Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Today was the fairytale play!!!  Brooke was WONDERFUL!!  She was as precious as ever.  We checked Viana out of class so she could come see her sister.  She and Ram waited eagerly for Brooke's play to start.
 And when it did Brooke was the cutest skipping girl in the forest!
Eating porridge...
Hopped out of that chair as fast as possible, because"This chair is too hard!"
Then she climbed in baby bear's bed.
Look how cozy! :)
Pretty soon the 3 bears came home!  She shrieked and ran away forever!
Curtain call
Then she joined the chorus for the other plays.  She did so great singing too!!

A little re-enactment for us close up...
And although she didn't sweep in her play, who can deny that she is precious!!!
Good job Brooke!  We were so proud of you (And even thankful that Heavenly Father allowed Daddy to be sick today so that he could be physically miserable but emotionally over joyed to watch your play!!)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Validation as a mother

I could also title this post "A look into our real life" except for the fact that I feel confident in saying this is NOT our normal real life.  Which is why I can feel validated from the following pictures.  I was SICK on Saturday.  I could not move to save my life-quite literally-and Eric was gone for 7 hours at the bball state tournament (I was sad to miss it, but as I mentioned could not move to save my life or watch basketball).  So that left our four children free reign on the house, because not only was I bed-ridden but I was mostly sleeping too.  Needless to say our house was destroyed.  One benefit of the food that is currently ground into 4 out of the 6 carpeted rooms in our house is that the kids were able to forage for food and stay nourished all on their own.  Anyway, as Eric and I were surveying the damages I felt a nice rush of validation enter into my soul.  Because although my house isn't always spotless and the dishes aren't always done and the children aren't always nice and the laundry isn't ever folded, my house does sustain a happy state of order and the children are loved and acknowledged on a daily basis.  So, here is the proof of what can happen without a mother (or father) in the picture.  Notice too the pen all over CharlyAnn's arms.  How happy I am to know that I do a good job on a normal basis.

Hahaha, I am so happy to know I do okay most of the time :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Make-up day of LOVE

What I love is that feeling of restored health that you get after you have been painfully sick.  And that my friends is the excuse I give for not posting the last few days of LOVE.  I hope to make-them up.  Luckily, I made my pie early in the week last week, before I had 80 knives stabbing me in the stomach everytime I was in a sitting position.  Oh my YUM.  Eric said this is the best pie I have made yet.  It was DIVINE.  Plus peeling. coring and slicing apples with one machine is super fun.
And Brooke is now officially 100 days smarter!  They had their 100th day of kindergarten on Friday.  As tradition goes, you need to wear 100 somethings. This year Brooke had 100 rubberbands in her hair!!!  Cool!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 11 of LOVE

I love number sightings!!  For example-everytime it is 10:13 Eric and I always say, "It's my birthday!"  Anytime I go under an overpass that has the height on a large sign (14' 5" CLEARANCE) I always think, "I can long jump 3 feet farther than that!"  I love the number 11-which is today's date.  It was my basketball number in middle school and high school.  I love having a perfect address (when we lived at Wyview I hand picked apartment 199, I thought it would be easy to remember, like $1.99).  Eric and I love finding mathmatical connections in numbers: 314 days left, that's 3+1=4!  And I love the number 600...which happens to be this post on my blog!!  Well, I actually have no affinity toward 600-but this is my 600th post!!  I like that very much.  I love to reach milestones in numbers!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 10 of LOVE

I love so many things.  I'm trying to decide what it is I love today.  So many great things are going through my head.  But I want it to be a "little known" love.  Did you know I love office supplies?  It stems from my love for creative organization techniques.  When I grow up I want to work at an office supply store.  My ultimate dream would be the Sevier Office Supply store in Richfield, it's half office supplies half deseret book!  My newest office supply that is so handy and so lovely and part of my perfectly organized young women binder is one I had many moons ago as a hall advisor.  Meet my hole punch that fits into my three ring binder-found only at the BYU bookstore (well, I couldn't find one in Richfield anyway)
It is so great, because you get so many papers and you think you'll organzize them by putting them in different dividers, but if they don't have holes they just fall out and get lost...but with this guy-punch and place!
And I love this picture.  But I don't love that it implies that my little baby now thinks she's old enough to pour her own cereal!!  As they would say in Fiji "Viaviaqase" (you think you're older than you are)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 9 of LOVE

I still have a physical memory of what a loose tooth feels like.  And I love that memory.  That is one of the greatest rites of passage of childhood.  It is certainly entirely what Viana's social circle revolves around.  A typical afternoon conversation would go like this, "Today at school So-n-so said that her tooth was looser than mine but I knew she was lying because mine is super loose."  And so it goes.  I just LOVE a good tooth falling out.  Viana's tooth was jiggling pretty good, then she was playing with CharlyAnn and bumped her tooth on her knee really hard, and that about did it.  As you'll be able to see it was dangling by a thread.  We told her she could pull it out and that we would film her doing it, but as she was getting ready (aka unfilmed) it fell right out!  She was so excited that SHE had done it on her own.  And, as my mom always taught my little sisters, "The tooth fairy is an idiot" and in 20 years she hasn't gotten any smarter.  When Viana checked at 6:30am and let us know she had not yet come, we assured her it wasn't morning yet and there would be a  last minute dawn delivery.  Which there was.  We were so pleased to see the lovely note the babysitter had helped her write to the tooth fairy the night before...
Her front gap prepared us for what her new smile might look like :)

That is one dangly tooth!!

