the gift of agency and how happy it can make us. :)  Even more magical was this year's trip because it was on a Monday that Eric normally has class, but not on Columbus Day!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Best October Ever!

Remember at the beginning of the month I said this month had the potential to be the best month of my life?  So far so good!  We of course have been so busy that now I am way behind blogging all the joys.  So to remotivate myself and convince me that I can do it, I will start with some of the simpler goings on before I move on to the heavy duty thrills (two of which I of course already blogged!)
First off, I thought, "Hey, maybe I'll try and be more domestic and sew CharlyAnn a costume for Halloween."  So I got out the machine and set everything up.  Then Ram came in the room and said upon seeing the sewing machine, "Where's Meemaw?"

We decorated!!  Having the assortment of small children that we do, decorating is a big deal.
Our spider web now has about 75 fake spiders and 15 real flies slathered throughout.
CharlyAnn's nurting skills have recently kicked in and it MELTS MY HEART!!!  She LOVES this little doll (she calls  her Mimi).
She wraps her up and feeds her and kisses her.
She puts her down for a nap, and lets face it--she's only 19 months--sometimes she throws her on the floor like a sack of potatoes.  But it is adorable.
Krista had an epic bridal shower.  We look like each other in this picture.  And most other pictures.
After the bridal shower we slept at Krista's house with the Linde's.  It was AWESOME!!  There are 6  babies in this pic, can you find them all?
Haha, mass pile of humanity in Krista's room.  It was so great!!
And what good would an upcoming wedding be without at least one black-eyed baby?  We pulled this sliver out of CharlyAnn's lip after she unsuccessfully climbed the bunk bed ladder.  (Though we looked and looked and could not see any place that a chunk of wood this size came off the bed.)
And that is the small stuff of the best month ever.  More to come on the big stuff. :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


 Welp, I turned 30.  And when I did I had set the goal for myself to memorize 30 scripture masteries.  I also invited the seminary students to do so with me.  I loved it so much that on Oct. 13th, when I turned 30, I passed off my birthday scripture mastery: 1 Corinthians 10:13.  And that was my 100th scripture that I passed of in 30 days.  It was so great that I couldn't stop at 30, I had to go all the way, and I did!!  I LOVED memorizing those important verses!  I was so excited to hear how the seminary students did.  My goal was to have 10 students finish 30 by 30.  Eric estimated that about 30 would finish it.  In my wildest dreams I thought maybe 50 could finish.  Well...they initialed by each scripture as they passed it off...

 And when I got the final tally sheet SIXTY-ONE students had done it!!!!!!!  61!!  I was SO HAPPY and PROUD and EXCITED.  HOORAY.  And Eric said there were a bunch who had made it to 27 or 28.  SO close.
You better believe I spent nearly 3 hours making 50 breakfast burritos and a batch of iced oatmeal cookies for the 11 cookie requests!!
BLISS.  And as I told the seminary students...don't stop at 30--go for the 100!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dating for 9 is mighty fine!

I already am so behind on all of the wonderful events of October!  But never fear, the always anticipated and much loved first date anniversary picture is here!  It should hold you over until so many more posts come!!  And I thought it was time to line them all up again, we've been dating 9 years...so there are 10 pictures!!
And here is this year's picture!! (Thank heavens I have a perfect husband who remembered our special day and was able to pick up some Sonic on the way back from a sealing to our Mansion in Sundance--more on that later).
And here are the BLOOPERS!!  I almost died laughing while trying to take the picture on self timer (because it isn't as fun to ask one of the other 19 people in the house to take the pic!!)
 We finally realized that Eric has a straw in his mouth...so can we ever really get a good picture?! Haha...winning blooper!
 I love you Eric, every date we go on still thrills me like it's the first!!