Thursday, April 11, 2013

Godfather BJ and the Blairs

We love the benefit that comes from living in UT of gathering.  People come to Utah, they just do.  Including our best friend BJ!  It helps that the Blairs live in UT of course :)  We had the best visit with BJ this year.  He was so fun and so happy to see us too (we think!).  And we love letting Ram get to know the man he was named after on his own too.  They hit it off pretty good this year!

 But who REALLY hit it off this year was Brooke and Lila!!!  They were instant best friends.  Brooke said the cutest things about Lila on the way home.  They really got along well and we wished we could see them more often!!

It was a great visit!  Thanks Blairs and BJ!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break Goal

Don't get me going again about how the Sevier School district gets a failing grade at their calendaring, because Spring Break is something entirely different here than it was when I was growing up.  But we do get something, even if it's tiny.  This year we set a goal to go to every single park in Sevier County.  And we did it!!  We went to 7 parks on Thursday and 8 parks on Friday.  It's so great living in rural Utah where you can set and accomplish such a great goal as this!  We had fun touring the entire county and loved every single park.  I thought surely the kids would have a favorite, but they loved everyone.  We were so thankful for beautiful weather and it was so nice for me to have no distractions-I was totally focused on my kids for two solid days.  So, here is a run down of the 15 parks of Sevier County in the order we went, you'll have to notice the beautiful backdrops of so many of these parks and see if you can spot the Carter kid in some of the pictures!
Monroe City Park!  

CharlyAnn loved the "Chairs" the most at every park.  
Joseph Park!

 Elsinore Park!
 Central Valley Park!

  Annabella Park!

 Richfield Park #1

Char finally pooped out at the 6th park on the first day :)
 Richfield Park #2
Richfield Park #3
Ram had no fear
 Richfield Park #4
You have to look really hard for the big kids in this one (they're playing on the rocks in the background-their favorite part of this park)
 Richfield Park #5
This is the new playground at the City Center Park-it was awesome!!

Glenwood Park!
We didn't feel awkward at all when the funeral procession went by us while we played away...
 Sigurd Park!
This park was my favorite as far as setting.  It was so serene and beautiful.
Aurora Park!
Before we got to Aurora I thought to myself how funny it was that we hadn't seen any tire swings.  Aurora did not dissappoint!

The kids got a little headache and tummy aches from so much tire swing spinning, but we only had two parks to go-so we didn't give up then!
 Redmond Park!
 And Last, but not Least...
Salina Park!
 What a wonderful time we had!!  And since we toured the entire county I can now say with confidence that there are 4 real stoplight intersections and 1 blinking red light intersection IN OUR ENTIRE COUNTY!  Now that is rural!  Thanks Spring Break-you were so rejuvenating and delightful!