Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Welcome Home Elder Wilson!

So we got back from the greatest road trip ever and felt pretty exhausted...
But we regained our selves in time to make a sign for Orion to welcome him home from his mission to Madrid Spain.  That was a fast two years!!  It was so joyous to see him!!  Though other missionaries have fancier signs, none other has as much love infused into it as ours.
 We then regained enough energy to do massive hand-me-downs!!  It was epic, but now you totally can't even tell...oh well.
And in that moment I thought I would gather all of Brooke's pants and see if you can guess what her favorite game to play is.  Winning answer: puppy.  Hence, all knees rubbed raw from crawling around on the floor!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Colorado bookends

To begin and end our great vacation we went to my parents house in Colorado.  That is always fun, just as it was this time!  Not a lot of pics, but proof we were there! (And that Doug was one of the main attractions!)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Enid, OK

We got to go visit the very town of my birth on our vacation.  One interesting thing to us on our way to Enid was the roadkill that we saw.  Not armadillos, (though we saw a few) TURTLES.  There were so many turtles on the side of the road.  It was so baffling to us and a little bit crazy! It was so cool to go back.  
 This is the very hospital I was born in.  I had a surprising moment of emotion to think that this is where Heavenly Father sent me to begin my mortal journey.  Right there my life began.
 My parents lived in this house on Rupe.
 We were absolutely tickled pink to find that Rupe intersected with Carter!!  
 This is the house I lived in for the first 6 weeks of my life!

Toy and Action Figure museum

We were having a road trip when we saw a billboard for the Toy and Action figure museum in Norman's Valley, OK.  We decided on impulse to check it out!  We are so glad we did!!  Sadly, or camera card ran out of batteries here, so we didn't get to take pictures of all its awesomeness, but you can still get an idea!

We have that toy!  we actually had lots of he toy story toys :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Grapevine, TX with the Willis Fam

We had the best time visiting the Willis family!!  they live in such a charming place with so much to do!!  They have a free splash park right across the street.  My kids loved it!  (Tyler not as impressed).
They have this humongous mall which is like the Disneyland of malls.  We stormed that thing with our strollers!!

They of course have free firework show on the lake every Friday!  And while there we experienced good southern culture that we never get in Monroe.  It included seeing a good family bonding over the "Bubble Butt" song.  Hilarious.

We went to the lake on Sunday afternoon.  It is weird to see so many people out recreating on Sunday.  But the lake was lovely.

 These two pics are funny to me.  "Everyone hold still...ok, break."

 Charina cooked us such good food while we were there!!  One night we were having corn on the cob and Brooe crunched it and said ouch!!  Sure enough, her tooth was ready to come out!!  And the tooth fairy even found her in Texas!

onlooker to the first lost tooth shenanigans.
Texas was so fun! Thanks Jimmy, Charina, and Tyler!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Texas Friends

It was so great that while we were in Dallas we were able to visit two of our life long friends.  Joseph Killian and Eric have known each other pretty much since birth.  He is thriving as a dent doctor!  And he grilled us the best chicken EVER.  Viana and Ella are only 2 weeks apart, they hit it off really great!  Then there's Carly who is about Brooke's age and little baby Alice.  It was a great afternoon!

Then Christy Fisher Weenig my best friend from Alamogordo came over from Houston with her husband and their twins Luke and Liam.  Christy set me on the right path in my teenage years.  I am so thankful for the impact she has had on my life!