Sunday, March 31, 2013

All Easters celebration

I can't remember when Billy and Krista came...but I think this is our annual Easter talent show.  Billy sang in Portuguese while Krista played and the kids danced like crazies.
Viana played a little piano.
I love a toothless grin!  So, we were getting ready to go visit the Easter Bunny at Andy's market, and the kids were just adorable.  So we took pictures.

Andy's Market rocks.  The little kids were not willing to take their picture with the Easter Bunny.  But that's ok.
They still decorated a picture frame!
And let "The Reader" read stories to them.  Who thinks of providing a very animated and expressive reader for children?  Andy's Market, that's who.
So, Easter morning came...the big kids knew to be exited--we had to convince CharlyAnn that it would be fun.

She was finally happy once she realized she got glasses and gum out of the deal!
Happy Easter you toothless cutie!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Monroe City Easter Egg hunt

As you'll recall we love Monroe for all of it's community culture.  The special little events Monrovians attend are our favorites!  This year I was a little anxious about my enjoyment level at the egg hunt though because traditions were being changed!!  Instead of everyone hunting at once at difference locations for age groups everyone hunted at the same spot just at different times.  I was grumbly initially and told Viana she could go with Brooke because I didn't want to be there all day--but they had it very well planned, delightfully organized, and once Viana found friends she wanted to go with her age group anyway.  So that's just what we did!

Viana's little friend Mckazie
Ram and CharlyAnn were totally into it!!  They loved it and had no hesitation to get those  eggs!!

Ram found the most out off all our kids!
Brooke was after the babies-she did great too!

Viana took her hunt to a serious level of racing!  Prepped at the starting line...
Go! Go! Go!  She didn't even need me to go out there with her.  Big girl!
It was a beautiful morning and a great start to our Spring Break!!!

Eric's birthday celebration

Luckily Eric's birthday was on a Sunday this year, so we celebrated it entirely
on Saturday.  That was a nice blessing when there was so much sickness on his actual birthday!  I was feeling a little idea-less when it came to Eric's birthday so I said to him, "I give up!  What shall I get for you?"  He gave me some great ideas, and we still managed to come up with some surprises too! Decorations were in order.  A "Happy Birthday Eve Eric & Danielle" shamrock train and ribbons would do just the trick.
"But wait!" you say, "Danielle?"  Well yes!  You see, Eric said what he wanted for his birthday the most was to come with me and the youth of our ward to the temple to do baptisms for the dead.  So I secretly arranged for a babysitter-and that babysitter was our favorite Danielle!!  She and Eric are birthday buddies and have celebrated together for the last 3 years of seminary.  What a special treat to have Danielle come babysit!  So off to the temple we went at 6:20am!

It was wonderful.  And for the first time in at least 3 years we had a testimony meeting afterwards.  It was so great.
When we got home we were greeted by this!!!  Danielle and kids had made a cake and a sign!

Danielle's traditional shamrock candies are a gourmet birthday treat!
Danielle is such a gem.  We sure do love her!
Later on Eric found a pile of presents hiding under the pillows on the couch!
The kids He had fun opening them!
One of the kids got him this shirt!  It's perfect for a St. Patrick's Day baby!
I LOVE this Eric face.  This was the grand finale present.  The one he asked for so he knew he'd get but he'd still act completely surprised and rejoiced about!
He got the Extended Edition Blu-Ray boxed set of Lord of the Rings.  Then, he gathered up all his prized box sets and was the happiest little boy in the world.  He's so cute.
 For the rest of the day we went to Wingers, and got free asphalt pie (and free potato skins because my first counselor was the manager on duty! Nice!) went to the bowling alley arcade and earned tons of tickets and got sweet birthday prizes, and came home and rode the Wilson's four wheeler.  It was a great celebration!
 And how did Eric really feel about the whole day??  This video should answer that.
 I love you so much Eric!  You are the best husband, father and man in the whole world!

Monday, March 25, 2013


So the night before that...
Pictures never do nature justice, but there was this amazing cloud ring around the moon the night of Prom, it was so cool!!!

Small town Utah believes in a prom date that is 2 months long.  You have to ask your date early enough to spend the next two months going to promenade practice,and then the day of prom there is the day long event  of scavenger hunts and bigger and betters and wand making and relay racing, etc.  Totally my kind of date if it is with Eric!  Unfortunately these are just HS kids, so it's long enough for boys and girls to hook up, date, break-up and re-hook up but with someone else's date, so there is always plenty of miserable people and lots of drama.  Anyway, we got involved in some dates this year...
Eric and Devan played a soccer game with Cooper and Libby for them to earn a clue.
Coop and Libby had to ride to the hotpots and spot this sign on our garage.
Hannah and Stan came playing bigger or better to our house.  We got a retro high chair and they took our old old  furnace box! (Yes!)  And they won the "bigger" with that!
 We had the adult session of stake conference before prom, so since we had a babysitter for prom we got to go to that together this year!  It was GREAT!  Then we went to prom! Eric didn't valet park before prom because of stake conference, but we stayed til midnight doing valet after!  It was SO fun.  Once we knew who owned the last 3 cars Eric and I went down to the dance floor and danced our guts out!  It was SO great!
They had a big video screen set up this year on the introduced couples.  It was sweet.  My Laurel Hannah!
My Laurel Marissa!
My Laurel Heather!
My Laurel Libby!
 The Promenade was cute this year.
I like this shot of the beginning of their dance :)
 Royalty, for the record...
 So, Marissa's dad was out of town and she was super stressed about Prom, so I offered Eric to her as a partner during the father/daughter dance.  She was thrilled to not be left out and so appreciative that Eric could step in--as was her dad!

 This is Garett and Anthony, the two cutest most unlikely friends.  G is my long jumper--they DJed the dance :)  Eric jammed with them a bit.

And Hannah won the Rockstar couple award!!  Woohoo!
Hooray for Prom!!  And we totally raked in a cut of $7 for valet parking this year!  Yeah!!