Tuesday, January 29, 2013

An interesting fact about Summer on her 20th Birthday

First of all...my baby sister, the one whom I saw the nurse bend her wrist so that the back of her hand touched her arm when she was but hours old, has now made it through her SECOND decade of life!!!  TWENTY!!  Way to go Bum!!  Second of all, my sister loves giraffes.  As such she had this adorable giraffe  quilt which we inherited when she downsized her life for college/marriage.  You can see from the picture below that it has striped cotton on one side, and then the other side is a flannel giraffe pattern.  We have used it on our bed this winter to survive.  Summer used it for many years.  I'd say it's at least 5 years old (??)  The other night I put my hand on the bed and was greeted by this pin.  Ouch!
Now you may just think that I was sewing like I always do and left a needle on my bed then found it in my hand.  But nope, this little guy was used while making the quilt to hold it in place, then wasn't removed and was sewn in.  I had to cut a hole in the quilt to get it out because the pin's head was totally within the quilt!  CRAZY!!  This means that Summer really does have buns of steel!!  She snuggled with this internal poke for years and survived without a flaw to her skin (I'm assuming--otherwise she too probably would have cut it out.)  And so that is the interesting fact of my 20 year old sister.  Indians sleep on beds of nails; my sister sleeps with quilts of pins!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Circus!!!

Viana came home with a free child's ticket to the Circus that would be pulling through Richfield on Freedom Rights Day.  One can never be too certain how questionable a traveling circus is, but my little childhood heart has a fleeting yet purely joyous memory of going to the circus--and I wanted the same memory for my babies.  (Mom, when did you take me to the circus, I must have been little because the memories are very old, but they are there!)  I researched said traveling circus on-line and deduced that it could be an okay way to spend our evening.  OKAY WAS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!!  The circus was AMAZING!!!  It had every nostalgic circus act there could possibly be (except maybe horn playing seals) and we came home with a new understanding of the term death-defying.  Tight-rope walkers are INSANE!!!  It was so joyous.
We've all been sick and it was a day off school, so we totally showed up in our sweats and ball caps.  (We fit right in, *We love you Sevier County!*)
Ram was this riveted the entire THREE hour show.
And what good would a circus be without cotton candy??
It was fun sitting down seeing all the contraptions wondering what they held for our future.  It was more amazing to enjoy a true three-ring circus and see the crew disassemble and assemble the next rings act while a different one was taking place.  (PS-funny that this is the same place we beat Richfield in the State Championship game last year, and the same place we went to only 19 hours later on the next day to witness our drill team win Region!)
Cotton candy again...
Viana and Brooke were AMAZING audience members, they knew when to clap and laugh and scream and hold their breaths, it was a mothers dream to see them enjoy it so much!
That is a yellow blur of flying human!!!  Crazy!!  They at least had a net, the tight-rope walkers who carried a chair and a pole to the middle of the rope, then sat on the chair on the rope, then climbed on top of the chair and stood on the chair on the rope with a huge stick in their hands did NOT have a net.  I was DYING.  Their poor mothers died long ago out of pure exhaustion from wondering at the fate or their sons' next performance.
These are dogs doing cool things, they were very good, but not as good as the  ELEPHANTS!  They were AMAZING.  They were actually adorable, how can HUGE, ugly, wrinkly, long trunked gray blobs of animal be adorable???  When they walk around in a circle holding each others tails with their trunks, that's how.
The girl in the yellow shirt is one of Eric's students--ironically enough one who in 19 hours danced on the floor right under that elephant to win region :)
Grand finale--for being such amazingly strong women who do really cool tricks on hoops and bars and ladders and stuff-they were pretty horrible dancers :)
And when we got home....well, sugar plums weren't dancing in their heads, but the tigers and motorcycles and clowns were :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The year of Pi!