I LOVE a toothless grin!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 8 of LOVE

I love a full calendar and a day that requires squeezing in all that I have to do.  When I am busy I feel so productive!  Today was one of those days, hence-late day of love :)  But good news, out of it I was reminded that I love my CES family, and I love Elder Oaks and I love when we beat Richfield on Senior night, and I love our wonderful babysitter family member Sunny!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 7 of LOVE

I love my New Year's Resolution.  Everyone should seriously commit now to have their Pie Year next year.  It is so fun and MAGICAL.  Making pie is MAGIC.  I mean, most cooking is magic-like rising bread, and how when cooked, cookies get bigger, but chicken gets smaller.  But every time I whip the cream (which was by hand until yesterday--hand mixers are also magic) I'm amazed!  And when I made this banana cream pie--to watch a pile of sugar and milk become pudding-Magic!  And to see how happy pie makes me family-Magic!  And to see how quickly the pie disappears--magic!!  And who doesn't love a good disappearing act?  Hence, New Year's Resolution=LOVE!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 6 of LOVE

I LOVE sugar cookies.  Some women could survive off chocolate alone.  Not me.  Sugar cookies all the way!  Now, as a general rule I love all sugar cookies, but I have a range of favorites to most favorites.  Granny B style would be on the favorite end, and Amy Merrill's sugar cookies would be on the most favorite end.  Oh my heavens.  I scarfed down 5 of those goodies one after the other like it was nothin'.  And I loved every second of it and so did my hips, thank you very much.

Plus sugar cookies sure do create fun family time!
I figured when CharlyAnn grows up to be a famous cake decorator I will need this picture of her first piping for Time magazine.
Let me know if you need Amy's recipe!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 5 of LOVE

I LOVE the movie "Life is Beautiful" starring Roberto Benigni (said as only dad can say it; rolled R's and all)

Image from here
This has always been one of my favorite movies of all time, but I only own the VHS copy. Since our VCR is on vacation I have not seen it for so so so (TOO) long.  But good's on Netflix!!  I watched it again the other night and laughed and laughed and then cried and cried.  It is so good.  SO SO good.  I laughed and laughed and cried and cried for three days straight just thinking about it.  I LOVE it.  Seriously love it!!  A MUST see!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 4 of LOVE

I love when my children bring home good news from school!!!  Brooke has been waiting all year to be the Star of the week.  I'm fairly certain she is the last or second to last student in her class to be the star.  Every week she has been hoping it would be her, and every week she has commited herself to be more "reverent" in class.  All her hard work finally paid off and she is ecstatic!!  When she came home she said, "I'm the star!"  Now this confused me because on Friday they had try-outs for the Fairytale plays.  Ever since I saw Goldilocks during the program last year when Viana was a kindergartner I have hoped that Brooke's class would do Goldilocks and that she could actually be Goldilocks.  (Secretly I have not cut her hair all these many months for fear of jeporadizing her potential to play the part). So when she said she was the star I thought she meant she had gotten Goldilock's part.  Then I realized what she meant...only to be told but seconds later that--she also got the part of Goldilocks!!!  Not only that, but Brooke came home to a party invitation from one of her church friends.  Needless to say, it was a wonderful day for Brooke!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 3 of LOVE

You guys are going to think this is super random to post about, but it is truth.  I love our Bishop.  He is just such a humble, wise, pensive, funny, party-loving man.  I love his family and his home and his warmth and his fun.  We have had a true friendship with the Jones Family for years and I have always liked him through that friendship, but my appreciation and respect for him has quadrupled as he patiently teaches me and trains me and counsels me since I have gotten my new calling.  What a great man of God he is.  And what a blessing that the Lord gives us Bishops.  And I am so very lucky to love mine!!

Plus he's a total champ with our children!  They adore him too!
And the man loves a good ice cream sundae!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 2 of LOVE

I like our drill team a lot, I would even say that I love them.  But what I love more than them is how much Viana loves our drill team.  But what I love today is that Viana loves Andy and Summer more than she loves our drill team.  I will prove this point: We journeyed to Provo.  SO much joy ensued.  Check out this picture-we are at Billy and Krista's house (joy), CharlyAnn is playing with Andy and Summer (joy) and the other three children are mauling Elise in the background (joy).
Andy volunteered to watch the kids while Eric and I went to watch one of the girls' dances at the state competition.  I told him all the kids would go, except Viana who is essentially obsessed with our drill team.   This is Elise's reaction to Viana professing her love of the South Sevier Sensations.  (Not really, but it fits in the flow of the story)
 I told the other children we would be taking them to Andy and Summer's apartment and Viana said, "If I wanted to go to Andy and Summer's, could you still film the dance for me so I don't miss it?"  Of course.  And that is what happened.  But Viana also said she did not want to miss the dance where they wear cowboy hats, so we all went to that one and Viana cheered her heart out.  After the dance she said, "Can you believe that we clapped for that whole dance?"  (Reference point, at drill competitions you scream and cheer the whole dance long.  It is a work-out!)
We did cheer and clap and whistle and film.  And the girls were marvelous.  Then it was time for results.  Normally all the teams are in their own little colored blobs, but they all had breast cancer awareness shirts this year...but there's us in the black jackets...We won the dance category!  We got 2nd in Kick and 4th in we came home with a 2nd place overall trophy!  Pretty good!  Congrats Sensations!  I (but especially Viana) love you!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

LOVE!! It's February!!

Good news, I am with Krista, and she reminded me of my fun "days of love" for February, of which she is also doing this year, and thought--MUST DO!  So, quirky things or interesting people or delicious food...the next 14 days will be things I love!

Day 1: I love my New Year's Resolution of making a pie a week!!  This week I made key lime pie.  We squeezed real key limes and zested the rinds and my thumb (not included in the pie) and put it in a cooler and drove it up to that CharlyAnn could sneak some as it sat on the table with the bottle of wine and very large pinecone.  It was tartly delicious!!
(For clarification, the wine is not ours, nor would we ever drink it :)