Monday, July 29, 2013

(Our secret)

The girls worked really had during the school year to have perfect behavior so that they could earn a trip to Meeaw's house during the summer.  They did it!  And while they were off doing great things like this...

The 4 of us snuck away to do something that no one knows...hush, hush you know.  But SO fun.  Don't tell anyone if you can figure out where we went by pictures alone.  Luckily the camera battery died or the card was full or something, so we don't have as many incriminating pictures as we may have had :)

 Eric went on this ride 6 times in a row.  SIX.  In a ROW!

 The real Fix It Felix Jr.  It was even free to play!

 Waiting for the parade. We sat by the ASL interpreters.  I found my DREAM JOB!
Ok, so don't tell anyone, it's our little secret!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Broadway Review!

This year was a pretty spectacular year for the Carter family in the Broadway Review.  We were in three numbers and had three family members participate!!  It was so great.  Good ol' South Sevier stage!  Thanks for giving us such great memories!!
It was Viana's solo debut.  She sang one of my favorite songs, "I know things now" by Little Red Riding Hood from Into the Woods.  My mom made THE CUTEST little cape ever for her.  And we had her hair done at the salon, and then Kristen came over to do stage make-up.  Brooke and Viana were both in Kristen's number, "A few of my favorite things" from Sound of Music.  

Eric was in a duet this year with one of his students Jared Holmes (who was Horton in Seussical).  They sang Agony from Into the Woods.  It was AWESOME!  And Eric was sooooo hot in his costume.

Good job everyone!!  (Not to mention Viana did a very brave thing on the second night when the order got mixed up so she was on stage ready to sing, but then they excused her and then she got teary, but then they rearraned her music so then it was her turn again and she put on a brave face and went out and NAILED it.  We were so proud of how courageous she was and the good life lesson it was for her on overcoming so much.)

Pioneer Days!!

You know how kindred pioneer day in Monroe is to our heart.  And we love to share it with people we love...this year we had Roys, Perezs, and Hiatts come join in on some of the fun!!  These pics are in no real order, but enjoy them anyway!!

Andy ran around with the kids in this blanket at the firework concert.  They LOVED it.  Uncle Andy is the best!

I have a bucket list like most people out there.  One of the items was to sin the national anthem in public.  When i was on the pioneer day committee a few years ago I told them this as if to volunteer to do it before the parade, but I was not asked to do it the next year (or two?).  But they asked me to do it this year and I was thrilled!!  I practiced a lot and was amply nervous before (if you REALLY know me you'll know what that entails), but I stood on the library steps with my hand on my heart and I sang the national anthem!!  it was so great!!!  I cried of course!

 Then, bring on the parade!!

I'm glad my kids know what to do when the flag comes down the parade route.
Behold, precious Monroe.

Kristen!  Voice teacher!  We were excited.

The kids were all old enough and aware enough to run the kids races this year.  It was fun!

They all won a quarter, but Ram-the money monger was utterly excited.

 The games were fun, I don't feel like we stayed very long, but I was pretty sunburned, so maybe I just don't remember much!

 And what good is a serious summer celebration without some awesome swimming in the backyard!!  I would just like to point out how our yard is embarassing and horrible.