Dear family, we all fell off the blog bandwagon (Except Kold Kamper Krista) and I say we all commit to get back on!  For me, it's my wonderful new nook that keeps me from blogging, because I don't have to turn on our computer anymore, which I think I do need for blogging to load pictures on.  But I keep knowing all the posts that I would normally do, which I now will attempt to re-create for real.  Because I love this family history too much to let it slip by!!

So, Let's start off the year.  January 1 was our last day of Christmas break.  I sent Eric, Viana and Brooke to Provo for a super special Daddy/Daughters date (they had a BLAST) and I stayed home and cleaned like mad!  It was GREAT!  And I told Eric that I would make him a pie while he was away because he loves pie.
And while I was making pie for Eric I realized what my Crazy New Year's Resolution should be.  (Because I had been trying to come up with a crazy one, and the one I had settled on was to wear a piece of jewelry-other than my wedding ring-every day of the year...but since I was home with the babies cleaning all day I already failed that one on day 1!)  Make one pie a week for the entire year of 2013.  So far so delicious!!!  And, this is to inspire all of you to do this next year, in 2014, since pi is actually 3.14.  I'm just the happy connector between The Life of Pi in 2012 and The Year of Pi in 2014.  I had planned to photograph and post the recipe of each pie, but right now we're all just happy I'm posting at all.  But here are the pics!  Week 1 was chocolate cream pie.  A REAL one, not just pudding is a shell.  I actually melted chocolate and butter and cream and YUM.  And I even whipped real whip cream for the top.

Week 2 was sugar cream pie.  It was good and I fed it to the missionaries!

Week 3 was peanut butter pie.  That is an EASY pie to make.  And so good.  I fed that to the Griffiths!
And this week I am making pumpkin per Grady's request. :)

Traveling along the timeline of 2013...
January 13 saw a dramatic change in the Carter lifestyle.  Eric was released as the Young Men's President and I was called as the Young Women's President!!  We tried to convince the bishop to let us do it together, but that pretty much would have left our children as orphans :)  Let me tell you what, I LOVE my new calling!!  And I LOVE the spirit that comes with it and I LOVE having felt that actual mantle come on me.  And I LOVE the new Come Follow Me curriculum and I LOVE Personal Progress online and I LOVE my Young Women and I LOVE my counselors and I LOVE my husband who is so supportive!!!  It has been a BUSY 10 days since we were set apart.  I did something for 10 days straight relating to YW.  Yesterday was my first break, though Eric pointed out that I did go shopping to buy YW stuff...but they didn't have what I wanted, so I counted it as a break...but today, we have Camp Kick-off, oh I LOVE LOVE camp!!
I will share one thing that has been confirmed to me, God will work miracles with the Young Women.  How's that for an awesome revelation??  The first activity I got to go to was our yearly Christmas tree burn.  It was super fun!!

 Ok, so now that you know what my brain has been CONSUMED by for the last (well, two months actually) but certainly the last two weeks, I will show you mini-cheer pictures and you can more fully appreciate my girls...

I put this in so you can notice all of the girls' hair.  Cute, curled, bowed, sparkled, fancified , presentable.  And then there are the Carters...Who were lucky to make it there with the right color pants!!  We had just a crazy busy Thursday that left the girls lacking in Cheerleader hair.  I told my dearest Danielle that this is like the 800th mini cheer we've done and that I put ribbons in their hair the first 750 times, but not today :)
Alright, I am recommitted to turn on my computer to blog, because I am realizing that life goes WAY too fast and I want to remember my babies every day lives forever.  Because one day too soon I will be reading their {insert weird futuristic word like 'blog' or 'twitter'} post that announces their call to be Young Women President!!  And now I must go make pumpkin pie!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

