Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Frenzy!

You always hear tell of Christmas season getting crazy and I always thought that was just a tale for good stories--but happens to normal people!  Our life has been CRAZY these past two weeks.  But delightfully so!  I love Christmas.  Here are some pics of mostly envelope adventures!
So, the girls get a 3 foot tree in their room...we found Ram a 3 inch tree.  But he didn't care, look at his cute face!
We tried to decorate it--it wasn't easy!
Basketball season is in full swing.  Our kids are pretty used to toting toys to all the games and being generally good kids :)
One day our envelope was to go see this house in Glenwood (a teeny town past Richfield).  That is ONE amazing house!!!!
Santa comes to the little red shack outside the post office in Richfield, so we went and saw him!

CharlyAnn was more tolerant this time...
...for about 5 seconds...
...then was happy to realize she'd get a treat bag out of it!
We made gingerbread houses!!!  It was INSANELY fun.  The kids LOVED it.
It took Ram a little while to warm up to the idea, but once he understood what we were doing he had a ball!
And we had general Christmas art projects.  
It has been such a fun season!!  And THANK HEAVENS we are FINALLY done with school.  Don't worry, we'll be back JANUARY 2.  GROSS.  That's what you get for living in small town Utah I guess :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Girls Camp Video Online!

I forgot to mention that our stake girls camp hike to the temple video is online now!  You MUST go watch it!!  Those are our girls!  We love them so very very much, and now you can get a taste of why Eric loves his job so much.  Here is a link to our video.

Or you can go to the page and our video is under the Youth Theme 2013 "The Temple-Always in our sights"
I make my little cameo appearance at 3:22ish, green back pack, crazy camp glasses, arm around girl :)
I still feel the spirit every time I watch the video, and I hope you can too!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Golden Viana!

I am still in denial that my little tiny baby turned SEVEN on the 7th.  I was touched during morning prayer as Eric thanked our Heavenly Father for the blessing that she is to us and shed more than one or two tears.  When Viana saw that I was crying she said, "Don't be sad mom, I'm not leaving yet, I'm only 7!"  Viana wanted epic decorations for her birthday and she was very satisfied with these!

It says 'Happy GOLDEN birthday Viana 7 on the 7th!'
 We went up to Provo for Viana's birthday (side motive to watch our basketball team...) and we told the girls we got a hotel room.  We kind of lied, becasue it was actually the surprise Grandma and Granddad that got the hotel room!!  Viana was so excited to find her grandma hiding in the hotel room!!!

We had one happy car!!
 Viana wanted to go to Carl's Jr and to invite her Provo friends. So we did!!
Billy and Krista!!  
I think I actually look a little like Char in this picture.
Avery and Emma were so generous to bring presents!
 Sum and Andy came at the end of the dinner celebration and also cae with us on Trax up to Temple Square!!

I love first grade birthday hats!

Riding the train was a super fun adventure!!  And then we found ourselves in fast paced Temple Square!!  (You can see the glowing spires in the left corner)
One beautiful part about the weekend was that we got to be at the Salt Lake Temple with Grandma and Granddad--who got married there.  It was a special legacy as Viana, Brooke, and even Ram knew when I asked them who got married in the SLC temple.  And Ram, when I said, "Why do we get married in the temple?" answered, "So we don't get married outside." I'm sure meant to imply outside the covenant :)

Miracle of miracles!  We saw Elise!  It was GRAND!!
Viana was super surprised to see that old hag!!  (look at those eyes!)

I think Andy almost looks like Dad in this pic.
It was such a delightful night.  It wasn't too cold, the kids were so good, and the grounds were gorgeous!  It was such a good night that we didn't notice how late it was!  We got back to the hotel at midnight!  And Brooke fell asleep on the train, so we didn't notice when one of her boots fell off--she went shoeless everywhere the next day :)  Even though we got back late, Viana still had presents to open!
She got everything she wanted!
 The next day we went swimming and then to Chuck E. Cheese-duh.

Fun party table!
 We then rushed home to get back in time for our ward party!  I played my accordian which is always fun.
Ram was the Santa Pope

The kids wrote letters to the missionaries serving from our ward.
The kids sang great!

 The party was so great until it was time to see Santa, then all of our late night weekend partying caught up to the children, so we said, "Sorry, no Santa for you" and went home.  Oh the weeping and wailing that ensued!!  To see them so broken hearted and repentant prompted our very own in-home visit from Santa!!  How magical!!  We all got to sit on his lap and tell him what we wanted and it was a very magical WONDERFUL parenting moment.  One of my favorite Christmas memories forever.
Viana's golden birthday: SUCCESS!!!!!