To summarize the rest of 2012

Whew.  What a fabulous Christmas we had!!  Snow and parties and grandparents and presents galore and no work and no school and plenty of good food and good music and fun times and good memories.  The only bad part about it was that Sevier School district had to send us back to school on Jan.2 (Don't worry, I've written a million angry emails in my head that I will never actually write--but for the record our school district is hurting our national economy by sending us back so early.  Seriously-think about it, no time to travel and pump money in, no days off to shop to spend money, or have family adventures, to spend money.  Scrooge of a school district!)  Anyway, we squeezed in so much joy and fun that I am over it.
My dad had to work a bit while he was here, and gets crazy ideas in his head like me, and this was one of them: A posed grandfathering picture to put on the header of his newsletter that would be sent to 14,000 republicans for Christmas.  Too bad I don't have the real picture, it was great!  The process to get it was greater though!
We had a great Christmas Eve even though I had a little bit of a stomach bug.  We had a party at the Griffiths in which I volunteered to bring Pumpkin Pie.  Mom lovingly made it for us.  Dax, the neighbor dog, lovingly ate it while it sat on the porch to congeal.  Haha, mom scraped it clean and we took it to the party anyway!!
Cristmas Eve brought our last envelope: The Carter Scavenger hunt!
Here is an example of some of the clues-we just put pictures of the next hiding place in envelopes.  Ram was AMAZING at finding the spots!!

The kids did a pretty good job at making sure everyone could see the clue and put in their two-cents.  We only had one fight-not bad!

They finally made it to the end destination...
And found two new games!!  We played darts and table fooseball before we set out the cookies for Santa!
Christmas morning at about 6:45am Viana had to pee so bad but knew she couldn't leave her room.  Sometimes when a little child is screaming that she has to pee and then tries to explain in as many words as she can that she isn't allowed to it's ok to say "Shut up and go to the bathroom!"
Viana did make it to the bathroom, and we got another 20 minutes of sleep after that!  Then we all mulled around in the girls room til we heard Ram.  Then it was out to see if Santa came.  Boy did he!!!
Christmas morning wonder!

Dad's morning face!  Santa left Mom Dr. Pepper and GoodnPlenty.  When they went home mom left most of the Dr. Pepper and all the GoodnPlenty, but I didn't see any of the M&M's left behind :)
Ram's first remote control car!  It's a Ram.
We did something new this year, we did all the Santa gifts, then ate DELICIOUS biscuits and gravy, then did the nativity, then opened family gifts.  I loved it!
CharlyAnn practicing as Baby Jesus with Mary.
Eric was the narrator/angel-with luster.

Santa came in full force, and so did every other generous gift giver.  We were ultimately spoiled!!!!  And mostly I was spoiled by my great husband (and my amazing cooking mother!)

Eric had me open this present first, he got this at the school's giving it back assembly, and said, here's an angry bird since I couldn't get you an Ipad...but little did I know that a few presents down the line I would open a Nook!!  I LOVE IT!
What started out as a nice orderly gift exchange...
...soon turned into wonderful Christmas chaos!!  It was bliss!!
We had steak and salmon for dinner and then we had carolers on our door step that night--The Hiatts!!!  What a great Christmas miracle!!  
December 28 found us at the temple!  That morning I was telling Eric how I had wanted to go to the temple in December so as not to break our once a month streak we've been on.  So Eric said, let's get in the car and go...so we did!  Eric went with the youth to do baptism's earlier in the month, so he stayed with the kids and took pictures while I did initatories. It was WONDERFUL.

Dec. 29 we went down to Cedar City for a basketball game, and that was a lot of fun.
And then came the very last day of 2012.  We were so tired.  It had been the best year of our life.  And though it would be our TENTH new year's eve together, we spent it sleeping next to one another.  Although our bedroom clock is 18 minutes fast, so when it said 12:00 Eric said, "Can we count this as New Year's?"  And I said yes and then he was asleep and then I was asleep within minutes.  Happy 10 New Year's Eves to us!  We did manage this beaut!
What a wonderful year and wonderful Christmas!  I love my family so much and am so thankful for them.  Here's to another year of family history in blog form!!